Astrology of Current Affairs: New Moon of October 21/22

October 17, 2006 by  

New Moon of October 21/22 - Warrior

[The 15th-century picture above proves, by the way, that the soul patch is not a 20th century invention. Though it does look rather hotter when accessorized with a full suit of armor and a sword.]

The new Moon on October 22 (or October 21, depending on where you are) is happening at 28° Libra. We can expect a great deal of talk and communication during the following lunar cycle (about the next 28 days), at least in the United States. The new Moon is happening in an air sign, which rules speech, and it is in the third house of speech. Can you tell it’s election season?

We can expect a continued focus on sexual morality, as with the Mark Foley congressional page scandal, since the new Moon falls in the middle of a conjunction between Venus in Libra and Mars in Libra. Venus is very strong in Libra, because Libra is the sign of its domicile. Mars, however, is very weak in Libra, because it is opposite the sign of its home, which is Aries. Mars is about to move into the sign where it is strongest, which is Scorpio. However, there is a sense that things will get worse before they get better. This probably describes the general political and public climate in the United States right now, which is very fragmented and polarized. The fact that the Moon is applying to Mars, and will translate the light from the Sun to Mars, shows we can expect an unpleasant martial climate in the near future.

As of this writing, there is talk that North Korea is preparing another nuclear test. This would certainly be appropriate, given the heavy Mars influence we can expect. However, I’m optimistic that the tense and confrontational climate, both domestically and internationally, will be resolved harmoniously. This is because the new Moon is disposited by the very strong and conciliatory Venus in Libra. So there is a sense that all is well that ends well.

In the realm of real life, we can expect additional negative news about the American economy. I do not like the looks of the detrimented Saturn in the first house, which represents the nation’s people. Saturn as such symbolizes poverty and want, and in detriment shows a particularly nasty version thereof. Saturn squares Mercury, which rules the second house of finances. Saturn also rules oil, because oil is black, and is found underground. Oil prices likely will start to climb again during this period, afflicting the nation’s resources.

New Moon of October 21/22


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