Death in the Horoscope: James Kim (Progressions)

December 11, 2006 by  

One of my astrological interests has long been determining death in the chart; many other astrologers (and people in general) prefer not to go there. This may have to do with our modern attitude toward death. We are simply not very comfortable with it. And yet, it is a huge part of life, and I feel is best to come to terms with it sooner rather than later. This is one reason why I have been very interested in the chart of James Kim, the Californian who died in Oregon a few weeks ago, while trying to get help for his stranded family. Specifically, I wanted to understand exactly what it was in his chart that would show such an unfortunate fate.

Last week, I looked at potential influences in his natal horoscope, and today, I will look at what was going on in his progressed chart, which is simply the natal horoscope moved forward to a specific point in time. That point will have been the approximate date of death.

James Kim Horoscope - Inner Circle: Natal, Outer Circle: Progressed


We see an odd combination of factors at work in his horoscope, with factors showing bodily danger but also indications of fame. It is fair to say that Kim was never so famous as after his death. Most ominously, we notice that progressed Venus, which rules the natal eighth house of death, opposes the natal Moon in the malefic sixth house. I did not like this Moon much in the natal chart due to its essential weakness and bad location. Regardless of what Kim’s horoscope looked like and where that Moon is actually placed (since we are using only a noon chart), it is clear that a potentially difficult contact to it would be very serious.

We also see that the progressed Sun is entering the highly malefic 12th house – as the Sun is the indicator of life, entering the house of self undoing is not a good thing.

And yet, we also see indications of fame, at least in the noon chart, which seems to be fairly efficacious for this purpose. The Sun is about to sextile the Midheaven, a traditional indicator of fame or enhanced public standing. The progressed Moon is approaching the Midheaven, another hint of renown. I imagine that it can had not died, this would have been a very good year for him in his career. Sadly, it proved otherwise.


3 Responses to “Death in the Horoscope: James Kim (Progressions)”

  1. jb on December 12th, 2006 8:48 pm

    Actually, could you do the Bin Laden bit here too. I’d like to know when to start the (post mortem) celebration. Also, I really like your paintings. That one up there is kind spooky though. What’s with the skeleton guy chasing that woman around. Kind of weird. And that guy with sword looks a little confused. A few too many beakers on schnappes, I reckon. That banjo is unusal too. I like it. Is it for sale? Anyway, love the site. Keep it going. Cheers.

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  3. DR.YESHWANT PANDE on May 31st, 2012 3:09 am

    Topic has been interesting . Has any body done some astrological work major international mishaps such as Titanic , Bhopal gas tragedy , Hiroshima or Nagasaki disasters , Sunami victims etc. What astrological situation make so many persons vanish in a faction of time. As far as Bhopal Gas Tragedi one fellow told me that there were three eclipses that night ! Has any body gone in more details

    would be interested.


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