Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: When Will I Get a Full Time Job? Is This the Right Career?

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Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: When Will I Get a Full Time Job?  Is This the Right Career?


In the next few days I’ll have a job interview for a position as a video editor, with no promise for the long-term, but I would like to know when I’ll get a full time job. Is this the right choice for me, career-wise? I’m sort of that creative pearson who’s still searching for his final profession.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

My sense, T., is that most people today are still searching for their final profession. Very few people come into this world knowing exactly what they are going to do, because they do not have one overwhelming talent. This puts me in mind of a four year old I know who is basically a child savant, and knows everything there is to know about entomology. This is a kid who started lecturing a presenter at the local Science Center about the fine points of difference between two species of insect, at which point he was seriously invited to come back and give talks. What do you think he is going to be when he grows up? Most of us are not like this, of course, and our talents are more diverse. In the old days you would not have the problem of choosing, as you would simply pick up the trade your parents did, or something similar. The horoscope reflects this basic reality, and will show whether creative work, for example, is appropriate for you. While you can parse between a video editing job and a director job, in the universe of all possible jobs, these are not terribly different from a macro perspective.

I cast a chart for the moment, date, and place that I understood your question. This technique is called horary astrology, and is a very ancient method for answering specific questions such as yours. Some people do not know their time or date of birth, so for them constructing a natal chart would be difficult. However, many questions are answered just fine using horary astrology. If you are more interested in looking at the bigger issues in your life, such as “what career am I meant to do,” then a natal chart is better. The horary chart for your question is here:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: When Will I Get a Full Time Job?  Is This the Right Career?

As you can see, you are shown by the ruler of the first house of self, Saturn in Leo in the eighth house. Saturn in Leo is in its detriment, so we can see you’re not doing too well for some reason. The reason will be shown by the ruler of Saturn’s sign, which is the Sun. The Sun rules the eighth house of fear, so you’re obviously freaking out a little bit (or a lot) about not having work, and are fretting about what will become of you. Your co-significator is the Moon, which is in 29 Leo, on the fixed star Regulus, and is about to move into Virgo. At this point, the Moon is void of course, meaning that it will not make any more aspects while in its current sign. This can mean that there will be no change in the situation, but because the Moon is about to move into a new sign, this tells us there is no change in the short term but there will be change in the future. Also, Regulus is a Royal star also called the Heart of the Lion. This tells me one, possibly two things. You have a pretty darn good shot at getting the position you are interviewing for in a few days, because Regulus bring success. Two, if you choose, you can have a full-time position in a relatively short time. However, this would be expedited if you stopped freaking out so much, because it makes you somewhat less appealing.

Lest we forget, the job you asked about, the full-time job, is ruled by the 10th house of career, and its ruler, Mars in the ninth house. There is no immediate aspect between Mars and your significators (Moon or Saturn), but we know that eventually you will get a job. So the answer is in here. The most likely time looks when Mercury sextiles Saturn; and this is for two reasons. Mercury has recently separated from Mars, so it will translate the light between Mars, the job, and Saturn, you. Mercury will aspect Saturn in about 9Ā°, which will give us a timeline of about nine weeks. It may be nine months, but I think nine weeks is rather more likely. Do not forget that this is counted from the time I got your question; on September 19, so you have to count forward from that date. The other reason is that Mercury, being in Libra, exalts Saturn; so the job thinks you’re just peachy. This is great news, so don’t forget to ask for a hefty raise when you’re being interviewed.

You ask whether this job is what you’re meant to do. I would say in the universe of all possible jobs, you’re on the right track. Anything that requires working with computers, special analytical skills, and general technological wizardry would be a good match for you. I would not go too heavily into purely artistic endeavors, because we see that Venus in this horoscope is in its fall. I am sure I do not have to tell you that physical work is out of the question as well, as Mars is in its detriment. This leaves Mercury. It is not an utterly fabulous choice, because it doesn’t have a whole lot of essential dignity at 11 Libra, but it is far better than the other alternatives. So yes, I think being a video editor will be fine for you.

—Note to all readers: If you liked this short reading, you can schedule a full private consultation with Nina Gryphon at zm.


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    when i will new job

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