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Horary Question:

When will we conceive?My husband and I are currently trying for a baby. We got married last August and started trying at the end of September. We are both in our late 20s and everything is very good in the relationship at the moment. The negative tests I’ve gotten for the last two-three months are becoming a bit depressing. I was wondering if you can offer any advice as to how long it looks like it might take us to get pregnant. I’m very positive every month as we have no reasons to worry, but also have an impatient streak!


Nina Gryphon:

Dear M.,

It’s interesting getting such a range of fertility questions as I do; ultimately, they’re all the same, because they ask the same question.However, the people asking the question couldn’t be more different.This, of course, results in charts that are very different — some practically shout yes, while others are quite discouraging.The horoscope always reflects the situation, and once you have done this for a while, you can see the overall tenor of a chart almost at first glance.The horoscope for your horary question is below:

Conceive - if and when?  Horary Astrology

The first order of business, as ever, is to check whether you can conceive at all.Many people assume they can, but they don’t really know.Out of our four significators of fertility (yours, his, and each of your houses of fertility), three planets are in neutral signs and one is in a barren sign.Given your age, this is pretty encouraging, though it’s not as strong as if several of the planets in question had been in fertile signs, for example.But you already knew that, since if you were positively brimming over with fertility, you wouldn’t be writing to me today.

There are a few idiosyncratic features of your chart that are worth noting.One, we see that your significator, Jupiter, is extremely strong.Even though it is in a neutrally fertile sign, its very strength will ensure that you can conceive.Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius, and it is just outside of the 10th house, a dominant position in the horoscope.

Two, we see that the baby, shown by the ruler of the fifth house, the Moon, is in the first house, where it has lots of power to act.Finally, we see that Mars its exaltation in Capricorn is on your husband’s fifth house of fertility (the radical 11th house). Normally, I do not like to see malefics in the houses of fertility, but seeing that this one is exalted, it is less of an affliction and might give us a hint as to what is going on.It could be that your husband is not quite as fertile as he may seem, though he is still plenty fertile.The exaltation causes you to have higher expectations than warranted, in other words.

Since you have established that you will eventually get pregnant, we can push the Moon forward through so-called prohibiting aspects (namely, the upcoming square to Mars), until the Moon aspects Jupiter.It doesn’t take very much, since Jupiter is the next planet after Mars to get aspected by the Moon.This is another good sign, and this is what I mean by saying that some charts just have a much nicer tenor than others.The Moon will trine Jupiter in about 9°, which I would interpret as weeks, though if you try hard enough, perhaps you can reduce it to days!

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4 Responses to “Free Astrology Advice: Horary Question – When Will We Conceive?”

  1. Michelle on January 23rd, 2007 11:48 am

    Hi Nina, thanks for the reading, I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂

  2. gryphonastrology on January 23rd, 2007 1:14 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    You’re welcome – best of luck to you two!


  3. Michelle on April 8th, 2007 10:36 am

    Hi Nina, unfortunately, 9 weeks has been and gone with no success. I hope it isn’t 9 years! Still hoping and trying 🙂

  4. Rochelle on May 5th, 2012 3:13 pm

    nina, can i ask your help on something also?

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