Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – When Will My Daughter Get a Job?

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Burgher of Delft and Daughter - Horary Astrology - Will My Daughter Get Work Soon?  illustrating Horary Astrology.

Horary Question:

Will there be a job opportunity for my daughter soon? She is a single mother, has applied in numerous places but nothing has opened to her. I’m retired and have helped her to the limit of my fixed pension. She is determined to accept any job.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear H.,

Thanks for writing to me. I cast a horary chart for the moment I understood your question. The horoscope for the horary is below:

Horary Astrology - Will My Daughter Get Work Soon?  illustrating Horary Astrology.

Your daughter is shown by your fifth house of children, and its ruler, Venus in Leo. Venus is peregrine, without strength, in that part of the zodiac. This can indicate that a person is wandering, which is another meaning of peregrine; this is true – your daughter is wandering between jobs. Peregrine can also indicate that the person may not have the skills employers are seeking. Ideally, we would see your daughter’s significator strong, showing that she is qualified for the jobs she seeks. Still, there is no reason she shouldn’t get hired. It’s just that she is not a shoo-in.

Her next job is showed by the 10th house from the 5th, and its ruler, the Moon. Now, we see that the Moon is in Pisces, the exaltation of Venus (and in fact, it has just left the super-exaltation degree of Venus). I take this to mean that she will leave her pleasant but unemployed state soon, just like the Moon will shortly leave Pisces. The Moon will enter Aries, which is the detriment of Venus – she will find work, but she will not enjoy it.

When will this likely happen? Well, we have two possibilities: the Moon will enter Aries in about 3 degrees, and it will make its next aspect as a trine to Venus in 6 degrees. Since the Moon is in a mutable sign, it will go a little bit slower than normal. So we could say, between 4-6 weeks, two months on the outside.

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3 Responses to “Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – When Will My Daughter Get a Job?”

  1. victoria on June 13th, 2007 2:59 pm

    you could be talking about me, my search for employment and not being quite qualified enough has driven me buy a new computer today, nervous as i am about it, i feel the need for web skills now..interactive experience now.
    yikes, jumpy, and concerned as i get ready to go back home and work quietly till september.


  2. Isola on July 13th, 2007 5:15 am

    Hi Nina!


    In this chart Moon is VOC. That can mean “nothing will happen”. Or because Moon is in Pisces can it be disregarded?
    You wrote that Moom as a ruler of 10th shows “her pleasant but unemployed state” Do you consider 10th as a social status ruler? Or do you take Moon as a cosignificator of querent’s daughter? Right now Moon is in Venus exaltation, so job exaltes querent’s daughter. It doesn’t go with the story. Moon will change sign to make an aspect to Venus, may be querent’s daughter needs to change her attitude towards the job or she needs to look for something less atractive.


  3. gryphonastrology on July 13th, 2007 5:25 am

    Hi Isola,

    That’s not very nice, assuming his daughter will *never* get a job! Of course she will. The Moon is VOC in a lot of job questions, and is not a testimony by itself.

    Note the Moon’s late degree – whatever her current situation, it is about to change. We need to understand what the chart says, not what we are superimposing on it. The impending aspect to Venus after Moon changes signs gives the answer.


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