Free Astrology Advice: Will I Conceive? Or Should I Adopt?

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Free Astrology Advice - Fertility - Lady Cockburn with Three Sons


I am in my late thirties, and not in the best of health. In and before my three years of marriage, I have had eight surgeries, several on my reproductive system. My husband has been tested for fertility, and has been found to be quite fertile. Will we be able to conceive naturally or will we need to do fertility treatments to achieve a pregnancy? Will I be able to carry a baby to term after the treatments for my illness end? Are the treatments and also the fertility treatments dangerous for me? The drugs they are giving me have AWFUL side effects and I’m scared. Is adoption a more reasonable approach (for us) to parenthood, and should we put more emphasis on this approach to familyhood?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear L.,

A number of my clients are concerned about fertility – as more and more women postpone childbearing for economic reasons, the likelihood of conception also drops. Fertility treatments are very expensive, so many of my clients contact me to figure out their odds before spending tens of thousands of dollars on medical intervention. Adoption is expensive too, so for many people, the choice comes down to the financial dilemma of additional fertility treatments or an adoption application. As with all health-related questions, this is a good place to mention I am not a doctor, and you should always listen to what your doctor says first and foremost, etc.

Now let us take a look at your question, and see what is going on with your fertility potential.

Free Astrology Advice - Fertility: Can I Conceive or Should I Adopt?

First, we want to get a general sense of your and your husband’s overall fertility. You are shown by Mercury (Lord 1), in Virgo. Mercury is strong in Virgo, which is good, but Virgo is one of the non-fertile signs. The baby is shown by Lord 5, Saturn, in Leo, another non-fertile sign. This is not auspicious, but other testimonies can override it, so let us not despair yet. Your husband is shown by Lord 7, Jupiter in Scorpio, which is a fertile sign. As you mentioned, he is rather fertile. His fertility, Lord 11 (turned 5th house of fertility) is the Moon in Aries, which is a neutral sign. Mercury (you) has recently separated from the malefic South Node, showing that you have lately had health problems. Since this is shown to be in the past, the hope is that your health will improve from here on out. Note that the South Node is right on the Ascendant, showing its harmful effect on your health.

So the overall picture shows that there is some potential for fertility, but the situation is hardly optimal, due to your ill health. You mentioned that the medications are causing you serious side effects; indeed, in addition to your husband’s fertility, the Moon is the treatment. The Moon is in Aries, the fall of Saturn, so it harms whatever Saturn represents. Since Saturn rules the 5th house, it is the baby. Also, the Moon squares the 5th house cusp, further harming your fertility. Yes, the medications may well be harming your potential to conceive. The good news is that the Moon will soon move out of Aries, and will thus stop harming Saturn and the 5th house. Either your medications will finish and thus will not harm you any longer, or they will stop harming your fertlity for other reasons.

The next step is to see whether the opportunity for conception will arise. There is no applying aspect between Mercury (Lord 1, or you) and Saturn (Lord 5, the baby), so it does not look as though fertility treatments or natural means will lead to conception in the foreseeable future. Now, astrologers can be wrong, especially on something as finely balanced as fertility – if you had unlimited funds, I would say go out there, do all the fertility treatments you can and prove me wrong. But you did mention that a major concern for you is the lack of money, so you have to choose your course of action carefully. I do think adoption may be the higher-odds bet here. Some people like to do one more round of fertility treatments to satisfy their conscience and know they have done all they can in that regard. I wish you the very best of luck in creating the family you want.

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  1. Uche on October 31st, 2007 1:26 pm

    For infertility, I’ve read that acupuncture has been effective for a lot of people. Maybe you should try this. I wish you the best of luck đŸ™‚

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