Astrology 101: How To Use Planetary Hours, Part II

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Yesterday, we talked about the purpose of using planetary hours as a simple form of electional astrology, and how they are calculated. Today, we get to the good stuff: how to use the planetary hours in our daily lives. It is very simple – first, we must determine the planetary nature of the activity in which we want to engage, and then find the right hour.

But what if our activity can be described by two planets? To use the example I chose yesterday, if we want to paint or compose a song, both Mercury and Venus accurately describe the activity. In this case, we can have it both ways: Start on the day of Mercury (Wednesday) in the hour of Venus, or vice versa. For extra credit, we would want the planets in question to be strong, so Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Taurus, for example. If one or both are strongly placed by house and aspect at the time we choose, so much the better.

Below is a list of planetary hour activities from Henry Coley’s Clavis Astrologiae Elimata (modernized as much as possible). Use it only as a guideline – always rely on your understanding of the planets first. To get a more comprehensive understanding of each of the planets, click on the name of the planet below:

Saturn – In the hour of Saturn take no voyage to sea, neither take any long journey by land; for crosses will assuredly attend, and small success may be expected; take no physick: entertain no servant, for they will prove idle, careless persons: not good to put on a new garment, or cut your hair; but this hour is good to buy, or take leases of houses, or lands; good to buy any kind of grain, or to dig in the earth, or plow; not good to borrow money in this hour, or to fall sick in; for it threatens a long disease, and sometimes terminates in death.

Jupiter – in the hour of Jupiter ‘tis good to apply to ecclesiastical persons, and all great men, to obtain their favor. In this hour ‘this good to take a journey; or to go out of the house with success; good to sow all kind of seeds, or to plant; not good to be let blood; he that falls sick in this hour will soon recover; good also to lend, or borrow moneys; not good to enter a ship; not good to buy beasts; to conclude, this hour is good to contract matrimony in, etc.

Mars – In the hour of Mars begin no worthy action, or enterprise, for it is a very unfortunate hour in all things, and therefore as much as may be to be avoided, it is ill to take a journey, for you shall be in danger of thieves, very ill to take a voyage to sea, and generally in all things.

Sun – The hour of the Sun is not to be chosen, as being generally infortunate, unless in making application to great persons, not good to begin a building, or put on new garments, not good to enter into a man’s own house, for discontent and brawling may then be expected to follow, this hour is good for a man to receive preferment in, not good to court the female sex, or lay down moneys upon any account, ‘tis also very dangerous to fall sick in.

Venus – In the hour of Venus ‘tis good to court women, or to begin a journey, but not a voyage, good to enter upon any play, sport or pastime; not good to be let blood in, good to go out of a man’s [own] house with success, but not so good to return again in, good to take physick in, but if a man falls sick in that hour, the disease proceeds from some venereal distemper, this hour is generally good to undertake any business relating to women’s concern, or any delightful actions, not good to begin a new garment, but singular good for marriage, and contracting in matrimony, etc.

Mercury – The hour of Mercury is very good to merchandize in, buy or sell, or to write letters, or to send messengers, to take physick in, to send children to school, to begin a journey, to lend or borrow moneys in, to put forth apprentices, to begin any building, but not good to contract marriage, or to buy houses or lands, or to re-enter your house being abroad, lest discontent or brawling arise; nor good to take or hire a servant, or to redeem a prisoner, but good to plan or graft in, and finally to make suit to great persons.

Moon – The hour of the Moon is not accounted good to buy cattle in, especially of the smaller sort, nor to take physick in, or to make new clothes; ‘tis good to court the female sex in, or send children to school, and in some cases to take a journey, or to pursue an enemy, and to conclude, you may make choice of this hour to leave your native country in (if designed to travel) but choose another hour when you return, and are to re-enter your own country in.


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