Astrology of Missing People: The Missing Local Student

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Sunset California Yosemite

One of my astrological interests is learning the fate and whereabouts of missing people via astrological charts. For higher profile missing people cases, the police and sometimes the family often hire psychics (not astrologers, typically) to help them find the person. However, I do not know of too many cases where the psychic was the one who broke the case.

I suspect the reason for this is that psychics seem to work best when they have some connection to the case. As an example, they typically do extremely well when locating someone of their acquaintance, and will do very well when they are working directly with the family or close friends of the missing person. However, if they are only working with the police, we already have several degrees of separation, and therefore, their intuition is less reliable.

As astrologers, we face a similar challenge. Unless we’re working directly with the people looking for the person in question, or we are trying to locate the person ourselves, it is best that we cast a chart for the time and place the person was last seen, rather than the time we think of the question. I suspect that this is why asking questions about rulers of faraway countries with whom we have no real connection will give us a lower rate of success than we are accustomed to.

Below is the chart for the time and place that May Zhou, a local graduate student, was last seen. There seems to be no indication of foul play and neither her credit cards or cell phone have been used since her disappearance. Our goal will be to determine whether she is alive, and where she is.

May Zhou Last Seen

I will not give details of my analysis here, but will post them when more is known on the situation, due to the sensitive nature of the information.

UPDATE (1/26/2007): May Zhou’s body was found in her locked car trunk, about 100 miles to the north of Stanford.  The car was parked at a junior college planetarium. The police believe that she committed suicide, though her family has doubts.   Below is the analysis I held back yesterday:

The missing girl is shown by the ruler of the first house, Mars, and her co-ruler is the Moon.  Seemingly, May is fine, seeing as she is symbolized by Mars in its exaltation on the cusp of the strong 10th house.  However, her co-significator, the Moon, is not in as good a shape.  It is on the cusp of the 12th house of self-undoing, opposing a very nasty Saturn in detriment in the malefic 6th house.  Saturn rules the 12th house, so the opposition is a malefic double whammy.  William Lilly writes that oppositions to the rulers or planets in the malefic houses (6th, 8th and 12th) bode badly for the missing person.  With this in mind, I looked at the location of the Arabian Part of Death, which is at 6.32 Capricorn, with the girl’s significator going to meet it.  The picture does not seem positive, to say the least, but I will be very happy to have been wrong about this part of the judgment.

What about the girl’s location?  I am struck by the position of Mars at the top of the chart, and in its exaltation.  She is somewhere high up (hopefully this is not meant metaphorically, as astrology can do that sometimes).  Capricorn gives barren land, where beasts, wood or tools are stored.  Moon in Aquarius gives hilly ground that has been newly dug up.

The chart did not give strong clues as to May’s location, which makes me suspect that these “last seen” horoscopes may not show the location as clearly as the person’s being alive or dead.  It is quite likely that the planetarium is on an elevation or hill, but I could not confirm this.  Sadly, this horoscope showed May’s fate too clearly.


5 Responses to “Astrology of Missing People: The Missing Local Student”

  1. Yuzuru on January 26th, 2007 7:06 am

    The moon is translating the light from venus to Saturn, lord of 12th, so I think she is being held locked by someone, and not runaway or something like that

  2. Christine N. Davis on January 26th, 2007 11:16 am

    Hi, Nina – would you be willing to say which house you would take for the missing person, even if you prefer to hold back your analysis for a bit? I know that in a horary, you take the house that represents that person’s relationship to the querent, be it “some stranger” (7th), “my sister” (3rd), or what have you. Is it any different for a chart taken for the last known location/time seen of the person? (Clumsy sentence construction, but you understand.)
    Best wishes,

  3. gryphonastrology on January 26th, 2007 1:03 pm

    Yuzuru – you definitely got the “locked up” part right. I suspected suicide because of the 12th house meaning of self-undoing.

    Christine – see above; I used the 1st, as per Lilly’s instructions.


  4. Ken on January 30th, 2007 2:57 pm

    Dear Nina,

    As usual, I used Mars to represent the missing person. At the first glance, as Mars is exalted and close to 10th house, I thought she is fine and she will be found alive soon. Nevertheless, the outcome is a tragedy. I would like to ask, (1) as a co-significator, why Moon shows the outcome better than Mars in this case? When should we use Moon to replace the first house ruler to represent the querent when we read a chart? (2) Since Mars is in exaltation, it should tell something about the situation. With the hind sight, I guess that means the news about the missing incident is widely reported and thoroughly investigated. How do you think?


  5. gryphonastrology on January 30th, 2007 3:27 pm

    Hi Ken,

    After thinking about this chart a bit more, I think Mars does represent the girl’s condition accurately. I was in a workshop taught by John Frawley where he said that in this type of context (life or death situation), exaltation can mean the person is dead (i.e.: “went up to heaven”). He showed a lunar return chart of a stewardess who was on a plane that exploded, she fell 30K feet and lived. In the lunar return, her significator (Venus) turned rx at 29 Aquarius, one degree before entering exaltation in Pisces. In this context, exaltation meant leaving the body.

    In this chart, not only is Mars exalted, but it is at the top of the chart, which is as high as it gets. This is why I said “I hope that this is not meant metaphorically,” though obviously it was. Combined with Mars going to meet the Part of Death, the conclusion is pretty clear.

    I hadn’t thought of the 10th house as being in the news, but it certainly makes sense to me.


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