Astrology 101: The Twelfth House

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the twelfth house in the horoscope

The 12th house is one of the most fascinating astrological houses, because what we find connected with it often solves a mystery. Below is a discussion of some of the major traditional meanings of the 12th house:

Self-Sabotage, Secret Enemies, and Witches

These are the enemies who hurt us by clandestine means. Such a person might spread rumors or mail anonymous letters in order to harm us. For example, some of the classical astrology writers had many examples of horoscope so famous people who met a bad end because their 12th house was afflicted and their secret enemies eventually got executed or whatever.

Similarly, a witch would naturally also harm others via clandestine means, and we examine this house carefully when answering the question: “Am I bewitched?”

However, neither of these bad characters are as harmful as we ourselves. The 12th house is where we undercut our otherwise positive efforts. These are the strange compulsions that keep on surfacing, and that span the range between overeating and depression. Which of these actually manifest depends on the connection to other houses, and upon the person’s overall tendencies and temperament. For example, a very watery, phlegmatic type with a series of 12th house afflictions, especially in the water signs, might feel compelled to take to drink, or other drug abuse.

Secrets and Imprisonment

An active 12th house, in the right context, can show that there is secrecy afoot. In one of the Gryphon Astrology radio shows, I discussed the natal horoscope of an individual (now deceased) who had a “respectable” day job and by night was a high-risk sex worker. The 12th house was very active, and was connected to a debilitated Saturn-Venus combination. This double life eventually led to death, so the 12th house took on the dual meaning of secrets and of self-undoing.

Perhaps because 12th house habits are so problematic, they often lead to imprisonment. The “right” combination in the natal horoscope can show a more than casual brush with the judicial system.

Large/Wild Animals

Since the 12th house shows that part of us which is animalistic and wild, we also look for such animals in that house. A particularly strong 12th house, combined with the right kind of personality traits, could show someone especially attuned to working with animals, such as horses or cattle.

I am curious what your experiences with the 12th house are, whether your own or that of others.


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  1. yuzuru on May 28th, 2007 5:59 am

    Hello, Nina
    I have the Sun in the 12th house, and many people think that position works against fame.
    But we have to see that GWB and Blair also have this positioning… maybe because they like to do things “in the dark”
    One thing that I notice is that, as a 12th house sun position is still a day chart, and so the firdaria of sun will be the first, the childhood of these people have often the theme of solitude.

  2. Eme on May 28th, 2007 6:07 am

    Nina: I have Venus in Gemini in the 12th house. It’s the apex of my t-square involving a 9th house Moon in Pisces and a 3rd house Pluto in Virgo (I don’t know if you’d consider that a t-square since you’re a traditional astrologer and I don’t know if you count Pluto). My Venus is also inconjunct my 5th house Neptune in Scorpio.

    Love has been extremely painful and full of sorrow. I have also used love as an addictive mechanism, as my therapist says. I don’t have much hope when it comes to love. I definitely feel as if I’m cursed, doomed to repeat the same scenario of heartbreak and betrayal. I know that sounds overwrought but looking for a relationship has been the main focus of my adult life and at this point (I’m nearly 38) and it’s hard not to be discouraged after 19 years of relationships that have come to disastrous ends. Usually at the end of each relationship that has ended abruptly and violently, I have had to start over from square one: ie, move, restart my life, etc. I definitely think that I must’ve done something horrible in love in a past life. Maybe I was Henry the VIII.

    By chance, this year I’ve met two other people who were born on my birthdate (same day, same year). They have all had similar problems in love, even though they were born at different times and so their t-square falls in different houses than mine.

  3. Kat Starwolf on May 28th, 2007 8:42 am

    Hi Nina,

    I have an extremely overpopulated and overactive 12th House. My Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all in the 12th. The first 5 are in Leo, while Uranus is in Cancer at 29 degrees and rules the house. My Leo planets (which also includes my 1st House Pluto and my Ascendant in Leo) are all also opposite my 6th House Chiron (retrograde) in Aquarius, square to my Saturn in Scorpio and sextile my Neptune in Libra, both of which are in the 3rd House. And while the sign ruler of my 8th House is Pisces, there are no planets there this time around.

    While I haven’t had any brushes with the legal system (knock on wood, lol), I have experienced illness most of my life, which I am now coming out of. But more than that, I have always been very much ‘in my head,’ which highlights another aspect of the 12th House: the supra- and sub-conscious. I am an avid meditator, astral traveler, metaphysician and also fairly intuitive.

    I have found that success in the areas in which my 12th House planets reside has been slow in coming, though now that I’m also just coming out of my Chiron Return during which I’ve spent quite a bit of time ‘fixing’ myself, I’m also able to see what positive attributes the 12th House offers, as well.

    My suggestion to anyone with any type of 12th House placement, is to focus on the positive aspects of the house, as well as positive remedies or solutions. It may be easier said than done, but struggling with major depression most of my life as well (another 12th House ‘gift’), and having been able to pull myself out of the pits of despair and see the proverbial glass as completely full and not just half empty, I’d say that it most certainly can be done with some determination and effort.

    For further reading on 12th House issues, I would strongly suggest “Your Secret Self, Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House” by Tracy Marks, and “The Twelfth House, the Hidden Power in the Horoscope” by Karen Hamaker-Zondag. In my opinion, Marks’ book is by far the better and more simply explained of the two, though if you also happen to be enamored of psychology as I am, Hamaker-Zontag’s book provides some excellent psychological insights into the 12th House.

    Kat Starwolf

  4. Chris on May 28th, 2007 2:05 pm

    My empty Cap12th house is ruled by Saturn, which sits dead on my Aq Asc;
    18 years in Astrology and I still have no clue what this means. What if it meant nothing?

  5. gryphonastrology on May 28th, 2007 2:41 pm

    Hi Chris,

    Indeed, what if none of this means anything, and we are utterly alone on our little planet as we hurtle blindly through vast, empty space?

    This is just the sort of question that a melancholic might ask, and Saturn on the Ascendant would add a significant infusion of melancholy into the chart. The fact that Saturn ruled the 12th might make one prone to contemplation of this sort, feeling hopeless and all that. Lord 12 in its own sign is good; the rest of the chart tells whether you can put it to good use or whether it will always hang around your neck.


  6. gryphonastrology on May 28th, 2007 2:43 pm

    Hi Yuzuru,

    It’s good to hear from you. I like your observation on the Sun firdar – that is a really good way of thinking about it. Glancing at my collection of charts with Sun in the 12th, your observation seems to hold true (from what I know). I’m sure the Sun in the 12th by itself doesn’t help fame, but that’s just one part of the overall puzzle.


  7. gryphonastrology on May 28th, 2007 2:47 pm

    Hi Eme,

    Thanks for sharing. That combination (Venus-Moon, cadent houses, etc.) seems pretty tough indeed. I don’t know your chart, but it sounds like you have Cancer rising. So this Moon of yours (ruling the Asc) is just trying to manifest relationships on a continual basis (square Venus in 12th), as a basic need. I think this is why it’s such a thorn in your side – romantic relationships must be hugely important to you. Especially if you have a phlegmatic/watery temperament.


  8. gryphonastrology on May 28th, 2007 2:50 pm

    Hi Kat,

    Thank you for visiting. You definitely win the packed 12th house award! Morinus always said that 12th house placements can be troublesome healthwise, because of the opposition to the 6th house of illness. It sounds like that had manifested for you.

    I appreciate your encouraging words regarding depression and the power of determination. As far as psychological astrology goes, that is not my forte, but I am sure that many visitors will appreciate your book recommendation.


  9. Jason H. on May 28th, 2007 5:40 pm

    Great topic. In my studies, I’ve learned that 12th house planets can be very powerful. They seem to have an element of universality that doesn’t seem to behave we want it to when we apply it to our “ego” driven selves. I have Venus in my 12th house in Cancer. It rules Taurus intercepted in 10th and Libra on the 4th. Saturn is exalted in Libra on the IC and forms a t-square with my MC and Venus. I experienced this in my relationships with others through a little isolation because I sort of felt it was burdensome..especially since I was so focused on my career. But I found when I was relating to people and viewing them (and my career) with a spiritual/universal perspective, things seem to “fit”. For instance, for Venus in 12th, I tried approaching relationships based on spiritual growth. To me it looks like George W.’s Sun in the 12th is now playing out with self undoing caused by ego-driven actions. I think 12th house planets can be very powerful, but they just want to behave with an element of universality. That’s just my take on it. 🙂

  10. Celice on May 29th, 2007 2:09 am

    Hello Nina, I have Saturn in my 12th at 24 degrees of Aries, conjuct my Asc at 27 degrees. My north node is also at 10 degrees of Aries. I do agree with Chris in certain respects. As a child I was deeply introspective, and serious and situations were either a black or white. Now as an “adult” I’ve lightened up substantially. Also, my mother, bless her, has to this day refused to tell me who my father is. It’s a secret, and as I have got older I no longer feel inclined to pursue this matter. It is something about my life that I have grown to accept. C’est la vie.

  11. Anna on May 29th, 2007 4:24 am

    Hi Nina,

    all this is very interesting. I’m sure that my eating disorders are somehow related to 12 house of my chart. My compulsion to eat sometimes have absolutely no explanation, as overeating usually provides me no or very little pleasure (not to mention all the negative consequences), it does not depend on my mood, my hormones or any other common factor.

    As I was a child, I have experienced much harm because of poor eating habits in my family. I had an overprotective mother, and the more junk foods I ate, the happier she was. Only later I discovered, how good is to eat healthy food and in normal quantities.However, from time to time I have periods of that strange overeating, which seem so senseless, but from which sometimes it is very difficult to return to normal habits.

    I have Saturn retrograde in my 12th house in Scorpio, trine my Pisces Sun. That Saturn rules my 2nd house and also is traditional dispositor of my Sag Asc ruler Jupiter in Aqua. Well, and traditional ruler of my 12th, a debilitated Mars in Taurus in 5th does not seem very nice. But I still can’t see, how all this relates into a meaningful whole with causes and consequences.

    Actually, what I would like to ask is if there can be any recipies against 12th house compulsions. Any specific strategies or something, not necessary directly mentioned in sources of traditional astrology? Anything that other readers have experienced while dealing with 12th house issues and that could be helpful to others? Psychotherapy? Meditation? Magic? Yes, I do understand that there can hardly be any generalizations, and everything depends on the individual chart, but still…


  12. Eme Kah on May 29th, 2007 5:04 am

    Nina: Yes, my ascendant is Cancer. Your conjecture was correct. If I were able to get rid of my need to have relationships, I would probably be able to deal with that Moon/Venus square a lot better.

  13. Levanah on May 29th, 2007 5:28 am

    “Similarly, a witch would naturally also harm others via clandestine means, and we examine this house carefully when answering the question: “Am I bewitched?””

    I have never heard such a ridiculous statement in all my life. I am proudly a witch and so are many of my friends and relatives and you can rest assured we have better things to do than go around ‘bewitching’ people. This is nothing but religious propaganda from hundreds of years ago. Most of us don’t go around ‘harming’ others, clandestinely or otherwise. In fact, most anthropological studies of indigenous magic and ritual shows that much of the efficacy of such ‘bewitchments’ and curses are because the so-called curse is made known to the cursee and they ‘curse themselves’ through their belief.

    You are making a sweeping, inaccurate statement about the members of a contemporary religious and philosophical movement.

  14. isthmus on May 29th, 2007 6:46 am

    In terms of fame, I think sun in 12th can often act as a point for others to project negative cultural values upon – famous politicians being a great example. Madonna is another good case as her career has a long history of criticism based on issues that are transpersonal (e.g. gender politics, sexuality etc.). These people, I imagine also have more than the usual share of hidden enemies but I suppose that comes with fame in general.

    In terms of secrecy, I can recall one person who had a military position he could not speak about – he had an extremely active 12th house including a Mars-Pluto conjunction. It’s a combo that would probably disturb many astrologers, but this man has a very solid, contientious and trustworthy character. It’s a nice example of a secret life that isn’t self destructive – although it is still a separate life that is hermeneutically sealed as it were and I imagine it was probably a dangerous occupation. I’ve also seen Venus in 12th for women lead to cladestine type affairs as well as actual prostitution – they needed to keep this secret given the negative views many ppl can hold in regards to sex work.

    As an interesting side note, I find ppl w/sun in 12th deal with lack of sunlight, “graveyard shifts” or claustrophobic spaces better than most. I have a 12th sun and find that dingy, closed in places (like prisons I suppose you could say) most ppl abhor have little negative effect on me.

    Tips for working with 12th house themes? Maybe this is more of a sun in 12th thing but I’d avoid self pity and focus on building compassion for others.

  15. gryphonastrology on May 29th, 2007 6:48 am

    Hi Levanah,

    Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your shedding light on this matter – it is a relief to know that the witches of my acquaintance are merely deluding themselves when cursing others, and that the ceremonies I have witnessed that aim to harm others even unto death were actually a figment of my imagination. Too, I am glad that the individuals visibly, physically and mentally harmed by such curses were actually victims of their own psyches. Never mind they did not know the curses were placed on them.


  16. gryphonastrology on May 29th, 2007 6:52 am

    Hi Eme,
    Didn’t mean to come off as insensitive – I apologize. I meant to say that because your Lord of the Ascendant is tied to Venus, you will face this issue over and over.

  17. robyn on May 29th, 2007 6:55 am

    i have venus and the moon in the 12th house under Gemini.

    I have secrets exposed to me. I am generally at the right place at the right time to find out information. – and its just given i don’t usually have to ask. people have cheated and lied to me on numerous occasions and the missing information presents itself to me so that i can have the one-up. i also have a penchant for pegging things dead on and getting to the point of the matter. sometimes i make things happen and its quite magical to say the least.

    my mother is an alcoholic in denial. i suffered from childhood depression but it made me a wise person. i’m capable of both total destruction and ultimate creativity.

    the blessing and the curse!

  18. Eme Kah on May 29th, 2007 8:38 am

    Oh, hey, Nina, you didn’t come off as insensitive at all. I hope my answer didn’t make it sound like I was hurt. No. You were very astute. I’m just getting so tired of having to face this issue that at this point in my life I would love to just get rid of the need to have a relationship. THere’s only so many years of heartache a person can take. I would probably be happier just accepting that it’s not going to happen and dealing with it. But no, you didn’t come off as insensitive at all.

  19. Julia on May 29th, 2007 11:50 am

    Chiming in here with a 12th house Moon in Aquarius. I am a bit of a loner, and can be rather secretive. My mother was quite intelligent – a woman ahead of her time and the 1st in her family to graduate from college. She was also ill through much of her life, and wasn’t really all that interested in children, despite her rather harsh Catholic upbringing (I received a slightly toned-down version of said upbringing). I’m basically an atheist at this point. I have concluded that I’m not all that good at being independent, (am currently stuck in a less than fabulous marriage) but that I prize intelligence, originality, and humanity. I’m (obviously) also interested in astrology, and am the first that I know of in my family. I am the designated “weirdo.” People do take me into their confidence. BTW the moon is disposited by Saturn in Capricorn in the 11th (and Uranus in Leo if anyone’s using modern rulerships). I had a lonely and austere childhood, feeling different from others through most of it.

  20. gryphonastrology on May 30th, 2007 1:56 pm

    Hi Eme,

    Whew! I was worried I said the wrong thing in the wrong way. You should really take a critical look at your horoscope and find ways to work with the good planets in your chart. This will go a long way toward working out the Moon-Venus aspect.


  21. gryphonastrology on May 30th, 2007 2:07 pm

    Hi all,

    You had asked for some tips to work with the 12th house baddies in your horoscopes. It really depends on your individual charts, but here are some time-honored methods, some serious, some not:

    1. Get involved with prisons or prisoners, or women in childbed (also known as confinement, way back when). Donate money to a prison education program. All of the above are governed by the 12th, and give it a positive outlet so that the bad influences ease off.

    2. The 12th rules animals larger than the standard-issue goat. Get into horse-racing or raising or lion-taming.

    3. If neither of the above are appealing, the only two real possibilities are:

    a. Building compassion (see above comment by isthmus), thereby not imprisoning oneself in a web of negative emotions and vices, and

    b. Hard work (therapy, self-discipline, restraint, etc.). Saturn joys in the 12th house and displaying the positive aspects of Saturn is a fine way to deal with the 12th.


  22. Eme Kah on May 31st, 2007 11:13 am

    Thank you, Nina!! That is very helpful!


  23. Andrew on June 25th, 2007 2:02 pm

    Hi I have Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury in the 12th which is in Aquarius. My Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury and Jupiter are in Pisces (which is also my ascendant.) Someone above posted that they have noticed that people who have the sun in the 12th work “graveyard shifts.” I always have alot of energy at night and i love working or doing anything at night. I think its definately related to the 12th house. I have a side question, If Jupiter is also supposed to represnt wealth then what does Jupiter in the 12th signify? And, I also have a Jupiter square Saturn (which is in the 9th) and I want to know if this could be a problem financially since Jupiter is supposed to represent wealth? Thanks

  24. gryphonastrology on June 25th, 2007 4:09 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    I would look to the 2nd house and other related indicators for wealth, rather than Jupiter as the natural ruler of wealth. You may wish to check out my lecture to the SF astro society on this (available through SFAS’s website).


  25. Ruth on July 13th, 2007 11:03 am

    Thank you for your 101 on the 12th house. My 12th house is empty, but large according to the Placidus system, starting at 27Aries and ending 11Gemini.

    As for me, I notice the effects when I meet people who are late degree Aries, Taurus of any kind, and early Geminis. Whenever I get the “you’re driving me crazy” feelings, I’ll ask them their sign–invariably they are in my 12th house.

    Are these folks baddies from another life that I have to resolve Karma with–or what?

    If you could comment, that would be great. If not, thanks again for your 12th house article.

    PS>some factoids that might be reflecting in the 12th house: I’m a 2 degree Scorpio, 11 degree Gemini rising, 8 degree Pisces moon–weird bucket chart –everything below the horizon except the moon, and I have a big 41 degree 6th house, too (Saturn/Venus conj there, Sun/Neptune conjunct there, too).

    All the best,

  26. JoJo on July 14th, 2007 12:32 am

    Hello all,
    Was looking for a bit of 12th house comfort and stumbled across this site. I have Mercury, Sun, Venus and Pluto in the 12th (all intercepted in Virgo, ruling 12th and 9th). I am a very twelth house person and have lived to tell the tale!! I have worked as a tarot reader, counsellor, rebirther, teacher, writer whilst also working in “normal” mainstream jobs in an anxiety research clinic and as a sales person (service). I have lived in an ashram, had 3 gurus/teachers who ended up being quite unsavoury types ( tight square from sun to gemini moon in 9th). I have had all sorts of secret relationships, am a recovering codependant and declared at age 8 that when I grew up I wanted to be a prostitute!! I am an avid reader and writer, am fascinated by therapy and all things esoteric. Pluto seems to inivite all sorts of power struggles and relationships have a tendency to end dramatically and badly (venus conjunct Pluto conjunct ascendant). Positives are there too – uncanny intuition and pyschological insight, psychic, deeply compassionate, devotional, a hard to describe feeling of deep inner peace when I take the time to go in, gifts of money, incredible capacity to manifest material things into form (must be careful to use in the positive!)

    To answer the question – how do I deal with my twelfth house? My tips – Tracey Mark’s twelth house book is amazing, EXCERCISE by the sea/water or SWIM, find a good therapist to explore your demons and fears with, POSITIVE thinking – don’t overindulge the twelfth house of doom and gloom, be of service somehow, find some kind of spiritual outlet – be it church, prayer or being in nature, listen to music – (I love classical) and ACCEPT that sometimes you may not be able to force your destiny so let go of control of your life – you will clean up your karma by going with the flow! Have just given myself the therapy I sought (another bit of 12th house magic!)

  27. Amanda on July 25th, 2007 9:10 am


    I have a 12th house Mars in Gemini. Mars is involved in a grand cross: it is opposite Neptune in Sag, square Saturn in Virgo, and square MC in Pisces. Somewhat blindly, the way I’ve decided to express this is to work as a physician in a surgery-esque subspecialty. This expression seems positive.

    As an adolescent and younger adult, however, I struggled with depression and an inability to properly direct my actions or energy. Although I am still prone to attacks of anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt, these are somewhat mitigated by previous experiences and a sense of self-awareness.

    Thanks for sharing your stories and advice.

  28. gryphonastrology on July 30th, 2007 11:16 am

    Hi Amanda,

    How interesting! What a positive use of your Mars. It sounds like Mercury (ruler of doctors, and specifically the hands) is very important in your chart, ruling both Saturn and Mars. If Mercury is strong, that can mitigate a lot of the problems with Mars.


  29. jenn ross on August 5th, 2007 11:18 am

    hi my 12th house is empty, with gemini on cusp, ruled by mercury in libra in, according to differing sources, the 4th house or 5th not sure which. i am very very sensitive in every way, i often can sense kids’ and animals, deepest neediest needs, instantly, though i never did acquire the bachelors degree needed to be employed professionally doing this—to many learning disabilities impede my progress in college, where well-rounded ness is required, but very difficult–i could be helping lots of needy people—but found it grueling to pound out even an assoc degree–which only qualifies one for clerical or entry-level type positions–nothing in-depth there. i was severely depressed as a kid, loner because no-one wanted to play with me or talk with me. my friends were kids who were similarly soundly “rejected” themselves!! this loner-depression thing, is an on-off again theme in my adult years. i desperately wish to work helping others who feel this way and are lost in it as i once was—am wading into getting my bs degree, but time and money, i am a single mother drawing poverty wages, are against me. also, money SCARES me!!

  30. Celesty on August 10th, 2007 1:39 pm

    I have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, all in the 12th House. The moon and my ascendent is in the 1st House.
    My Sun, Mercury and Venus are all Aries. Mars and Moon are both in Taurus.

    I have been sick a lot in my life and suffered from depression, asthma and anxiety and compulsiveness. I have been having some really tough moments where I only prayed not to go insane. When I was 14 I had an affair with some guy at elementary school at toilet and got almost kicked out of the school. I also started goin on rave partys. My family was very ashamed of me.

    However there are also positive things about 12 house. I learned through years of self-studying and personal inner growth how to live better and understand myself and other people better. I have been writing self analysis for more than 10 years now. I know how to function in a society more than most of the people. I am also very intersting in art and creativness (music, painting, writing, theater). I also have some extrasensory abilities such as precognition, serendipity, intuition, synesthesy, telepathy, etc … 12th house is something very special.

    I would be happy to read any comment about my astro position.

  31. zeineb on August 28th, 2007 2:45 pm

    i have saturn conjuct jupiter in my 12 house and also pluto, and they are all in libra. can anyone please tell me something about it. and my sun in leo in the 10th is in opposition with my moon in aquarius which is causing me many problems:) push me pull me:)

  32. Carol Noble on September 19th, 2007 7:25 am

    I don’t have anything in my 12th house in my natal chart, but many years now I have had Pluto going through this house, and at the moment it opposes my natal Uranus. Pluto is coming towards my ascendent which is 0 degrees Capricorn, and with Uranus now in my sun sign which has a natal conjunction of Mars and Sun, with Neptune in my moon sign which has a natal conjunction of moon and mercury, and venus at the latter end of the sign, I am certainly having a lot of problems. Change and not necessarily for the better, It is also coming to my Saturn return, and my natal Jupiter is unaspected in Capricorn, I don’t understand how things are supposed to progress. Certainly, Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is and has been causing difficulties materially, as well as emotionally. Will there be any improvement when Pluto goes past my Ascendent in 2009?

  33. Gerardy on September 29th, 2007 9:52 am


    I have Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn, and Uranus in Sagittarius in the 12th house. Chiron is retro in Cancer in my 6th house, in direct opposition to all three planets in my 12th.

    Below is an expalnation of how this planets have affected me.

    I have always been uncomfortable around people. I’m currently 18 years old, and throughtout my short life I’ve noticed that I am more mature (Capricorn Ascendant) than most of my peers and adults around me. In short, People say I’m weird.

    Solution that works for me: “Whatever, or I don’t care” + Psychic Shields.(mentally rejecting people’s opinion)

    I always have to consciously prepare myself when I’m whenever I have to go to school. I think of the word ‘whatever’ when I feel my ego gets hurts(usually by hearing people say rude things about me). And use visualization to create a psychic shield around me to keep away negativity. I have Mercury, ruler of the 6th and 3rd in the 11th, so what people say about me affects me emotioanlly.(Again, Chiron in Cancer Rx)

    Note: I say school because I have Gemeni in my 6th house, meaning people I have to work with.

    I have pluto and Venus in Scorpio, in the 10th( reputation and social standing) I have my sun in the 11th I get noticed a lot, and I ALWAYS get strong reactions from people.

    Note: Venus doesn’t help!
    I had a very strict upbringing as a child(Saturn in Capricorn). Both of my parents(specially my Father) were very over protective of my siblings and me. We were always inside the house studying other kid played near our house. My parents are Catholic, and when I was a child my dad was very religious. I remember we went to church every Sunday morning and he voluntered us in some of the church activities.He wanted to raise us with good morals and stuff. As a child my point of view of this was: “Damn, what a drag”.

    Solution that works for me:

    1. As a child, I used to watch A LOT of TV. as means to scape reality.

    2. Now, I like to listen to music. I prefer string instruments with romantic lyrics, that I can sing to my heart’s content. I still like cartoons, so I watch anime on the internet instead of the TV.

    3. I draw whenever I feel blue.

    4. Fortunately, my dad has lighten up. He’s not the same strict parent that I knew when I was a child. Somehow, he is happier, and so am I.
    As I’ve said above, My family is very espiritually inclined. I have an uncle who is a priest, (my mother’s brother) who was friends with my dad when they were young lads.

    Because Neptune and Uranus are in the 12th, I have inherited curiosity for the deeper truths of the universe(Sagittarious in the 12th house cups). My interests has always inclined to more metaphysical insight,(Uranus in Sag). and the actual application of these in daily life(Neptune in Cap); rather than following a definite religion or dogma. Therefore, I have rejected to follow my families beliefs( Virgo in the 9th house).

    Solution that’s worked for me:

    Read metaphysic books, teach myself astrology, do personal tarot readings
    (without my father knowing it of course!) : p

    I’m learning to astral travel in order to learn more about myself, but it’s scary, lol.

  34. Dawn on October 9th, 2007 2:09 pm

    I’m having a phantasmagoric Saturn return (12th house). Saturn is conjunct my moon (12th house) conjunct venus. My existance has been dedicated to soul retrieval and the twelvth hose has served as a looking glass. My emotions (moon) bleeds atrocities and with my saturn in virgo in the 12th, I wish to enter into a career of psychological astrology as these placements speak of bringing order to chaos. I searched for this blog hear and now because of this tell-tale, apocalyptic, morbidly fascinating yet organic experience. Many family skeletons.

  35. Meg on September 5th, 2008 8:42 am

    Just found your site and it’s great.

    I’m a scorpio with 4 planets (including sun) in the 12th house. Moon in virgo. all other planets are clustered in houses 11, 10, and 9, and one in 1, and one in 6. much of what i’ve read of 12th house issues aply to me.

    I am curious what it means that my planets are clustered in this manner, and what it means if i have none in houses 5, 7 and 8.

  36. Nina Gryphon on September 7th, 2008 3:15 pm

    Hi Meg,

    Glad you like the site. Planets above the horizon mean that you will be more in the foreground of activities, rather than in the background. The distribution across houses is otherwise not that important. The planets’ signs, aspects, rulerships and individual house positions, and receptions are much more interesting.

    Best wishes,

  37. Veronica on June 12th, 2009 8:53 pm

    Goodness, the interpretations for this house here are so exotically *dark* — Nina honey it’s like you’ve got a terrible stereotype going on! I found this late in 2009, hope you don’t mind me chiming in.

    As someone with a very strong Piscean and 12th house chart I’m hear to tell you that all might be true if one chooses dark, and honey you can fall dark in ANY house or sign, but can be 12th house is a glorious place to be as much as any other.

    My stats: Moon, Mars, Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house and my Sun in Aries in the 12th house. Venus in Aries in the first.

    No earth signs. Yet when people guess what I am astrologically it’s almost always Virgo.

    I overcame terrible odds as a child: alcoholism and mental illness in my parents. But I knew I didn’t want to follow those paths, I saw that I had choice and wanted to be as creative about a different life as possible.

    No brushes with the law, no interest in drugs and a glass of wine will be it for me. I work as both a combination engineer and a inventor in a Fortune 100 company — strong blend of right and left hemispheres. I don’t work in secret but I work amongst thousands of bright and interesting people. I stand out only because I dress like a woman in a man’s world, I won’t yield to their culture to fit in.

    My husband is a psychologist and the sweetest Scorpio. People pour their hearts out because they say I look sympathetic. I feel like I can understand why they do what they do yet I am also very aloof. I appreciate drama’s part in our life but I don’t like being drawn into it and question myself when I’m drawn to creating it. I’ve learned to prefer peace and sanctuary.

    No debts except the mortgage, we live simply.

    I love the fact that I always feel connected to God the Creator, that’s a blessing I’d say is very 12th House. I know I can never comprehend the face of God or quantify God and am sad at the consequences of people who insist on doing just that.

    I see us all stumbling, any being couldn’t believe how hard it is until you wear the skins we do on this earth — how limited we become but how much more there is to us if only we could act the way we know we should always — and how sensing that limitation is in itself painful.

    I believe in the importance of truth, am blunt, I don’t live in secrets. I think they are harmful.

    I do love animals passionately. I think they live in the 12th house too of connection and limitation.

    So you see, the experience of the 12th house can be wonderous full of quiet, creativity and connection. As one astrologer told me when I was young: the 12th House is the combination of all experience that came before it so draw from the strengths you need from any sign, it’s all within you.

    It’s so true.

  38. Paul Gates on August 7th, 2012 8:39 am

    I am speaking my brain, not my mind. Hi I have an active 12th house with Jupiter retrograde, and it also a part of a grand trine in water, in natural houses, and opposing my sun, and sextile the moon in the tenth house.
    Do you think that it is possible to become a resonance slave before you are born with a 12th house jupiter, and Pisces rising?
    To say the least I have been tortured during my lifetime, and have a site devoted to victimization that been a issue in my life.
    The site is:
    If you would be interested in talking further about the 12th house I would like to know.

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