Celebrity Astrology: Steve Irwin’s Death in the Profected Horoscope

September 11, 2006 by  

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Warrior Arab Leading Charge

As I wrote in previous posts, Steve Irwin’s horoscope for 2006 is quite challenging. Too, one can see that the danger of death was present in all of Irwin’s various horoscopes for 2006: his Solar Return, Lunar Return, and progressions.

I had the opportunity to study Steve Irwin’s horoscope further this weekend, and realized that there were additional indications of danger in his 2006 horoscope. The method I will present to you is called Profections, and it is very ancient, but also very simple. It involves rotating the horoscope by one house every year to see which areas of the life become highlighted. This horoscope method teaches us that nothing can happen to us that is not already in the birth chart. If it is not in my horoscope that I will win the state lottery, no solar return or any other chart can promise that to me.

Here is Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope again, set for noon, as we are looking at his public persona only.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Profected horoscope for birthday 2006

The inside wheel shows Steve Irwin’s natal horoscope, while the outside wheel shows his profected horoscope for 2006. You can see that the profected horoscope just rotates the natal horoscope and all planets by one sign (30 degrees), 44 times (since Steve Irwin turned 44 years old this February).

We have several points of caution here. The Sun, which is the life-giver, is in the malefic 6th house of illness and harm. As you can imagine, this can indicate illness and possible harm for this year. By itself, though, it does not mean that much. There are other testimonies that give additional warnings. The profected Sun is square natal Saturn (even though it’s strong here, it is still the death-bringer) and the Sun’s antiscion is on the natal Midheaven, the house of fame. This indicates that death will come from a hidden source, but will become public. The profected Venus (ruler of the natal Ascendant, the house of the body and self) is also square the natal Saturn, and even worse, it is on the 7th house cusp. In primary motion across the sky, this means that Venus has just set below the horizon. Obviously, this is not something you want to happen to your body. These are the general trends for the year that we would have observed if Steve Irwin had come to us for his annual consultation.

Steve Irwin Horoscope - Profected horoscope for death

On September 4, 2006, the date of Steve Irwin’s death, the profections were rather stark. The profected Ascendant was about to conjoin the natal Saturn (see a theme developing here?), and the profected Moon, a lesser indicator of life, was now trine the natal Mars, the violent planet. As you will recall, Mars in Steve Irwin’s chart symbolized wild animals, so here we see the bodily contact between Steve Irwin’s person and a wild animal. The profected Sun is now on the 7th house cusp, again indicating the “sunset” of the body.

With so many difficult testimonies, we can see Steve Irwin’s death quite clearly. Could he have avoided the danger to himself even if he tried? Perhaps, but we can see that examining Steve Irwin’s horoscope gives a new meaning to “written in the stars.”


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