Astrology of the Full Moon: The Full Moon of June 30, 2007

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Moonlight on the Loire - illustrating Astrology of the Full Moon:  The Full Moon of June 30, 2007

The most meaningful way to look at the astrology of the Full Moon, at least from a mundane/political perspective, is to compare the Full Moon chart to the most recent solar ingress horoscope. In our case, that is going to be the Cancer ingress chart for Summer 2007. In this way, astrology of major events is like a series of nesting dolls; going from the biggest, most important horoscope, such as that of the Grand Conjunction, all the way to the transient influence of the Full Moon.

In the Cancer ingress horoscope forecast for 2007, we determined that the U.S. President’s secret enemies, who are likely to be mercurial type people (merchants, politicians, writers, etc.), are going to cause trouble for him this summer. The full Moon horoscope for June 30 seems to confirm this prediction.

The horoscope for the Full Moon set for Washington, DC is below: 

Horoscope of Full Moon of June 30, 2007- illustrating Astrology of the Full Moon:  The Full Moon of June 30, 2007

The Full Moon occurs at 8° Cancer/Capricorn, closely conjoining Mercury in Cancer in the Cancer ingress chart. This is the same Mercury that afflicts the 10th house of the King in the ingress horoscope. So this full Moon set off that Mercury, as it were.

The full Moon horoscope itself, however, has some interesting features. We will pay particular attention to the angles, as those are unique to the place being examined, and therefore are the most meaningful. The first house represents the people in a mundane horoscope, and we see Venus conjunct a very nasty Saturn right on the ascendant. In the full Moon chart, Venus rules the 10th house of the King, while Saturn rules the seventh house of the nation’s open enemies. So the enemies of America afflict the President in some way throughout July 2007, with the President’s Mercurial secret enemies taking advantage of this fact. The fact that this affliction is occurring in the people’s house, indicates that this all plays out in a public fashion.

More specifically, this Full Moon Venus-Saturn conjunction is triggered by a transiting Mars square in late July, and before that, by the transiting Moon. It is also helpful to note that on June 30, Venus is going to be moving somewhat slowly, so that is another affliction to it, apart from that of Saturn.


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  1. allison on June 25th, 2007 11:30 am

    I am Libra with Libra rising, so Venus is a very important planet in my life. What do these conjunctions mean for someone with Venus as a ruling planet?

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