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January 31, 2007 by  

Meeting on Bridge

Horary Question:

Single, happy, independent. Not in a relationship, but met someone over the Internet. He lives in England, and I live in the Middle East. We have been cyber and telephonic friends since last fall. I will meet him at the end of January as he flies over to the Middle East on holiday. He cannot seem to secure a more rewarding job than his current one in England. I will not relocate over there. We seem to really hit it off. I am more gregarious than he is. The only fee atng I get that worries me is that he could be a silent type which I am not sure if I could handle for long periods. At present we both appear to be smitten with each other. Will we get married this year?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

I’m glad to hear that you are in a promising relationship, and I hope that your meeting earlier this month went well. I am always fascinated when people tell me they meet others over the Internet and finally decide to meet in person: I can only imagine how exciting and scary it must feel at the same time. This must be doubly true since the two of you live so far apart; it’s not the same as hopping down to your local coffee shop for a first date.

I set the chart for the moment I understood your question, and below is the horary horoscope:

If Marry in 2007?

You are shown by the Moon and Venus, while the guy in question is shown by the Lord of your seventh house of partners, Saturn. His co-significator is the Sun, which shows his male urge to find a mate. What struck me immediately was the degree to which each of you are primarily interested in your own lives, rather than going out and being in a relationship. I suspect that this has to do with the fact neither of you is willing or able to move, which would make the relationship rather difficult to pursue over the long-term.

The Moon is in its own sign, while Venus is in its exaltation. You are very much staying right where you are, and I don’t think you are about to change for this guy. His two planets, the Sun and Saturn, are in mutual reception, showing that he is primarily interested in his life as well. Neither of your planets are about to meet, which tells me that it will be very difficult for the two of you to meet halfway. I also see that Venus has recently left the sign of Aquarius, which tells me that perhaps you were recently interested in him, but are now much less interested. I also noticed that the Moon has recently separated from an opposition to Mars in the seventh house. Hopefully, your meeting went well. The planets seem less than encouraging on this count. Unfortunately, I don’t think the two of you will get married this year, just because neither of you seems that interested in dramatically changing their lives to please the other person.

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