Astrology of Current Affairs: Full Moon of November 5, 2006 – U.S. Midterm Elections

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Full Moon November 5 - Horoscope and the Midterm Elections

The Full Moon of November 5, 2006 will fall right before the United States midterm elections. For readers outside of the United States, these are the elections that determine which party will have a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Since all of the branches of government are currently controlled by the Republican Party, everyone is eagerly watching the midterm elections to see whether this total control by one party will continue or not.

We can look at the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon to see which party has the better position. In this post about the Jupiter-Saturn square horoscope, I discussed that horoscope in light of the midterm elections. The Full Moon falling just before the elections (and just after the Jupiter-Saturn square) should pick up on the themes in the Jupiter-Saturn square horoscope. In that chart, we saw that the ruling party is not looking too good, as it was shown by Venus in its detriment in Scorpio combust by the Sun. The Moon, which always shows the people, favored the Democrats, but both parties were going to have difficulty getting their constituents out to the polls. The mood of the country is not exactly enthusiastic.

The horoscope for the November 5 Full Moon is here:

Full Moon November 5 - Horoscope and the Midterm Elections

We see that here, the ruling party is shown by Mercury, ruler of the 10th house. Their opponents, the Democrats, are shown by Jupiter, ruler of the fourth which opposes the 10th. Mercury is not doing terribly well; it is on the 12th house and it is retrograde. It is also about to conjoin a rather afflicted Venus. This is rather unpromising for the Republicans on the whole. However, while being retrograde can be an affliction to a planet, also be aware that it can be a descriptor. That is to say, it can show the Republicans returning to power once more.

Jupiter is looking rather better than Mercury. It is close enough to the Ascendant to be considered angular, and being conjunct the Ascendant is the strongest position in the horoscope that a planet can occupy. The fact that Jupiter is applying to the Ascendant could show that the Democrats are not yet in power, but they are moving in that direction rapidly. The Ascendant also shows the people and the country as a whole in political horoscopes. Also, Jupiter will enter its own sign, Sagittarius, in about 4° from its current position. So Jupiter is going toward strength, while Mercury is going toward weakness. However, I would strongly caution against interpreting this to mean that the Democrats will retake majority control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It may mean that they will retake one of the two, but the chart does not describe the exact amount of strength that the Democratic Party can expect.

One reason for my caution is the Moon, showing the will of the people. The Moon is in the term of Mercury, and is not interested in Jupiter very much. As in the Jupiter-Saturn horoscope, the Moon is in a cadent and malefic house. This time, it is also in a fixed sign. So we can’t help but get the feeling that American voters will choose to stay home and eat potato chips, or at least stick to the tried and true. The overall sense of the Jupiter-Saturn chart is that the voters will prefer the Democrats, and don’t forget that that chart is good for about five years from October 25, 2006. However, voters are notoriously fickle, and this Full Moon chart may just be enough to move them not to vote or vote more conservatively.


9 Responses to “Astrology of Current Affairs: Full Moon of November 5, 2006 – U.S. Midterm Elections”

  1. Herman Van Roey on November 1st, 2006 9:40 am

    Being an inhabitant of the “Old Continent” of Europe, I might be biased in my opinion and hence interpretation (but aren’t we all one way or another?). Yet I wish to make this remark:
    Mercury is heading for a exact opposition with the Part of Fortune (the “Trophee”, or the “Prize to be won”), and at the same time approaching Venus who disposes of the PoF, so that really looks promising for the Ruling Party (democrats). Only… Venus who as dispositor represents everything the PoF entices is as you state in a quite bad shape, and Mercury gets the Prize by opposition, not the easiest or nicest of aspects! So, the gift may be a poisoned one! Meaning, yes they will winn, but they’ll probably regret it heavily afterwards?
    Just some Euro-cents,

  2. Herman Van Roey on November 2nd, 2006 12:56 pm

    oops! “…the Ruling Party (democrats)” obviously should be read as “…the Ruling Party (republicans)”. Sorry for this.
    I wonder if Kerry’s slip could fit in here somehow…

    curious in Europe…

  3. gary calderone on November 2nd, 2006 1:34 pm

    I would not read the Rx Mercury as a return to power, as they havent lost it yet, but as a general debility that is made seriously worse by the fact that Mercury is heading into combustion. Astrologer Jacob Schwartz thinks that the Dems will either take both or at least one of the houses of congress. This is based primarily on charts that he had done for the when the polls open on election day. This Nov 7th is similar to 1994 when the republicans swept into power, except that it’s going in the other direction. There is a rising stellium in Scorpio just like in 94 and since it was 12 years ago, it’s a Jupiter return (a cycle change). He also makes a good case for the Dems being ruled by Saturn which is the next planet that the moon will conjunct. Also this year’s election day chart has the moon in mutable Gemini square Uranus–people want change!

  4. gryphonastrology on November 2nd, 2006 1:37 pm

    Hoy Herman!

    Thanks for your Euro-cents; they are always more than welcome here. You may well be right, and the gift will not be a great one. I, for one, wouldn’t want the task of undoing what this administration has managed to do.


  5. gryphonastrology on November 2nd, 2006 1:47 pm

    Dear Gary,

    Interesting observation about Mercury rx heading into combustion. As you may be aware, a planet in retrogradation will always conjoin or oppose the Sun at some point during its retrograde period, so rx *implies* combustion or opposition to the Sun. They are not separable events.

    I personally do not have much use for Uranus, but would still confidently predict the Democrats taking over one or more of the Houses. At least based on my reading the newspaper.


  6. gary calderone on November 2nd, 2006 9:39 pm

    I’m also a student of John Frawley’s and if it’s relevant, he often comments on whether a planet is heading into or leaving combustion. Here a bad situation is getting worse. Also he stresses how this could mean that whatever the planet cmb or under suns beams signifies, either can see something or cant be seen. I guess we could make a case for both of these testimonies vis a vis the republicans problems.

  7. gary calderone on November 2nd, 2006 9:43 pm

    I meant CAN’T see something—sorry about that.

  8. Herman Van Roey on November 8th, 2006 10:51 am

    Well, House of Representatives is won by the Dems, Senate remains to be seen right now. Just heard on the radio that final outcome may be known as late as the end of the month… Reality sure reflects the complexity of this chart (or should that be the other way around ? 🙂
    The heavily occupied 12th house surely correlates with the mist (myst?fogue?) and acclaimed dubiousness of a few (key position) states’ results… Talk about hidden enemies, eh.
    And Mercury retro: general indicator of machinery or communication-linked things, going wrong! (referring to the failure of the voting computers in several places…).
    Ah, well: if such a heavy Scorpio-alignment promises something, thrilling it surely is!


  9. Pps Chawla on June 10th, 2012 5:28 am

    According to me the Elections are not so easy to predict.Especially this one happening on 6th November 2011.I have analyzed the charts of both Mr Obama and Mr Romney.Something unusual going to happen from 22nd October 2012.Let us see.The transit of planets support Mr Mitt Romney.

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