Free Astrology Advice: Horary Question – Whom Do I Really Love?

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Horary Question:

I`m a little bit confused. I`ve been in an on-and-off relationship for one and a half years, but this relationship ended last autumn. In January, I met a man, whom I feel a strong attraction to and who seems to be very interested in me. Everything could be fine, but now that other man, which whom I broke up in autumn, has come back into my thoughts and dreams, and I feel that I may still have feelings for him. That is very confusing, and I`m not sure if I can trust in my own feelings anymore; and I need to know where I really stand emotionally. Whom do I love?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear K.,

Thanks for sending in your question – it seems so simple, but I can understand that your emotions about the situation are rather complicated. Most people want to know about the feelings of others, but it’s very true that what matters most are our own feelings, and very often, they should be examined first. I cast a horary chart for the time that I understood your question, and the chart is below:

I think you’re still very much smitten with your old boyfriend, but he is not particularly interested in you. We see this because Mars, ruler of your first house of self (representing you) has recently left Capricorn, where it was in the sign of Saturn, and moved into Aquarius, where it is still in the sign of Saturn. This way, we can be pretty sure that the old boyfriend is represented by Saturn. Saturn, on the other hand, is in the sign of its detriment in Leo, and it is retrograde. It is not in strong dignities of Mars, or your co-significator, the Moon. It looks as though Saturn has his own issues to deal with, and as far as he is concerned, you are out of the picture. So yes, I do think you are still in love with your old boyfriend, but that feeling is not reciprocated, nor would I expect that to change in the near future.

The new guy must then be shown by the ruler of your seventh house of partners, Venus in Aries. Since Venus is so very interested in Mars, this new guy seems highly interested in you as well. The problem is that neither of your significators, Mars and the Moon, are particularly interested in him. Neither are in strong dignities of Venus. However, we do see that the Moon will trine Venus, but without strong mutual reception by those planets, we cannot expect that this relationship will last. Again, I would expect that this is because emotionally, you are still getting over the old relationship. Even though Moon in Leo is in the detriment of Saturn, therefore showing that your emotions feel hurt or dislike the old boyfriend, the fact remains that as a personality (Mars) you are still taken with the old boyfriend, and will remain so for a while. While this is the case, you’re obviously not going to be relationship material.

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Planets in Your Horoscope: Venus in Taurus on March 17, 2007

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Woman in Garden

Venus entering Taurus after its tumultuous passage through Aries is like a breath of fresh air. In fact, it’s kind of like spring. Venus is in its own sign in Taurus, and it was in detriment in Aries. The reason that Venus is strong in Taurus is as follows.

Venus has two major basic facets: beauty and pleasure. The two are closely connected, but they are of course not the same thing. In Libra, Venus acts out its ability to convey and create beauty. In Taurus, however, Venus stands for much more concrete and material pleasures. Money, sex, food, are all very Venus in Taurus. However, because Venus is in its own sign in Taurus, all of these things will be obtained and enjoyed appropriately, unless some debilitated planet casts an ugly light on Venus.

Venus in Taurus in Your Natal Horoscope

If you have Venus in Taurus, count yourself lucky, since any planet in its own sign is going to be extra beneficial in your chart, in its own fashion. Since Venus is a benefic, it will bring things easily and fulfill your efforts connected with its placement in the chart. So if you have Venus in Taurus in your second house of money, and it’s not terribly afflicted, you’ll probably do pretty well financially. It’s even better if Venus actually rules the second house.

It’s best if a strong planet in our charts is in one of the good houses, or least kept out of the bad houses, which are the sixth, eighth, and the 12th. Even then, it is said that strong planets in the bad houses will helpfully mitigate the evil normally shown by such houses. It’s a bit of a consolation prize, but hey, it could be worse.

I’m curious: how have you handled your Venus in Taurus? Is it as good as they say?

San Francisco Bay Area Weather Forecast February 24 to March 2, 2007

February 27, 2007 by  



As last week, we are still looking at windier conditions than usual, though this doesn’t necessarily mean gale force winds.  Rather, steady gusts or breezes, especially coming from the west will be the norm.

We would expect this week to be fairly wet, as we are looking at Mercury in a water sign (Pisces) conjunct the Sun in Pisces in the all important fourth house.  This conjunction is squared the Moon, which is in its first quarter.  The lunar aspect is yet another hint that rain, or at least a good amount of clouds and fog, is likely to continue.

Saturn dominates the chart, given that it is at the top of the horoscope, so we might get periods of nastiness, or at the very least, a good amount of gloom and clouds.

Free Astrology Advice: Horary Question – I Hate Him: Will He Come Back?

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Rural Love

Horary Question:

I was in a relationship for nearly four years; it was volatile and constant breaking up but it was always me as he never understood what he was doing. Beer/Friends/Football was number 1. I gave him my full 110% in the relationship but he couldn’t see it I was an asset that can achieve so much. I always chased him from day one; we’ve broken up loads and go back after him telling him I am sorry for everything I have done.

Then he never lets me live it down all the things I have done. We did split on bad terms this time and he hates me. It’s been since the 4th January 2007; that’s when I last saw him or heard. No contact has been made and nor can it come from me as I will lose friends, family, and that little respect I have left. I just want to know I was worth it, and for him to realize he was actually wrong and treated me very badly. This would make me feel the four years wasn’t a waste of time on someone so undeserving.

He hurt me a lot, now I want him to be in my shoes for once trying to get back calling, chasing etc. This might be silly but if he does when I say NO, I will get my respect and confidence back. Will he try and get back with me and when?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear G.,

It is always interesting to get the astrological perspective on what’s going on inside the mind of a person obviously engrossed with himself. Those of us who are at least aware of the existence of other people in the world find it hard to believe that someone could be so focused entirely on their own needs, to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. And yet, the world is full of these people. I cast a horary chart for your question, to see how he really feels about you and whether he would try to get you back. The horary chart for your question is below:

Will He Come Back?  Horary Question

In this horoscope, you’re shown by Mars, ruler of the first house of self, and your emotions are shown by the Moon. He is shown by the ruler of your seventh house of partners, Venus, and his male urge to find a mate, or his pants, is shown by the Sun in Pisces. We see that recently Mars has left its exaltation in Capricorn, where it was in the triplicity of Venus, so we see you exiting the relationship, which didn’t seem that strong to begin with. Triplicity is not the stuff that grand passions are made of.

So how does he feel about you? Seemingly, he is still interested in you. Venus is in Aries, in your first house, which gives us a sense that he is still very interested and thinks of you. However, Venus is also in the exaltation of the Sun. So he likes you a great deal, but he likes his hormones and himself a lot as well. The Sun, showing his physical attraction, is not particularly interested in Mars, it is only in its triplicity. However, seeing it in the 12th house of self undoing (or his sixth house, which is also very malefic), gives me the sense that it’s going to be very hard for him to bestir himself to do anything about this.

Reinforcing this concept is the fact that the Moon is void of course, meaning it will not make any other aspect in its current sign. This usually means that nothing more will happen in the situation. We also do not see any of your planets meeting with his planets, for better or for worse. So my feeling is that he is just too self-absorbed, and not in a good place in his life, to really try to make an effort to reconcile.


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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Question – Will We Reunite?

February 26, 2007 by  

Love Birds

Horary Question:

Will my ex and I reunite? We were together for a year, and have fought constantly for the past three months. But I truly feel he is the one for me. He said he has never put so much into a relationship as he has with this one, even his family was shocked. But now he says there is no more”us”, however, he also said he hasn’t completely given up on us yet. He said he cannot say if we will or will not get back together, just to give it time. I’m broken hearted over this.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

Perhaps he just got tired of the fighting, whether he was in the right or not. Either way, astrology can tell us whether there is a future for your relationship. I cast a chart for the time that I understand your question, and the horary chart for your question is below:

Ex and I Reunite?

You are shown by Jupiter, ruler of the first house of self, your emotions are shown by the Moon, and your urge to find a mate is shown by Venus. He is shown by Mercury, ruler of your seventh house of partners, and his urge to find a mate is shown by the Sun. We see that you are in a pretty powerful position in the situation, as Jupiter is in its own sign right on the cusp of the 10th house. This suggests that you have a great deal of influence in the situation, but you will also notice that Jupiter, by being in Sagittarius, is also in the detriment and fall of Mercury. So there is a sense that you had your share of blame for driving this guy away.

The Moon is in Cancer, which is its own sign, suggesting that emotionally, you are currently focused on yourself, though the Moon recently left Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, your ex’s significator. So you used to be gaga over him emotionally, but recently have been focusing on your own needs. Finally, in Aries, Venus is in the exaltation of the Sun, where it has recently arrived as well. He definitely used to drive you nuts, perhaps because he wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship, but you now place him on a bit of a pedestal. Absence makes the heart grow fonder type of thing.

So how does he feel? We see that he significator, Mercury, is very interested in you, because it is in the sign of your significator, Pisces. However, Mercury is retrograde and will shortly move back into Aquarius, where it is not interested in you. However, his co-significator, the Sun is in Pisces, were it will stay for a while. This gives us the sense that on a basic, biological level he is interested in you. However, I am not convinced that this is enough to make for lasting reconciliation, even if such a reconciliation should occur. The Moon will trine the Sun, giving us a sense of the opportunity to reconcile will occur, but because neither the Moon or the Sun are very interested each other by reception, I suspect that both of you will think better of it.

— Readers who are interested in a horary reading with Nina Gryphon (free or paid) may contact her via her astrology readings webpage.

Astrology of Politics: Jupiter Trine Saturn on March 16, 2007

February 26, 2007 by  

Old Man and Grandson

It seems as though it was only yesterday that we talked about the effects of Jupiter square Saturn on the Republican Party here in the United States. Jupiter and Saturn now trine one another, so we see yet another step in the evolution of the seed potentials sown in 2000, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined. The horoscope for Jupiter trine Saturn, set for Washington, DC (in GMT) is below:

Jupiter Trine Saturn - March 16, 2007

Notice how Jupiter, which is quite strong because it is in its own sign of Sagittarius, a strongly placed right at the bottom of the chart in the angular fourth house. Saturn, by contrast, could not be weaker. It is in Leo, retrograde, and in the 12th house. However, Saturn in the 12th house is in the house of his joy, and Saturn can be quite strong in the 12th because it is as though he has his back against a wall and will not budge. This reminds me very strongly of the current political situation in Washington, DC, with the president and the Cabinet being extremely defensive about their foreign policies.

However, in the United States grand conjunction chart, Jupiter rules the 10th house of the ruler. Therefore, any aspects to Jupiter that Saturn in its detriment makes can be seen as afflictions to the country’s ruler. It is fascinating to see that the ruler of the country, Jupiter, is in the fourth house, which is the very bottom of the chart, and it is afflicted out of the 12th house of self undoing, secrets, and hidden enemies.

The unusual thing with this particular trine is that Jupiter and Saturn will continue to move together and be sort of locked in this trine for the next three months, when the exact aspect will occur again in May 2007. This is fairly unusual, that the two planets are going to be in aspect for so long, giving us the sense that any pressures in place around March 16, will remain in place through May.

Free Astrology Readings: Horary Question – Does He Really Want a Divorce?

February 23, 2007 by  

Love Potion

Horary Question:

My husband and I have been together for a total of 10 years (dating for 5 years and married for almost 5 years). Last year he and I started getting into arguments about him going out to the bars. In July of 2006 I later found out that he had met a married woman and was calling her, seeing her, and who knows what with her. I confronted him and the woman about it. The woman refused to leave him alone and he moved out of the house.

The lady doesn’t see him when her husband is in town from work. In October 2006 he filed for a divorce. Sometimes it seem as though he want to come home and others it’s like something is holding him back. I once was told that we are soulmates from this psychic. Is that true? Does he really want to divorce me? Does he really want this other woman? Does she really want him or is she just using him? I told him I would forgive him and take him back if he was willing to change. We have 2 children involved. And he can’t give me a reason for leaving. Once he said I was too controlling but nothing else. I feel that there is something still there and I don’t want the divorce.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.,

I am glad that you e-mailed me specifically with this question. If I’m understanding things correctly and reading between the lines, a big part of your concern is not only whether your husband will in fact divorce you, but also whether this other woman has put something on him. It does sound that way, especially since he seems to be going back and forth in his mind, and cannot give you a clear reason for leaving you. I will cast a chart to see what lies ahead, and we will also see whether something has been put on him. The horary chart for your question is below:

Really Wants Divorce?  Horary Question.

You are shown by the Sun, ruler of the first house of self, and your husband is shown by Saturn, ruler of your seventh house of partners. First, let us see whether she is using any kind of witchcraft on him. One of the classic signs that somebody has been bewitched is when the 12th house and the first house are ruled by the same planet. Here, we have to turn the chart, so your seventh house of partners becomes your husband’s first. Both his first and his 12th house are ruled by Saturn. We notice that his 12th house of witchcraft contains Mars in Capricorn. This is very likely the other woman. Mars is in Saturn sign, and will soon enter Aquarius, where it is still in the sign of Saturn. This woman wants him bad. And she is obviously using any means necessary to get him.

The interesting thing is that Saturn is just inside your house, and it is retrograde, showing that your husband very much wants to return. However, since that is not happening, I can only assume that the woman is very good at controlling him, and he is acting against his deepest wishes.

Now, I cast two Arabian parts, the Part of Marriage and the Part of Divorce. The Part of Marriage is located at 0° Cancer (so its significator is the ruler of Cancer, the Moon), while the Part of Divorce is located at 6° Virgo (its significator is Mercury). We seeing that Mars, the other woman, is in the detriment of the Moon, showing that she hates and harms your marriage. Interestingly, your husband is not very interested either in your marriage, but he is not interested in a divorce either, since he is not in any strong dignities of the Moon or Mercury. I suspect that you will end up getting divorced, as I do not see the pressure from this woman letting up. And that is what’s driving the whole situation. The Moon, your co-significator, will shortly square Mercury, which shows divorce. This itself is strong testimony that the two of you will actually get divorced.

Since I do have a very strong suspicion that your husband is being worked on, it may be appropriate for you to visit someone who specializes in these matters. If you want, send me an e-mail and we can talk about the different options that you have. In this case, I’m afraid that one can only fight fire with fire.

— Readers were interested in a horary reading may contact Nina Gryphon through her astrology readings page.

Free Astrology Advice: Horary Question – Should I Write?

February 23, 2007 by  

Lady Writing Letter

Horary Question:

I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and before that I was a teacher. However, I am still wanting to work. What is the best career path for me? Does writing play any part in my future? I would like to know, because for the last year I’ve been laboring away on a novel and since the baby I never seem to have time to return to that passion.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

For vocational questions, it is best if we have a few alternatives to examine, since the number of jobs out there in the world is literally infinite. You provided one possibility, which is writing, and we can certainly discuss that. However, you will see that there are other possibilities in the chart, and this way, I can only guess what is appropriate to your situation. The horary question for your chart is below:

Should I Write?

In this horoscope, writing is going to be shown by Mercury, which is the planet naturally ruling intellectual pursuits such as writing. We see that Mercury is in Pisces, and it is retrograde. Mercury is separating from the Sun at 5° Pisces, and the Sun rules you in this horoscope, because it is the ruler of the first house of self. So at first glance, we could say that you and your writing are on divergent paths.

As you said, a big part of the problem is that you’re busy taking care of your baby. And, of course, the chart shows that. Mercury is in the sign of its detriment and fall in Pisces, so we have to look at the ruler of Pisces to see what is afflicting Mercury. That planet is Jupiter, ruler of your fifth house of children. Moreover, Jupiter is in the detriment of Mercury, in Sagittarius. So the baby harms the writing.

Let’s see what lies ahead, however. We see that the Moon will shortly square Mercury, and indeed, the Moon has just entered Mercury’s sign, Gemini. So you have been thinking about taking up writing again. My concern is that the writing will turn out to be yet another chore for you. The fact that the Moon and Mercury are applying with a difficult square aspect tells me that there will be some effort involved here, and it may not be entirely pleasant. Also, Mercury is disposited by the ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, so the writing will always have to take a backseat to the needs of the baby.

Shortly, Mercury will enter Aquarius by retrograde motion. At that point, Mercury is going to be Peregrine, which is a considerable step up from its bad state in Pisces. However, in Aquarius, Mercury will also be in the detriment of the Sun, so we see that it’s going to be harming you. Most likely, it will be hard to both be a new mother and a writer.

Usually, when we are provided no vocational options, we cast about for any other likely planet. Here, I would have to go with Mars, which is in its exaltation and in house of its joy, the sixth house. Mars in the sixth house of illness might indicate some kind of medical profession, so this is one alternative you could investigate.

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Planets in Your Horoscope: Venus Trine Saturn on March 9, 2007

February 21, 2007 by  

Young Woman Scrubbing Pots

This is a somewhat uncomfortable match, and the old astrologers did not look on Venus in aspect with Saturn very favorably, at least in the natal chart. The general attitude was that Venus was always just a few steps away from debauchery and licentiousness, and Saturn, signifying as it does all low and dirty things, would surely lead Venus into temptation.

Therefore, according to the very old astrological texts, the Venus-Saturn combination generally makes one somehow deviant when it comes to relationships. I haven’t researched this, but from anecdotal observations, I think it is true, though what we consider deviant today and what the old astrologers considered deviant are not necessarily the same thing. Much will depend on the condition of Venus and Saturn.

Venus in Aries trine Saturn in Leo is kind of awful, to put it bluntly. Venus in Aries is already considered sexually ravenous, and the combination with Saturn just makes the whole thing pretty depraved. In terms of finding the right moment to do something, one might normally consider a Venus-Saturn trine to start building a house or to go see an architect or something like that. This would ensure that the house would be well-built and beautiful. However, considering that both planets are in their detriment, I could not advise anybody to do anything related to Venus or Saturn today.

Planets in Your Horoscope: Venus Trine Jupiter on March 8, 2007

February 21, 2007 by  

Woman Drinking

There are few things more lovely in this world than Venus trine Jupiter, at least when both planets are in reasonable essential dignities. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as Venus is in its detriment in Aries. Remember what they say about Venus in Mars signs – it’s an indication of filthy lust. Luckily, Jupiter seems to salvage the whole thing at least somewhat, as it is in its own sign in Sagittarius. It makes the whole thing rather more respectable.

I’m inclined to look at this particular Venus trine Jupiter as the sugar daddy combination. We have Jupiter, which is very wealthy, bestowing his blessings on a morally questionable but highly attractive female. Now that I think about it, this is the Anna Nicole Smith combination reflected in the heavens. If you’re inclined toward such a lifestyle, this would be an excellent time to ask for that expensive sports car. You will likely get it. Heck, ask for the villa in France.

More seriously, however, this may actually not be a bad day to get married, because while we would want Venus strong in all love-related endeavors, Jupiter does strengthen this week Venus quite a bit. And we can’t all wait until Venus enters Taurus, where it is in its own sign, infinitely stronger and more positive than in Aries.

Namely, a Venus-Jupiter trine is wonderful to have, especially if both planets are in strong essential dignity. You are one lucky person, and will get away with murder. In fact, I remember when I had the dubious pleasure of examining a natal chart of a highly morally dubious person, who had a stunning Venus-Jupiter trine. Needless to say, this is someone who got away with everything.

Simply having this trine is not going to be enough to make you good or trustworthy, and may actually lead someone into a terrible life, simply because there appear to be no immediate consequences. On some level, having this natal combination can be a more difficult task for the soul than having a chart rife with obstacles and problems. But hey, it sure feels good.

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