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Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Work and Reading


Currently, I have a Masters in Library Science and have spent the last 7 years working as a Librarian or providing research. The past 2 yrs I have been a stay at home mom to my 2 kids.  I have started job searching – I need to get a job soon.  One with good pay, because my marriage is falling apart and I know my husband will pretty much do his best to screw me out of my share of the assets and can not be relied up on for child support.  I have had a few interviews with various library systems, but never seem to move beyond that.  It’s discouraging and frightening.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me to move on to a different or new career.  The idea of changing careers is scary, I spent much time and money getting my Master’s to be a Librarian, but if I am meant to do something else, then I am meant to do something else.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

Your situation certainly sounds challenging, because you are fighting on two fronts; both to emerge from your marriage relatively solvent, and to find a well-paying job quickly.  I have cast a chart for the moment I understood your question, an ancient astrological technique also known as horary astrology.  This technique comes from the ancient times when few people knew their birth dates, and it gives a very quick and succinct answer to any specific questions you may have. Let us take a look at what the horoscope shows.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Work and Career

You are shown by Mars in Libra, the ruler of the first house of self.  Mars is quite weak in Libra, where he is in his detriment.  I believe that the weakness comes from the fact that you are in your husband’s power, to some degree at least.  Libra is ruled by Venus, which rules your seventh house of partners.  Therefore, Mars is weak because it is dominated by Venus, your partner.  From a career perspective, Mars in Libra is not the most attractive employee — you might consider revamping your image, resume, or increasing your education, training or experience in some way that would make you more appealing to a potential employer.

You’re also shown by the moon in Gemini in the eighth house of fear.  Because the moon shows your emotions, we can see that you’re quite afraid, and since the eighth house represents the house of your husband’s assets, a lot of your fear stems from worrying about being left to his tender mercies.  The moon is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury here rules the 11th house of wages.  As you mentioned, this is your main motivator for seeking work at this time.

The job you are seeking, something in line with your experience in library science, is shown by the 10th house ruler, the Sun in Virgo.  The Sun in Virgo is a good representation of library science work, because the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is the natural ruler of books and scholarship.  We also notice that Saturn in Leo, where it is quite nonstick, sits just outside of the 10th house of career.  Saturn, in general represents limitations and obstacles.  These obstacles can have different sources, and could simply show that there are few jobs that you seek available.  The other possibility is that the available jobs are tough and restrictive.  Saturn is not a fun planet.  Mars in Libra, is in the sign of the sons of all.  This means that you really, really don’t like whatever the Sun represents.  You obviously do not seem overly enthusiastic about going back to work.  Indeed, it can be a big change.  However, Mars in Libra also exalts Saturn, so you are very enthusiastic about whatever Saturn represents.  Saturn, in this chart, represents the home.  This makes me think that given a choice you would prefer to stay at home; this is totally understandable.  So in that sense, Saturn is what could be afflicting the job.  Your wish to stay at home, and ambivalent attitude toward going back to work is sabotaging your efforts.

So will you get the job?  Mars is not making any aspect of the Sun, so we have to see if the moon will meet the Sun, that is, whether you and the job will meet.  The moon is on track to square the Sun, showing the job could be obtained, do with difficulty.  However, before it the moon aspect the Sun, the Moon will run into that nasty Saturn.  In horary astrology, this is known as a prohibition, and in real life it is what it sounds like.  Something will get between you and the job.  Because that something is Saturn, ruler of the fourth house of the home, perhaps your household duties or preference for staying at home with your kids may get in your way of finding a good job in the near future.  Saturn also rules the third house, of reading or writing and short journeys.  This is why I suggested you consider revamping your resume, seeking professional help, if needed.  I think ultimately, you will find work, but you will run into some obstacles first.  So it’s best to be prepared for the long haul.

You asked whether a different career might be the way to go.  To examine this, we would look at the strongest planet in the chart.  In this chart, we would have to go with Jupiter.  As far as careers, Jupiter symbolizes “learned” work, and in a Mars-like fashion.  This might signify something like nursing, since medicine is associated with Mars (cutting).  Too, Jupiter rules the second in the houses of this chart.  The fifth house is the house of art and pleasure, so that’s another possible avenue for you, getting involved in the creative world.  Of course, this doesn’t necessarily pay, so nursing seems like more practical choice.  Now, is this better than library science?  It might be easier to get work in nursing, but the work is harder, and this would represent at least two years you would have to spend in school.  In the short-term, I would revamp the application process, including the resume, and try to find a reasonably well-paying job.  The nursing might be a good two-to-four year goal.  The decision is yours.

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  1. JMangesh on August 26th, 2007 8:13 pm

    I would be glad if you can guide/assist me in finding answer for my question related to job change in asto point of view, My Name : Mangesh J
    Place of Birth : 22 March 1978 ,Birth time : 08:45 AM,Birth Place : Nahik (Maharashtra) .This is regarding my job , currently I am working in an public sector institute for past 3 years as proj executive its a permanent job , In hand I have another offer from good software company with good pay scale, should I switch or continue with the existing company is it favorable time to switch ? please help me to know . Cheers,

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