Celebrity Astrology: Wealth in the Horoscope – When Would He Acquire Wealth?

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Wealth in the Horoscope - Cardinal Richelieu

Yesterday, we looked at the potential of wealth in a famous person’s horoscope. In the natal chart of Cardinal Richelieu, we saw that his second house Mars and to a lesser degree, 10th house Venus, would contribute to his great wealth. Given that Cardinal Richelieu was born into the minor nobility, there was likely already some amount of money in the family (do we do not know just how much), so when we see the great increase in wealth that his chart shows, we know that on an objective scale, he will end up quite wealthy.

So then, if the Cardinal came to us as a client, he would of course want to know when this wealth was likely to materialize. We already know from our examination of Cardinal Richelieu’s horoscope yesterday, that his wealth would come through his own efforts, and through royalty, specifically the Queen. It now remains to be seen at what time these influences would be most active in his life.

We can use the old Arabic system of triplicity rulers, also sometimes known as the Dorothean triplicities. The list of the Dorothean triplicities is on the Gryphon Astrology website, in the ancient text section. We look at the triplicity rulers of the Cardinal’s second house, using the order of the triplicity rulers given. The order given is: Venus, Mars, and the moon. We can thus divide the Cardinal’s life into three thirds. We know the first third will be ruled by Venus, the second third by Mars, and the last third by the moon. It is quite convenient when the chief significator of wealth appears as one of the three triplicity rulers, as it does here. Since we have determined that Mars signifies wealth for the Cardinal, we can safely say that his wealth (and the greatest increase in wealth) will come during the second third of his life.

Thus the wealth in the first third of his life will be pretty good, because it is ruled by an angular and elevated Venus. However, Venus does not have much essential dignity in 3Ā° of Leo, so we know that while the Queen will be helpful in setting Richelieu on the right career path (10th house), and he will do fairly well financially as a result, the real wealth will not arrive until the second third of his life, ruled by the essentially and accidentally strong Mars in Scorpio on the ascendant.

The last third of his life will still be okay, wealth wise, but nowhere near the levels seen during the second third of his life. In his natal horoscope using the Placidus house system, the moon rules the Cardinal’s ninth house of faith, religion, and the Church. How is the moon? Not great; it is in the fifth house, which is not terribly strong, it opposes the Sun (and affliction to any planet because of the Sun’s burning beams), and has little dignity in 19 Pisces. Financially, Richelieu seems to have done just fine during the last third of his life, though he had spent vast sums of money on building his Palace in Paris, which was filled with major artistic treasures. The fifth house is the house of pleasure, so we see financial expenditures in that arena. Too, the moon suffers by the opposition to the Sun, which can mean the King’s money, or his ministers. Richelieu spent a lot of time and effort on quelling the various conspiracies against him, and it is unknown whether the King continued to reward him as generously as he had earlier in his career.

Then, if we wanted to know more specifically when Richelieu is great wealth would arrive, we would look at more time-the specific prediction methods. However, as an overall picture of the life, the triplicity rulers tell us quite a bit.

Horoscope - Cardinal Richelieu - Wealth in the Horoscope


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