Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Horary Astrology - Should I Stay or Should I Go?


I am in desperate need of advice about my current situation, should I leave my partner or remain and focus on repairing our relationship. We have two children together and have been together on and off for seven years, but recently I have been very frustrated as I am more wild, creative, and imaginative than my partner. And if he lets me get close I do not usually feel interested. Is this going to pass? My karma said I was a Sagittarius in my past life and I need to stop reverting back to it, by being single and needing freedom.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

I am really not an expert on anything karma related, but it seems to me that being in a seven-year relationship with two kids is a pretty heavy commitment, so you’re doing okay on the karmic front.

Perhaps from an astrological perspective, we’ll get a better picture of what is going on in your relationship. I must admit I’m kind of puzzled; your difficulties seem to be emotional as well as sexual, but a lot of it seems to have to do with the communication between the two of you. On the other hand, if you have been together seven years, presumably you’re not afraid to talk about major issues. So, let’s take a look at your chart.

As always, I set a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, which is a method known as horary astrology. This is a method that is very old and dates back from thousands of years ago. It was very popular because one did not need a time, date or place of birth to get very clear and specific answers to questions of all sorts. On this blog, I get most of the questions that have to do with love, career, money and so on. But the range of questions we can answer is far greater. A few examples that immediately come to mind are asking when a certain type of stock or commodity will go up so we know when to sell, general celebrity gossip (“Is Mr. Hollywood cheating on Mrs. Hollywood?”), determining paternity, finding your lost stuff and almost anything else you can think of. To get back to your question, the horoscope for your question is below:

Horary Astrology - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
You are represented by Jupiter, Lord of the first house of self. Jupiter is not terribly fabulous. It is in Scorpio, where it doesn’t have a lot of strength, and it is in the 12th house of self undoing. My long-term readers will note that the 12th house usually shows a person to be their own worst enemy in a situation, and is often indicated when someone is ill or depressed or otherwise in a swamp of their own device. The 12th house does not have anything to do with spirituality, as some astrologers claim. Either that or many of the people who write into this column are actually highly advanced spiritual gurus and I just never picked up on it. In Scorpio, Jupiter is in the fall of the Moon and the detriment of Venus. We see that you are unhappy with your emotional state as well as your “I am Woman” instincts and general attractiveness.

Part of the problem is that you’re not feeling really good about yourself as a woman right now, whether this is physical or more profound and that you’re not feeling your needs are satisfied. We notice that Venus is in the sign of its fall and it is also on the midheaven, so we see that your physical needs are primarily what is on your mind. Seemingly, everything is good. Your partner, represented by Mercury in Libra is very interested in you, Venus. More accurately, he likes you because he wants to have a partner and he is physically attracted to you. Since Venus is in the sign of Mercury, Virgo, we see the relationship is at least superficially working out. The problem is that Venus is not in Gemini, the seventh house of the partner, but rather we see that you are with him because you don’t feel too good about yourself. This is why you’re experiencing this tension.

Does this mean you should leave? I do not think this would necessarily solve your problems. The man seems rather interested in you; the Sun has just moved into Libra, showing that he has become very interested in you physically. Mercury is in the middle of Libra, so his feelings about you are not about to change. Mercury in Libra as such is fine, you could do a lot worse than this guy. I think your main challenge is to get to a point where you feel good about yourself and about your life. This is something that you can accomplish in or out of this relationship, so I do not think it makes much difference where you stay or leave; that will have to be determined by the practicalities of the situation and whether you think you can raise two kids on your own.

I do notice that the Moon is about to conjoin Mercury, which is really the only impending movement in the situation. So we can see that you will shortly invest more of your emotions in the relationship. I think the better course of action is to work on yourself first, and critique what is going on with you and your life. The best advice I can give is to work from the inside out. If you change yourself, only then can you go and change the rest of your world. This is often very painful, but nobody can do it for you and it won’t fix itself. My sense is that if you do this properly, the relationship may well come to a close all of its own accord. This is because the fixed star Antares is on the ascendant. Antares is a Royal star that shows endings, and we may well see a natural ending to this relationship as you figure out what to do with yourself.

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Astrology of Current Affairs: Full Moon of November 5, 2006 – U.S. Midterm Elections

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Full Moon November 5 - Horoscope and the Midterm Elections

The Full Moon of November 5, 2006 will fall right before the United States midterm elections. For readers outside of the United States, these are the elections that determine which party will have a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Since all of the branches of government are currently controlled by the Republican Party, everyone is eagerly watching the midterm elections to see whether this total control by one party will continue or not.

We can look at the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon to see which party has the better position. In this post about the Jupiter-Saturn square horoscope, I discussed that horoscope in light of the midterm elections. The Full Moon falling just before the elections (and just after the Jupiter-Saturn square) should pick up on the themes in the Jupiter-Saturn square horoscope. In that chart, we saw that the ruling party is not looking too good, as it was shown by Venus in its detriment in Scorpio combust by the Sun. The Moon, which always shows the people, favored the Democrats, but both parties were going to have difficulty getting their constituents out to the polls. The mood of the country is not exactly enthusiastic.

The horoscope for the November 5 Full Moon is here:

Full Moon November 5 - Horoscope and the Midterm Elections

We see that here, the ruling party is shown by Mercury, ruler of the 10th house. Their opponents, the Democrats, are shown by Jupiter, ruler of the fourth which opposes the 10th. Mercury is not doing terribly well; it is on the 12th house and it is retrograde. It is also about to conjoin a rather afflicted Venus. This is rather unpromising for the Republicans on the whole. However, while being retrograde can be an affliction to a planet, also be aware that it can be a descriptor. That is to say, it can show the Republicans returning to power once more.

Jupiter is looking rather better than Mercury. It is close enough to the Ascendant to be considered angular, and being conjunct the Ascendant is the strongest position in the horoscope that a planet can occupy. The fact that Jupiter is applying to the Ascendant could show that the Democrats are not yet in power, but they are moving in that direction rapidly. The Ascendant also shows the people and the country as a whole in political horoscopes. Also, Jupiter will enter its own sign, Sagittarius, in about 4° from its current position. So Jupiter is going toward strength, while Mercury is going toward weakness. However, I would strongly caution against interpreting this to mean that the Democrats will retake majority control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It may mean that they will retake one of the two, but the chart does not describe the exact amount of strength that the Democratic Party can expect.

One reason for my caution is the Moon, showing the will of the people. The Moon is in the term of Mercury, and is not interested in Jupiter very much. As in the Jupiter-Saturn horoscope, the Moon is in a cadent and malefic house. This time, it is also in a fixed sign. So we can’t help but get the feeling that American voters will choose to stay home and eat potato chips, or at least stick to the tried and true. The overall sense of the Jupiter-Saturn chart is that the voters will prefer the Democrats, and don’t forget that that chart is good for about five years from October 25, 2006. However, voters are notoriously fickle, and this Full Moon chart may just be enough to move them not to vote or vote more conservatively.

Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Career, Love and Marriage, Oh My!

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Career, Love and Marriage Horoscope


I would like to know about my love life in the future, mainly if I will marry and be happy, also if my ex-boyfriend will come back to me, or if the current man I am with is the one (I am 20 years old, by the way)? I want to explore near and far future, if that is possible. I would also like to know about my career path, what is going to happen with my career, what will I be, and how will I get started?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

Perhaps because I tend to be overly descriptive myself, I am in awe at the way in which you put so many important issues in such a short space. This would be an excellent place in which to let my readers know that if they want more specific information in their answers, they will need to include more specifics. That said, it’s amazing just how much blood we can squeeze from a stone, or rather how much information we can squeeze from such a short question. Typically, answers of as major import as you mention are best reserved for in-depth natal readings, which I also do off the blog for a fee. However, because this advice column is about horary astrology, I am sure that the readers will appreciate the way in which we can get to the important issues even without delving into the deep recesses of a person’s horoscope.

As always in this column, I used horary astrology to analyze your question. This is a very ancient method which uses the moment of the question to find an answer in the horoscope cast for the question. If you think about it, everything in the universe has a birth chart, no matter how great or small. Your question has a chart as well, and inside it is the answer. The horary chart for your question is below:

Career, Love and Marriage Horoscope

You gave multiple questions; this is fine, and I will take your questions in the order in which you have given them. In this horoscope, you are shown by Venus. Venus is not doing terribly well in this horoscope, or it should say it thinks it’s doing okay, but it really isn’t. Venus is in Virgo, which is the sign of its fall — Venus is also in its triplicity. So we have this interesting ambiguity, were planet is doing okay (triplicity), but the overall picture is relatively bleak (Venus is in fall). Venus is also in the 12th house, which it rules, because 12th house is the house of self undoing. Venus is a seductive planet, showing that we all have a tendency to very easily slip into self undoing and bad habits. So this gives us a picture as to what is going on with you, you’re probably not making very good decisions right now, but you feel pretty good about that. In other words, you are happily self undoing.

Marriage is definitely possible for you; since you’re 20 years old, the odds are going to be heavily tilted toward your marrying at least once during your lifetime. I don’t see any afflictions to the seventh house or its ruler that would be total deal breakers, so I can only assume that you will marry. The fact that Mars, the Lord of the seventh house, the house of partners, is in the first house itself, shows us that you’ll probably marry pretty easily, and the guide will come to you of his own accord. The Moon is also applying to Venus in Virgo, which is an overall good indication for marriage. I am not too thrilled to see this happening in the 12th house and also in Virgo, which is a barren sign, but I think this will speak more to the quality of the marriage.

Even if we look at the part of marriage, which is a point calculated using the degree of the ascendant, the ascendant, and the position of Venus, we see that it is at 18° Aries in the seventh house, and the picture is not terribly positive. Its ruler is Mars in Libra in the first house. The fact that Mars is angular and in your own house shows that you will get married, likely within a few years and easily. However, I am not sure that the marriage will be of very good quality. Would you want your marriage to be symbolized by the God of war in the sign of his detriment? I should think not. Most likely, you’ll marry quickly, but the relationship will be far better at the beginning than later on. Depending on your cultural and religious views, this may mean that you will divorce.

I also wanted to know if your boyfriend will come back. I think there will be an opportunity for him to come back, but I don’t think anything will come of it. The Moon will translate light between Venus and the Sun, with the Sun being his male libido aspect, so there is some sense of mutual physical attraction here, but when the Moon conjoins the Sun, we are going to get a solar eclipse. This does not bode well for the relationship. So I do not think you’ll come back, but I do not think you have a whole lot to regret, given that his planet, the Sun is not in very good shape here. Yes, it will move into Libra, where it loves Venus (you!) soon, but there are no upcoming aspects to confirm your getting together.

I think your current guy is a better bet, if he is Mercury in Libra in the first house, as I suspect. You like him, he likes you (note the mutual reception by sign), and he seems much more desirable than the ex boyfriend. The Sun is just not doing too well, given that it’s about to be eclipsed. I’d rather have a Mercury in Libra, even though it doesn’t have a whole lot of dignity, but it’s just doing so much better than the Sun. Does this mean that your current boyfriend is Mr. Soulmate, who will love you forever and ever? Maybe. You could do a lot worse.

You also asked about your career, and wanted to know what you will be when you grow up. Whenever people ask about careers in horary questions, I always request that they give me a few options. There are just way too many jobs out there in the world, so we have to narrow it down. If your career is shown by the Moon in Virgo about to conjoin Venus (because Moon rules your 10th house of career), we have a few interesting possibilities. The 12th house is normally malefic, so this could just show that your career will not be a good one all have to do with the self undoing professions, which I will be if your imagination. However, the 12th house also rules prisons and large animals. So you could work as a corrections person, but given that your career is shown by the Moon, you’d be more likely to be a counselor in some institution of that sort. You might also work with animals, such as a vet or something. The fact that the Moon is with Venus, and in a Mercury sign gives us a sense that there is some analytical work as well as aesthetic work involved here. One possibility is that you are destined to be a designer of horse dress for racehorses. Obviously, I’m only joking, but if we do not have options to choose from, we have to use our imagination, and mine is extremely fertile.

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Free Astrology Advice: Horary Astrology – Will I Ever Find Her Again?

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Free Horary Astrology Advice - Will I Find Her Again?


I met a wonderful girl in 2002, and we became good friends, but I had very strong feelings for her (I am female). We had a good connection and, well, I must admit I fell in love with her. She moved away in late 2004/early 2005. I want to know if I will find this person again? Or should I just move on? I think about her a lot, because she is a sweet person and someone I wanted to get to know more, but she moved and I wrote to her but she never anwered my letter. I guess I just want to know if I should just let go of what never became.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear E.,

Personally, I can’t think of a single person who has not been rejected, and therefore knows how painful it is. You would think people would stop doing that to other people once they have experienced rejection themselves. From my experience as an astrologer, I think it is most cruel when people do not openly tell others how they feel. This causes the other person to waste their life pining for something that can never be., but they can never be certain, and as is the wont of all infatuated persons, they spin fantasies in their head and torment themselves even more. It sounds as though in your case, this girl probably had a pretty good idea of your feelings, just because it is very difficult not to betray oneself if your feelings are that strong. Therefore, it sounds to me doubly cruel not to let you know how she feels either way.

As I always do in this column, I analyzed your question using horary astrology, which is a technique that allows us to cast a horoscope for the time of your question, and then read the answer in that chart. The horoscope for your horary question is below:

Free Horary Astrology Advice - Will I Find Her Again?

You are shown by Mars, ruler of the first house of the self. Mars isn’t looking too good in this chart, because it is in the sign of its detriment, Libra. However, things are not all that bad, because Mars is in the sixth house which is the house of its joy. So we can see that while you are not doing terribly well, you are still in your comfort zone on some level. Why is Mars looking so bad? Because it is in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. Venus rules your seventh house of partners, so we can take it to mean the girl about whom you’re asking. In other words, she is making you rather miserable. If we look at what is going on with Venus, we see that the woman herself is not in the best of conditions. Venus is in Virgo where it is in its fall, so we can see that she is not happy, either. However, at 19 Virgo, Venus has little if any interest in Mars. So is she in love with you, or even think about you very much? Probably not.

Mars is about to oppose the antiscion of Venus at 10 Aries. Antiscia are considered “shadows” of the planets, and we can take them to mean the same thing as the planets themselves. However, because they are only the shadows of the planets, and not the planets themselves, they carry the meaning of the hidden. An opposition means coming together only to break apart, or coming together with regret. So yes, you may well find this girl and communicate with her (or even meet again), but it will not be a lasting relationship. She may finally come out and tell you her heart is elsewhere. The fact that we are dealing with antiscia shows that this may all happen on the sly in some fashion, perhaps even in your dreams, if you are gifted for that sort of thing. It is also possible that her silence will serve as a final rejection for you in the very near future, but I think the odds are good that you will find this out from her personally.

We also see a similar theme when we look at what is going on with the Moon, the other planet, apart from Mars, signifying you. The Moon is about to conjoin the South node and then the Sun. This is a representation of the eclipse imminent at the time of your question. An eclipse in a horary chart is almost always unfortunate, because it represents an aberration of nature and the loss of life-giving light. This again shows us that you are going to experience some disappointment, but hopefully it will enable you to reestablish your own equilibrium shortly afterwards and direct your feelings toward a more appropriate recipient.

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Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will My Boyfriend Return to Me?

October 24, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will My Boyfriend Return to Me?


About four months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. He was upset but agreed to break up. Since then I have regretted the breakup and feel lost without him. For the first three months after the breakup, we were friends. I would still see him every two weeks and we would go for lunch or dinner to talk as friends. But I was hoping he would come back to me. I would ask him over and over if we could try our relationship again, that I love him and want to work us out. He replied no, and he cannot go back, because his feelings for me were not the same any more. He said I was in denial and need to move on, so I left it at that.

Then about three weeks ago from today I had to pick up a DVD that he had of mine, so I went to his house. And he didn’t want me to leave. He asked if we can go to dinner and I agreed. While we where driving he wouldn’t stop starring at me and touching my face, saying how beautiful I am and so on. When we got to the restaurant, it was the same thing – he wouldn’t even eat his food – he just kept staring at me. I was uncomfortable and told him to stop. He said “I cannot help it” after that, we left the restaurant, and I went home.

From that day on I called him twice and he didn’t return my call- then I tried again and he did call me back. When he came by I said let’s give us another chance. Again, he said no, because his heart is not in it anymore. He said stop holding on and move on. I started to cry cause I don’t understand this? After that day, I called him the next morning and told him I can no longer be friends with him, because it’s only making me hope he will come back to me. So after this I haven’t called him at all and vice versa. It has now been three weeks. I am confused and hurt: why is he doing this? And acting this way? Can you please give me some helpful advice? But I am sticking to my guns and not calling him anymore. My question is: will he come back?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear V.,

I really sympathize with your situation, and I understand how difficult it must be to deal with someone who plays with your heart like that. After analyzing the horoscope, I will give some suggestions at the bottom of this post to either help you reconcile, or to help you get over him, whichever the horoscope shows is most appropriate for your situation.

Perhaps the horoscope will not show that either is particularly more appropriate, and you may have to make the decision yourself as to whether you wish to give yourself and him another chance, or just let it go. Either way, there are things that you can do to help yourself.

As always, I cast a horoscope for the moment that I understood your question. Because this column is getting to the point where there is quite a long waiting time, I will start to note the day the question was asked, so that when you ask for timing, such as when something would happen, you can count forward from the time of the question, NOT the time of this post, which was written much later. I use a technique known as horary astrology which has to do with casting a “birth chart” for your question, and the answer is contained in the horoscope for your question. Here, the question was asked on September 21, 2006. The horoscope for your question about whether your boyfriend would come back is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will My Boyfriend Return to Me?

You are shown by Venus, ruler of the first house of self, and the moon, which shows your emotional side. Your ex-boyfriend is shown by Mars, which rules your seventh house of significant others, and the Sun, which shows his level of sexual attraction to you, as well as they are just to simply find a mate. If we can see your planets and his planets coming together in a reasonably plausible fashion, we can say the two of you will get back together. First thing that I noticed is that both of his planets are in the 12th house – his sixth house if you turn the chart. Whether it’s the 12th or the sixth, this is considered a malefic house from which planets cannot easily act. So we can see that getting him back to you is going to be pretty difficult.

My ray of hope here is that your two planets are in the very benefic 11th house, showing that you have the upper hand in the situation. The problem is that Venus and the moon are in Virgo, where they are in the fall of Venus. So we can see that you’re feeling bad about yourself, and are kind of beating yourself up a bit. The Sun, which is the sexual side, is also in Virgo, so we can see that he has been recently disappointed with you. The good news is that the Sun is about to move into Libra in 1.5°, where it’s going to be in the sign of Venus. So very shortly, he is going to become very interested in you again. The difficulty is that in Libra, the Sun is in its fall, and in this case, it will still be in the 12th house. So his feelings may change favorably toward you, but he may not act on them.

Even so, we see that the moon has very recently separated from a conjunction with Venus, and will conjoin the Sun in 9 degrees. This is something called a translation of light, when a fast-moving planet joins two slower planets that would not come together otherwise. This would bode well for the two of you reconciling. I am a bit concerned, that this is going to occur in Virgo, where Venus is so weak and where the Sun so dislikes Venus. So it’s as though there will be an opportunity to reconcile (and I think you will take that opportunity) but at the very least it will be a while before the relationship can resume as it was before. I would say that you could reconcile in 9 days or weeks from the question, but if it doesn’t happen then, it will not happen at all, as this time represents your best opportunity to reconcile.

The good news is that Mars, his planet, is in the sign of Venus, where it loves whatever Venus stands for, which in this horoscope is you. Unfortunately, Mars is very weak, both because it is in the sign of its detriment, and because it is in a cadent and malefic house. So we keep getting this picture that he is very interested in you and will be more interested shortly, but he will not be in a position to act on that.

One thing that I noticed is that the very benefic star Spica is on the ascendant, showing that no matter what happens with the situation, it will happen for the best. Spica is associated with the Virgin Mary, and therefore has a very blessing and protective influence. I do not know if you’re at all religious, but this gives me a sense that prayer would be a very good way to determine what your next steps should be with regard to this relationship. The horoscope shows that you can resume the relationship if you want, but I think it will take a lot of work and I think it will not necessarily be worth all the effort.

Spiritual work to Forget Him

The most common thing to do when one wants to break up with someone is to take a walnut bath. It is traditional to do this with black walnuts, which are indigenous to North America, but you can use regular walnuts as well (in the shell). One boils nine walnuts down in a pot of water, so you get a very dark tea. You then put the tea in a bathtub full of water, and take a bath. You will want to be in the bath for nine minutes, and immerse yourself totally, head and all, in the water nine times. Every time you immerse yourself, pray that this relationship ends. This bath has a very liberating effect, and will go a very long way to help you forget him. Needless to say, you had better be sure that this is what you really want, as there is no undoing this work.

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Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will My Father Die This Year?

October 23, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will My Father Die This Year?


I would like to know: is my dad going to die before the end of the year, and when is he likely to go?

My dad has been sick for almost a decade now, and probably does not have much longer to live one way or another. It’s pretty much a Terri Schiavo situation, only my mother is on the pro-life side and I am on the “let him go, he’s suffered enough” side. I am resigned to the fact that this illness will drag out for as long and slowly and painfully as it is possible to do because she will not change her mind on that. The last time I talked to his doctor, he said that my father could probably not survive beyond late October/early November. (This is around his birthday and my Saturn Return, so it seems rather likely to me that it will be soon.)

Now insurance has decided to throw him out of the hospital and into a nursing home, so they can cut him off financially by the end of 2006. The move to a nursing home means that he cannot get speedy medical care and must be moved around a lot every time he gets an infection, so his health will probably go downhill even faster. In a way, I am hoping this is the case so that he won’t suffer for much longer. Also, I am afraid that if he lives through the period of time insurance is going to pay for, my mom will make herself bankrupt paying for his nursing home, as the cost is astronomical.

I’d just like to know for my own peace of mind when it is likely to occur, and if I am going to need to worry about the insurance money running out before Dad does.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear J.,

Personally, I see your heartbreaking situation as testimony to the heartlessness of our current medical system. I get a number of questions about death, usually that of a loved one who is hovering very near the grave, and the relatives want to know whether they should dig in for the long haul financially, or whether they just need a little more time and money. I suspect the reason I get so many questions on death is that many astrologers are not willing or able to answer these questions, and so they recommend me as someone who does this sort of work.

As always, I cast a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, a technique known as horary astrology. This method is very old, and involves casting a horoscope for the moment that I understood your question, with the idea that the answer to a question is contained in the horoscope for the question itself. Everything in the universe has a birth chart, and your question does as well, and it can be interpreted not unlike a regular natal horoscope of a person.the horoscope for your horary question about your dad’s death is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will My Father Die This Year?
Your dad is the main concern in this horoscope, so we will turn the chart so that his house is on the ascendant. Fathers are ruled by the fourth house, so we will look what is going on with the ruler of the fourth house, Venus, and see whether there are any testimonies of immediate death.  First, we notice that Venus is in its fall in the eighth house. The eighth house rules death, but since your dad’s planet is already in it, we can see that it is because you are thinking of death; he is not already dead. The fact that Venus is so debilitated in Virgo, shows that your dad is in a bad way healthwise.

Much of the time, we will see an aspect between the person’s significator, here, Venus, and the Lord of the eighth house or the turned eighth house; those are Mercury and Jupiter, respectively. Venus does not make any applying aspects to Mercury, and indeed the two planets are in mutual reception by sign. This means that Mercury is in the sign of Venus, Libra, and Venus is in the sign of Mercury, Virgo. When we see this, this often means that death will not occur in the timeframe provided.

Even if the eighth house ruler does not show death, we must also look at the turned eighth house, which in this case is the eighth from the fourth, or the 11th house, ruled by Jupiter. If we look at the relationship between Venus and Jupiter, we see a terrible mutual reception, as each planet is in the detriment of the other planet. Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Venus is in Virgo. However, the two planets are separating from an aspect. Venus recently sextiled Jupiter, and the meaning of this must be judged according to the situation. If your dad is in a coma, it shows that death has already occurred, in any meaningful sense of the word, and the question will be when the doctors and your mom will recognize it. If your dad is still alive, it shows that he has come as close to death as he will get for a while.

Thus far, the testimony seems to be that your dad will live out this year. There are two potential testimonies that may show a turn for the worse, but they are not as strong we would want to see for an unequivocal testimony of death.  In 6°, Venus will conjoin the malefic South Node. Whenever we see something bad happening to a person’s significator, when the question is about death, we can assume that that nasty thing symbolizes death. This would judge that in about six weeks, there is the potential for death. This testimony is strengthened by the fact that the Moon will conjoin the Sun (a New Moon), which might be a supporting testimony if death is in the cards. This will happen in about 5 1/2 degrees. So we can see that six weeks or so might give death, particularly if your father is already comatose; if nothing happens then, it is likely your father will live out the year.

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Celebrity Astrology: Halloween and Justin Timberlake’s Horoscope

October 19, 2006 by  

Halloween and Justin Timberlake’s Horoscope

It is that time of year — Halloween — and the eternal question, “what should my Halloween costume be?” rises to the minds of those of us who have procrastinated all year. Of course, because this is an astrology blog, we will try to pick our Halloween costumes via astrology. There are two approaches to Halloween that we can take. I am a big proponent of working your strongest and best planet whenever you can, so we can look at the symbolic meanings of your best planet, colored by its sign in house, and choose your costume based on that. We can argue this both ways, however, because Halloween is the holiday where the dark side comes out to play. So perhaps this would be a good chance to let your worst planet come out, at least for an evening.

A good example that we can practice on is the horoscope for Justin Timberlake, the cute ex-boy singer formerly of N’Sync.

Justin Timberlake’s horoscope is below:

Halloween and Justin Timberlake’s Horoscope

The planet with the most essential dignity is Saturn in Libra, which is conjunct Jupiter in the second house and trine the Sun in Aquarius. The planet with the least dignity is Mercury in Pisces, where it is both in its detriment and in its fall.

If Justin Timberlake wanted to go as his best planet for Halloween, we would have to recommend a traditional Grim Reaper costume, as Saturn rules death and the color black. Conjunct Jupiter, and exalted, we would think that Justin would make a particularly good big Grim Reaper. Both exaltation and the presence of Jupiter can serve to make things bigger. So this would be an opportunity for Justin to go really scary, and put on a pair of really tall elevator shoes, or a pair of stilts, or even better, carry a friend on his shoulders.

If we wanted to go for a less scary costume, we could have Justin go as Father Time, another good Saturnian symbol. I rather like this idea, because of Saturn’s trine to the Sun, which is the natural ruler of fathers. Father Time is thought to be a mythological predecessor to Santa Claus, who of course is purely Jupiterian, as his sole function is to go around the world and dispense presents. So that would tie in the Jupiter symbolism as well. Alternatively, Justin could go as a fat Father Time.

That’s all well and good. But what if Justin wanted to go as his worst planet? Mercury is his weakest planet, but it is also the most prominently positioned, because it is the only one of two angular planets in his horoscope. Mercury rules a lot of things in the modern world, which perhaps says a lot about how our world has become more and more mercurial. Mercury is weak in Pisces, because in the water sign, the fast and direct approach of Mercury is muddied and confused. The duality of Pisces means that Mercury in that sign speaks with forked tongue. In short, in Pisces, Mercury deceives.

A really good costume for Justin would be to go as a member of his own entourage, and disguise himself. This is because Mercury rules servants. To really drive the point home, he could go as his lawyer, because lawyers are ruled by Mercury as well. And of course, Mercury in Pisces is deception, so this isn’t just a simple issue of dress up, but rather of actively deceiving other people.

A few years ago, I went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and in retrospect I think that was because the Moon is my strongest planet, and the Moon rules travelers/pilgrims, as well as women.

What are you going to be for this Halloween? And how does that tie into your own horoscope?

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Should I Go into Acting?

October 19, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Should I Go into Acting?


I’m thinking of changing careers, I really want to get into acting, or that sort of thing, but I am not sure, because I am a single mother to three kids and a divorce behind me. I work in administration at the local health department in a very small community. I have always wanted to be an actress; as a kid it was my dream. Everything about me tells me it’s what I should do, and my dreams are very important to me but I’m afraid. Can you help?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear B.,

Perhaps because I have friends and acquaintances in such a wide variety of jobs, it is always very interesting to me to look at questions regarding vocations. Acting or the arts is commonly inquired about, as many people would like to get into it, but know that it is a very competitive field, and one in which it is not easy to make a decent living. What we have to do in this horoscope is to look at the planet and house that is significator of acting, and see whether it is strong. If the planet or planets have strength, we can confidently say that acting will be beneficial for you. If not, it would be best to keep it to a hobby.

As I always do for the advice column on this blog, I cast a horoscope for you using horary astrology, which is a method that casts a chart for the moment of your question. The idea is that the answer to your question is contained in the horoscope of your question. It is as though the question is its own birth chart, but just for the “birth moment” of your concern. The time and date are set for the moment and place where I received your question.

Your horary chart regarding your vocation is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Should I Go into Acting?

Many horoscopes give us the answer in several different ways; this is an example of such a chart. In this horoscope, you are shown by Saturn, Lord of the first house itself. Saturn is not doing terribly well, as it is in Leo, the sign of its detriment. This can simply mean that you are discouraged and unhappy about your current life situation and are looking for a way out. Acting may be the dream that you have always held in the back of your mind, and now, in times of difficulty, you are turning to it.

Even though acting may at first seem Mercurial (Mercury being the trickster god), it is ruled by Venus, which rules actors and plays, and presumably, the movies. In this horoscope, Venus is not very strong. It is in Virgo, the sign of its fall, and in the malefic eighth house. This is one testimony that acting will not give you the satisfaction or financial support you need. Of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t try it as a hobby, on a part-time basis. That would be an excellent way to test out the waters, both in terms of making it a career, and in seeing how satisfactory it would be as a pursuit.

Now, to confirm this testimony, we would also look to the fifth house and its ruler, which naturally rules acting, being the house of pleasure and entertainment. The fifth house is ruled by Mercury, because the fifth cusp is in Gemini. Mercury is somewhat better off than Venus, but still not great. Mercury is Peregrine, which means that it is in a degree in the sign where does not have dignity. That is rather better than being in fall, but would not promise an amazing career.

The nice thing with Mercury is that it is in Libra, where it exalts Saturn. So this shows that while acting may not be an amazing profession, it is one that will treat you reasonably well. Note, however, that the antiscion of Mercury opposes our fallen Venus. So even though Mercury is reasonably good, there will still be some kind of hidden problems with your acting career.

As far as making a living from acting, we would have to look at the second house from the fifth, which shows money from entertainment. This is ruled by the Moon, which is in Virgo. The Moon does not have a lot of dignity where it is, which makes me think that you will not be able to have a solid, reliable income from acting. Again, this does not preclude you from picking it up as a hobby.

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will I Marry, When, and Whom?

October 18, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will I Marry, When and Whom?


My question is simple; when will I get married and what will my husband be like?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.,

Perhaps the leading advantage of horary astrology is that we need so little background to give an accurate judgment. Most of my readers write to me with a fair amount of background information. But, we can just as easily make a prediction given little more than the question itself. One does not need a lot of background to answer “when will I die?” Similarly, we need little background to answer when one will marry. It helps to know the person’s age to see whether the odds are strongly for or against them marrying. Since most of the people who write to me or under 35 and definitely under 40, I will assume that you, A., are no older than that.

As always, I have set a horary chart for the time and place I understood your question. The horary method works on the premise that the answer to your question is contained in the horoscope for the moment your question was understood by the astrologer. Artery astrology is excellent at answering specific questions, such as those you see here on this blog. Questions that are more general, such as finding the right career, or knowing more about your relationship needs, as well as prediction over long span of time, are better suited to natal consultations. The horary chart for your question is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology: Will I Marry, When and Whom?

You are shown by the ruler of the first house, Mercury, shows your personality and your mental approach to the whole situation. The Moon shows your emotions, while Venus shows your biological urge to find a mate, or to marry.

Marrying is the primary urge on your mind, as we see that Venus is just outside the first house. However, Venus is in its fall and in detriment of Jupiter, Lord of the seventh house of partners. This makes me think that while your biological clock is ticking, you are not thrilled with having to do with an actual flesh and blood male to marry. The fact that the Moon is also in Virgo, underscores this, and makes we wonder if you’ve recently had some kind of heartbreak that turns you off of men for a while. And the fact that Venus has recently sextiled Jupiter, Lord of the seventh house of partners, with really bad mutual reception, again makes me think you just underwent a nasty breakup.

Even more problematically, the further difficulty here is that both the Moon and Venus are very interested in Mercury, which is you. I have yet to see anyone find a spouse or significant other where the significators are primarily interested in themselves. You have to be willing to get out there, take a risk, and focus on the other person.

Now, your horoscope does not seem predisposed against marriage, but you’re definitely not in a place right now where marriage seems likely in the near future. The Moon will sextile Jupiter in about 10°, which can indicate a potential time of marriage. However, I am skeptical about this, because both the Moon and Jupiter are in cadent houses, from where they cannot easily act. Moreover, they are in very bad mutual reception, showing that you and the potential partner actively dislike each other. Does this mean you will eventually marry your ex-sweetheart? Perhaps, but I would strongly advise against it. If this aspect he does indeed bring marriage, which I doubt, we are looking at a few years before you get married. Because Jupiter is cadent and in a fixed sign, we would look toward a longer timeframe. Months seems a little short, while years seem a little long. Depending on your age, however, 10 years with a little smidgen added because the Moon is in a double sign, may do it.

More likely, however, the horoscope is saying that for the foreseeable future, you will be no condition to marry because of your past experiences. I would highly recommend that you take some time out to heal yourself and reconsider your whole approach to marriage. I’m a firm believer that you get back what you give, and if all you have right now is the propensity to lick your wounds, the men are unlikely to come running. Any relationship resulting from this would likely not be very auspicious.

—To all readers: If you wish to schedule a private consultation with Nina Gryphon, you may contact her at

Astrology of Current Affairs: New Moon of October 21/22

October 17, 2006 by  

New Moon of October 21/22 - Warrior

[The 15th-century picture above proves, by the way, that the soul patch is not a 20th century invention. Though it does look rather hotter when accessorized with a full suit of armor and a sword.]

The new Moon on October 22 (or October 21, depending on where you are) is happening at 28° Libra. We can expect a great deal of talk and communication during the following lunar cycle (about the next 28 days), at least in the United States. The new Moon is happening in an air sign, which rules speech, and it is in the third house of speech. Can you tell it’s election season?

We can expect a continued focus on sexual morality, as with the Mark Foley congressional page scandal, since the new Moon falls in the middle of a conjunction between Venus in Libra and Mars in Libra. Venus is very strong in Libra, because Libra is the sign of its domicile. Mars, however, is very weak in Libra, because it is opposite the sign of its home, which is Aries. Mars is about to move into the sign where it is strongest, which is Scorpio. However, there is a sense that things will get worse before they get better. This probably describes the general political and public climate in the United States right now, which is very fragmented and polarized. The fact that the Moon is applying to Mars, and will translate the light from the Sun to Mars, shows we can expect an unpleasant martial climate in the near future.

As of this writing, there is talk that North Korea is preparing another nuclear test. This would certainly be appropriate, given the heavy Mars influence we can expect. However, I’m optimistic that the tense and confrontational climate, both domestically and internationally, will be resolved harmoniously. This is because the new Moon is disposited by the very strong and conciliatory Venus in Libra. So there is a sense that all is well that ends well.

In the realm of real life, we can expect additional negative news about the American economy. I do not like the looks of the detrimented Saturn in the first house, which represents the nation’s people. Saturn as such symbolizes poverty and want, and in detriment shows a particularly nasty version thereof. Saturn squares Mercury, which rules the second house of finances. Saturn also rules oil, because oil is black, and is found underground. Oil prices likely will start to climb again during this period, afflicting the nation’s resources.

New Moon of October 21/22

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