Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will We Win the Lawsuit? My Mother’s Health Improve?

October 10, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will We Win the Lawsuit?  My Mother’s Health Improve?


My mother was severely injured by taking a pharmaceutical drug and is now involved in a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, the outcome of which will have worldwide consequences that affect justice and health concerns for many people.

Initially, my mother was in excellent health in her 60’s. She started taking a popular medication for minor health concerns and took it until it was removed from the market. Before taking the drug my mother was a popular, sociable, well-situated woman who had just received an incredible offer to take over a major entertainment industry talent agency.

Immediately after starting the medication, my mother quickly deteriorated into a bedridden recluse riddled with multiple bizzare health problems and severe personality/mental changes and deterioration. We never heard of the medication or it being a problem and sadly thought our mother was just suffering a horrible “old age” and her medical professionals did not indicate anything different. None of these health problems ran in our family which made it all the more puzzling.

In about late 2002 my mother went into a coma and we were told she would die. Eventually she woke up, but remains disabled mentally and physically.

I’d like to know if astrology offers any insights as to the possible outcome of the lawsuit and my mother’s health?


Nina Gryphon:

The first thing I would like to say, D., is how heart-wrenching your situation sounds. I think all of us can imagine a loved parent in the same situation, the heartbreak of which is compounded by the fact that the injury was caused not by accident, but by cynical disdain bred of commercial greed.

I set a horary chart for the moment I understood your question, using this ancient method that was used at least since the time of the Greeks. One advantage of this method is that it provides a clear and succinct summary of the situation, and provides a quick prognosis. It is especially useful when a person’s birth time is not known or is in doubt. The horary chart is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will We Win the Lawsuit?  My Mother’s Health Improve?

First, I’m going to analyze the likely outcome of the lawsuit. Your mother is shown by Jupiter, ruler of the 10th house of mothers. How is Jupiter? Not so good; Jupiter is peregrine at 16 Scorpio, and it is in the malefic eighth house. The opponents are shown by the Moon, which is in Leo and about to conjoin Saturn in Leo. Generally, an applying conjunction to the planet as malefic as Saturn in its detriment, shows harm coming to the person in question. In the lawsuit, seeing your opponents run into a nasty Saturn is a good thing.

The Moon’s most recent aspect has been a square to Jupiter, significator of your mother. This can show the possibility of settlement out of court, because the aspect is in the past, it may be that the drug company has attempted to settle, but you rejected their overtures. The other possibility is that it shows settlement is such a sure thing it may as well be done. The fact that the two planets are coming together with a square shows that any settlement talks will be attended with difficulty, and may well break down because Jupiter is in the fall of the Moon; the plaintiffs intensely dislike the defendants here.

If the lawsuit will be decided judicially, which seems less likely, but still possible if you reject the company’s offer, we need to look at whom the judge and jury will favor. The judge/jury is shown by the 10th from the 10th, so the radical seventh house. The ruler of the seventh house is Mercury in Libra. Whomever Mercury prefers will win the lawsuit. Note that this has very little to do with who is in the right legally or morally. As we learned in law school, judges always vote their breakfast. In Libra, Mercury does not care either for you or for the defendant. This may indicate a so-so verdict for you, one in which you will either lose or win. Let us see what the verdict shows, to see the effects of the outcome.

The verdict is shown by Mars, the sign following the fourth house from the 10th, showing the end of the matter. Mars is in 7 Libra, where it is in the face (a minor dignity) of the Moon, so shows the verdict would slightly favor defendants. However, not by much. It rather looks as though the outcome of the lawsuit will punt the decision to a different decision maker, such that no one will have lost or won this round. Such an outcome would favor the pharmaceutical company simply because delay always works in the defendant’s favor here. It may be worthwhile to settle, though such settlements are typically confidential, so few people beyond the plaintiffs would benefit.

You also asked about your mother’s health. This is a good point at which to note that I am not a doctor, and that you should always follow her doctor’s guidance first and foremost. I am concerned that her health may deteriorate from here on out. The reason for this is twofold. First, we see that the Moon has separated from Jupiter (your mother) and is about to conjoin Saturn in detriment in Leo. This does not bode well for her overall health, as Saturn by itself is a malefic planet, and in detriment it is much worse. Here, the Moon picks up Jupiter and carries it, as it were, to Saturn. This is called a translation of light, because the Moon carries the influence of one planet to another, like a messenger.

Further, Venus in its fall in Virgo is about to sextile Jupiter. Here, Venus acts as an accidental malefic. Though Venus by itself is a good planet, even a good planet can be very harmful when it is in its detriment or fall, as it is here. The fact that the aspect in question is a sextile, shows that the contact will come easily. In this situation, this is not good, because it shows that the bad thing in question will easily occur. Venus rules two malefic houses in this horoscope; one is the turned sixth house of illness, and the other is the radical eighth house of death. I would finally note the negative mutual reception between Jupiter and Venus; Jupiter is in the detriment of Venus, while Venus is in the detriment of Jupiter; your mom and this negative thing hate each other. Either way, I think it would be be a good idea to stay very alert and aware of any changes in your mom’s condition in the near future.

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Spiritual Work

I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of spiritual work when it comes to disputes and legal matters. I think the reason that it works so well is that one has very specific, known people on whom to focus one’s energies; the defendants and the judge/jury. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can accomplish a great deal with relatively little. In the world of spiritual work, court case spiritual work commands a premium, because the stakes are so high, and the work itself is so lengthy.

However, there is a lot that a person can do to help themselves. Probably the best thing to do to begin with is to sweeten the judge or the jury toward your cause. You can also do this if you want a settlement with the other party. The way to do this is to use a honey jar, into which you can put your name and the judge’s name written together on a piece of paper. If you can get something of the judge’s, even just their handwriting, add that as well to strengthen the psychic link. You then create a mental command that summarizes your need, such as “favor my cause, give me total victory over the defendant,” and focus on that as you burn candles a few times a week on the lid of the closed honey jar. You can see that this kind of work takes a long time, so it takes focus, dedication, and giftedness.

For this kind of work, I find it very helpful to use herbs and oils known for their efficacy in court case work. You can dress the candle with an herbal oil, which is made from herbs known to be helpful in court case matters. You can also add such herbs to the main paper that goes into the jar. The idea of all this is to focus your energy and intent on one single-minded goal for a long period of time. Too, if you’re gifted for this kind of work, the combination is unbeatable.


4 Responses to “Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will We Win the Lawsuit? My Mother’s Health Improve?”

  1. Isola on July 14th, 2007 5:07 pm

    Dear Nina,
    I have a few questions about this chart.
    You wrote: “The opponents are shown by the Moon, which is in Leo and about to conjoin Saturn in Leo.” As I remember from the JF book THX opponents are 7th house, in our case 7th house from 10th is radical 4th house in Gemini. Why did you take the Moon as opponents?

    You wrote “The verdict is shown by Mars, the sign following the fourth house from the 10th, showing the end of the matter.” Sorry I can’t get it. JF states in THX: “the verdict, which, as ‘the end of the matter’, is lord 4.” page 209. If we take radical 4th Mercury is the ruler, if we turning the chart so radical 1st is ‘end of the matter’ is ruled by Jupiter. Why do you consider next house from turned 4th – 2nd radical house?

    Sincerely, Isola.

  2. gryphonastrology on July 17th, 2007 4:47 am

    Hi Isola,

    Before reading the chart, it helps to read the question with equal care, I found. I took the mother’s opponents to be the 7th from the 10th. Mercury must be the judge, however, so the opponents get the next house, the Moon. What the judge thinks is more important than opponents. Why Mars for verdict? Jupiter is already taken, as you may have noticed. That was one of the earliest chapters in John’s book, as I’m sure you know.


  3. Isola on July 18th, 2007 2:03 pm

    Nina, thanks for your patience. Now I got it. :-))) I’m not trying to criticize you, even if it looks like it. Sorry.


  4. gryphonastrology on July 30th, 2007 7:06 pm

    Hi Isola,

    No worries; thanks for asking. Sometimes get tired of explaining.


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