Celebrity Astrology: Princess Kiko Has a Boy!

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Princess Kiko and Son - Virgin Mary with Child

For those of you who are not completely up-to-date on the Japanese Royal Succession Crisis (what do you mean, there was a crisis?), the fact that Princess Kiko had a boy today is great news. There has not been a male heir in line for the Chrysanthemum Throne for 41 years, and the country has been fretting over these for years now. If you are an astrologer, you are not surprised, of course, because Princess Kiko’s horoscope showed it all along.

Princess Kiko and the Japanese Succession Crisis

Princess Kiko was born into a middle-class Japanese family and married Prince Akishino (given name Fumihito), who is second in line to inherit Japan’s Chrysanthemum Throne. They met as undergraduates at university and married in their early twenties, a love match by all indications. Throughout her pregnancy, all eyes were on Princess Kiko. Neither Prince Akishino nor his elder brother, Crown Prince Naruhito, have sons, so the Princess’s son will be third in line to the throne, after his uncle and father.

Princess Kiko’s Horoscope

Princess Kiko’s chart is quite fortunate; the fixed star Dirah (also known as Tejat Posterior), on the left foot of the Northern Twin, is right on the ascendant. Dirah is of the nature of Mercury and Venus, and promises power and protection. Castor is the mortal of the two Twins (the Dioscuri), so Princess Kiko did not reach the very highest power, as she would have by marrying the Crown Prince, but still did very well nonetheless. In the 2nd house, exalted Jupiter on the cusp confers wealth. Jupiter rules the 10th house of status, so wealth will come from her position or occupation. Interestingly, the wealth of the spouse is not tremendous; the ruler of the 8th house is an angular but retrograde Saturn in Pisces. The fixed star Terebellum, of the nature of Venus and Saturn, sits on the 8th cusp, indicating fortune but with regret and disgrace.

For royalty, children are more a part of their fortune than the rest of us. So we must look at Princess Kiko’s 5th house of children. One of the royal stars, Spica at 23 Libra, is conjunct the 5th house cusp, promising a child who will be king. This is the only royal star in the Princess’s chart and is the more suggestive for its uniqueness.

Princess Kiko Horoscope


One Response to “Celebrity Astrology: Princess Kiko Has a Boy!”

  1. Louis Keen on January 9th, 2011 8:46 pm

    Kiko is very deep woman.She want to be Empress.
    What a cunning whore!
    Her boy is 5P-(CDC),so he never up on the throne.
    Japnese people,especially young women,hate PK so much.
    Next Crown Princess will be HRH.Aiko. And she will be the Empress,future, new Japan.

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