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May 22, 2007 by  

Self Portrait with Death

Horary Question:

An acquaintance of mine had a brain aneurysm. He had brain surgery in early May, but is still in a coma. If he lives, to what extent will he recover? Will he live or die?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear G.,

Thanks for your question – I had a moment of indecision about how to analyze this horary, since I wasn’t sure whether the person in question was a friend or acquaintance. If the former, we would take a look at the 11th house of friends; if your relationship is not that close, we’d give him the 7th house of “other people.” I plumped for the latter, since we are usually not that ambivalent about someone’s status if they are really a friend. The horary chart for your question is below:

Horary Question - Will My Friend Live or Die?

First, we see that Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house, is in its own sign. This is generally a good sign, except for medical horaries, because Jupiter is a hot and moist planet, but Sagittarius is a hot and dry sign. As a result, the nature of the sign is inimical to the well-being of the planet this is caused by the overabundance of heat (in terms of the old Greek/Arabic medical model). So we see that the person is actually sick, and the significator of the disease is the same as the significator of the person. Turning to Saunders, he says that:

Jupiter in the last 18° in Sagittarius is hot in the extremity of the fourth degree, and dry in the beginning of the fourth degree, causing diseases of red choler mixed with blood, that are without remedy… diseases of exceeding heat and drouth [dryness], consuming the radical moisture and humidity of the body.

The situation is indeed serious. Whenever we have a planet in the fourth degree, the disease has the potential to be deadly – the situation is in extremis. An aneurysm, an abnormal enlargement of blood vessels inside the brain, with the potential to burst and bleed into the brain, is a classic hot and dry disease, one afflicting the blood.

So we know the person is in dire straits. Jupiter is retrograde, and will go direct at 9° Sagittarius, in August. If Jupiter was direct in the chart and about to go retrograde, then the prognosis would not be very favorable. I do not think that the man will die, though it may be a while before he starts recovering, as it will be a while before Jupiter goes direct. Jupiter is not applying to aspect with Mars, ruler of the radical eighth house, nor Venus, ruler of the turned eighth house. We also do not see an applying problematic aspect to Jupiter. Interestingly, Jupiter had previously trined a very nasty Saturn in detriment in the 12th house, but the aspect is separating, so the person is getting away from danger.

You also asked to what extent will he recover. I think he will be functional, again indicated by Jupiter’s forward movement. But Jupiter will stay for a long time in Sagittarius, which is not hospitable for a hot and moist planet, so this makes me think that he will not get back to his previous level of functioning.

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11 Responses to “Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Will My Friend Live or Die?”

  1. Celice on May 22nd, 2007 9:39 pm

    You are an amazing astrologer Nina. If you ever get to South Africa let me know. I am sure there are people who would like to meet someone as talented as yourself.

  2. Gary C on May 23rd, 2007 8:53 am

    Thanks Nina for the analysis; but what about Mars (lord 8) app. to trine Jupiter, or do you disregard that because it’s 11 degrees away?
    The latest report I heard is that he has a staph infection in his lungs, and is still in a coma. They had to remove a portion of his skull for the swelling and it (the piece of skull) was surgically implanted in the abdomen so ‘it won’t die’. I have never heard of that.
    Thank you again

  3. Gary C on May 23rd, 2007 8:54 am

    I typed an eight for the lord eight—i dont know how that sun face came up after i posted it—-my apologies.

  4. gryphonastrology on May 23rd, 2007 9:39 am

    Dear Gary,
    I wondered about that, too. It’s rare that an applying aspect beyond a handful of degrees (say, 6-7) perfects the matter. Even the Moon, which could be said to translate the light between Mars and Jupiter is 10 degrees away from Jupiter.
    I remember John Frawley saying something about this, somewhere, where the applying orb was like 15 degrees, about how it was too much. But who knows? All charts and situations are different. In any case, I hope your friend makes it, and that you keep me posted.

    PS: One more thought; if the worst came pass and didn’t make it, then this horary would be a good argument for using the traditional planetary orbs. Moon’s orb on one side is about 6 degrees, and the same for Jupiter, totaling 12 degrees. The difference between the Moon and Jupiter here is 10 degrees, so they are well within traditional orb. The plot thickens!

  5. gryphonastrology on May 23rd, 2007 9:50 am

    Dear Celice,

    Thank you, but as you can see even with this question, there are plenty of unknowns. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.

    Thank you also for being my South Africa connection! I have always wanted to visit there, so I shall put meeting you on my list of things to do.


  6. Gary C on May 28th, 2007 9:15 am

    His family and physicians decided it was time to stop artificial life support; he is being moved to hospice care until the end comes. In this case, the traditional orbs were definately not to be ignored. I wonder if the Sun (the life force) as well as ruler of his 6th (the radical 12th) applying to the turned 4th (the end of the matter, the grave) is meaningful here.

  7. gryphonastrology on May 28th, 2007 9:39 am

    Dear Gary,

    What a sad outcome; I am sorry to hear it. It is certainly better than if he had to suffer for a long time, however.

    As far as the astrology of this goes, the traditional orbs did indicate death after all – I am extremely glad I learned that they can be useful sometimes! I am not sure that the Sun’s application to the 4th would have given death all by themselves, especially if we do have an applying aspect between Lord 8 and his significator (however large the orb). But it might give a very good supporting testimony.

    Thank you again for sharing this question.


  8. Gary C on May 31st, 2007 10:12 am

    Hi Nina
    he passed away early this morning. There are 9 degrees between Moon and Jupiter and 11 degrees to the prefection of the Mars-Jupiter trine. May 31st is 10 days from the date of the question. I also noticed that the Part of Death fell at 15 Aries; in the 8th and ruled by Mars which also rules and is on the cusp of the 8th.

  9. gryphonastrology on May 31st, 2007 11:32 am

    Hi Gary,
    I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you for keeping me posted.
    Nina (who has tattooed “I will use traditional orbs” on her forehead)

  10. Peter Windle on June 3rd, 2007 2:00 am

    Hi Nina.

    Might I say that I am continually fascinated by this blog, and how much I enjoy readings your posts, especially your horaries.

    I was just wondering if considering the outcome in this case, finding the friend in the eleventh is any more telling than using the seventh?

    Using the eleventh cusp as the friends ascendant, I find several testimonies that the quesited will not recover from this ordeal.

    Using the eleventh cusp as the friend, the Moon becomes his significator.

    The Moon is appropriate in describing the grave condition of the friend because the first quarter Moon is cold and moist in a hot and dry sign, a most incongenial combination. Furthermore Leo is not fruitful and so not conductive to life, particularly playing host to Saturn, to whom the Moon will ultimately conjoin.

    The Moon is weak being peregrine and about to enter the twelfth; not a good sign for someone in a coma.

    The Moon comes from a trine of a powerful Mars on the radix eighth cusp, which shows the brain surgery that the friend has recently undergone, and which upon the radix eighth hints at fatality, and as Mars rules the turned tenth, it shows that this was a failed attempt at a cure.

    The Moon and Mars have no reception of each other so the attempted cure will prove incompatible with the quesited, and Mars so essentially powerful, was rather more than the quesited had the capacity to handle.

    The Moon moves from one bad situation to another, because it’s next aspect will be a trine to Jupiter, ruler of the turned sixth cusp of the illness, showing the friend ultimately succumbing to further disorder. The Moon next embraces Saturn, natural significator of death, detriment in the twelfth, and ruler of the turned eighth, and so the friend inevitably succumbs to the illness and will die (‘hospice care until the end comes’).

    The South Node upon the ninth cusp and disposited by Jupiter tell how there is no medical expertise or saving grace that can benefit the illness now.

    Your description of Jupiter as representing the aneurysm, the abnormal enlargement of blood vessels in the brain, is still descriptive as Jupiter rules the sixth

    The Moon is peregrine, Jupiter in domicile, so the quesited is more ill than he has the latent capacity to fight. Furthermore, Jupiter ruling and present in the turned sixth gives the illness something of a stronghold, and particularly as it is angular in the fourth, suggesting that it is unshakeable and will characterise the end of matters.

    Venus just within the cusp of the eleventh, ruling the turned fourth, shows how the end had already come for the friend, the question being asked as the coma had already been entered into.

    Venus, the ruler of the fourth upon the eleventh, and the turned eighth ruler being Jupiter argue a fair death, or peaceful passing without agony, which can be taken for granted seeing as the quesited was in a coma.

  11. gryphonastrology on June 7th, 2007 7:17 am

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for visiting, your praise, and your analysis. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, though I believe we do need to make a careful distinction between the 11th (friends, the people who would help you when in need) and the 7th (acquaintances). The good thing here is that the ruler of the 11th (Moon) also represents the general flow of events, so it works this way also.


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