Astrometeorology: The Weather in the West (May 16-22)

May 17, 2007 by  

California Spring

The Aries Ingress chart for this Spring indicated a cooler, more windy Spring than usual. It certainly has been windier than normal so far! This week will be dry, even oppressively so, but with persistent mist, clouds, or humidity (depending on your location). The Lunar phase chart for the US West coast has Saturn in Leo on the Ascendant, with our usually-ignored friend Neptune in opposition on the 7th house cusp (yes, the outers seem to influence weather). Hot Mars in Aries trines the Ingress IC, and rules the Lunation chart IC, warming up the air and drying things out even more, so we wouldn’t expect rain.

Sunday the 21st and Monday the 22nd will be particularly warm and dry, as the Sun transits over the Ingress MC. Maybe even the mist won’t make an appearance on these days. Still, the unpleasant influence of Saturn in hot, dry Leo (which also squares the Lunation 4th house cusp) will stubbornly make itself felt as the week goes on, so make sure your plants and pets have enough water. With Saturn in play, we might even end up on the warm, dry side of a low-pressure front.

The chart for our current lunation is below:

Horoscope - New Moon May 2007


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