Planets in Your Horoscope: Mars Opposition Saturn on March 22, 2007

March 8, 2007 by  


Mars opposite Saturn is not a happy combination. When you see the two malefics facing off like that, run for cover. The opposition is already evident in the Aries ingress chart, which determines the overall flavor of the spring season, and to a lesser extent, the entire year. If the Mars-Saturn opposition is angular in the Aries ingress chart for your location, prepare yourself for some serious weather this spring.

Obviously, if you’re starting any important ventures, do yourself a favor and start them after the opposition has passed. You should be okay after March 26 or so. If you absolutely have to go ahead during the few days leading up to the 22nd and even up to March 26, it might be worthwhile to cast a chart and make sure that Mars and Saturn are tucked away somewhere where they cannot do much harm in the horoscope.

Having Mars opposite Saturn in your natal chart is not easy. It will bring you struggles in life, but if either Saturn or Mars are strongly placed by sign, this will help you ultimately prevail over difficulties. For example, if Saturn is in Libra, the sign of its exaltation, and Mars is in Aries, the whole thing will have a rather stronger and better flavor. Nonetheless, the two planets would still be in negative mutual reception, each in the sign of the the other’s fall, but that is the nature of the opposition. In such a case, you still have to earn success, perhaps many times over.

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