Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Should I Go into Acting?

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Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Should I Go into Acting?


I’m thinking of changing careers, I really want to get into acting, or that sort of thing, but I am not sure, because I am a single mother to three kids and a divorce behind me. I work in administration at the local health department in a very small community. I have always wanted to be an actress; as a kid it was my dream. Everything about me tells me it’s what I should do, and my dreams are very important to me but I’m afraid. Can you help?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear B.,

Perhaps because I have friends and acquaintances in such a wide variety of jobs, it is always very interesting to me to look at questions regarding vocations. Acting or the arts is commonly inquired about, as many people would like to get into it, but know that it is a very competitive field, and one in which it is not easy to make a decent living. What we have to do in this horoscope is to look at the planet and house that is significator of acting, and see whether it is strong. If the planet or planets have strength, we can confidently say that acting will be beneficial for you. If not, it would be best to keep it to a hobby.

As I always do for the advice column on this blog, I cast a horoscope for you using horary astrology, which is a method that casts a chart for the moment of your question. The idea is that the answer to your question is contained in the horoscope of your question. It is as though the question is its own birth chart, but just for the “birth moment” of your concern. The time and date are set for the moment and place where I received your question.

Your horary chart regarding your vocation is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Should I Go into Acting?

Many horoscopes give us the answer in several different ways; this is an example of such a chart. In this horoscope, you are shown by Saturn, Lord of the first house itself. Saturn is not doing terribly well, as it is in Leo, the sign of its detriment. This can simply mean that you are discouraged and unhappy about your current life situation and are looking for a way out. Acting may be the dream that you have always held in the back of your mind, and now, in times of difficulty, you are turning to it.

Even though acting may at first seem Mercurial (Mercury being the trickster god), it is ruled by Venus, which rules actors and plays, and presumably, the movies. In this horoscope, Venus is not very strong. It is in Virgo, the sign of its fall, and in the malefic eighth house. This is one testimony that acting will not give you the satisfaction or financial support you need. Of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t try it as a hobby, on a part-time basis. That would be an excellent way to test out the waters, both in terms of making it a career, and in seeing how satisfactory it would be as a pursuit.

Now, to confirm this testimony, we would also look to the fifth house and its ruler, which naturally rules acting, being the house of pleasure and entertainment. The fifth house is ruled by Mercury, because the fifth cusp is in Gemini. Mercury is somewhat better off than Venus, but still not great. Mercury is Peregrine, which means that it is in a degree in the sign where does not have dignity. That is rather better than being in fall, but would not promise an amazing career.

The nice thing with Mercury is that it is in Libra, where it exalts Saturn. So this shows that while acting may not be an amazing profession, it is one that will treat you reasonably well. Note, however, that the antiscion of Mercury opposes our fallen Venus. So even though Mercury is reasonably good, there will still be some kind of hidden problems with your acting career.

As far as making a living from acting, we would have to look at the second house from the fifth, which shows money from entertainment. This is ruled by the Moon, which is in Virgo. The Moon does not have a lot of dignity where it is, which makes me think that you will not be able to have a solid, reliable income from acting. Again, this does not preclude you from picking it up as a hobby.


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