Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: When Is the Best Time to Conceive?

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Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - When to Conceive?  Mother and Child


Me and my husband have been recently thinking about having a baby. We thought we would start trying at the end of the year. The problem is that I have gone and looked at my transits for the next few years and am now completely scared as a result of what I see and can’t explain to my husband why it may not be a good idea to do this. (He thinks astrology is ridiculous.) What I am worried about is that I am only seeing the negative side to all of this and I really need someone else’s opinion about these transits in relation to deciding to have a baby. At the end of 2007, saturn moves into my fifth house and will eventually oppose my pisces sun and moon at the same time that transiting Uranus conjucts them. I see that as a pretty heavy thing by itself but when a baby is added to the picture it seems crazy. Then there is the fact that the child would be born with this configuration and forever activate this in me.
I don’t know. To be honest I feel ridiculous basing such an important decision off of astrology. I have studied astrology long enough to know that all is not negative, that things can be looked at in many more ways than one but still I am lost in my fear of really screwing up my rather wonderful life by having a baby.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.:

Knowing astrology can be somewhat debilitating, because you can always find reasons why the universe is conspiring against you. We seem to have this notion that for any endeavor to be successful, whether it’s having kids, or starting a new business, the stars all have to be aligned perfectly. But of course, successful projects get started all the time, and not all conditions are optimal. The main thing when deciding what is the best astrological moment to do something, is for us to practice some damage control. This takes a lot of the pressure off, and allows us to start at least on a neutral playing field, if not always a favorable one.

In a post this weekend, I discussed the best time to cut hair for fullness. In that particular chart, we were able to find some pretty darn good conditions for cutting hair. I also mentioned in that post, that electing a moment that is favorable astrologically to your purpose can be quite expensive, because it is very time consuming. In the post I’m about to write now, I will use horary astrology, normally used for answering questions, to elect a more favorable time to do something. It is not as optimal as finding a good time with election will astrology, which takes the natal chart into account, but if you’re looking for a generally positive time to do something and don’t need a lot of exactitude, it will do the job nicely.

This method does not specifically look at the transits – it incorporates them into the answer. Whatever “it” is that answers our questions through horary astrology takes the whole situation into account. Saturn transiting the fifth, by the way, is not uncommon during the first pregnancy, and does not necessarily mean awful things. Saturn is responsibility and commitment, and if pregnancy isn’t that, I don’t know what is.

The horary chart is below:

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - When to Conceive?

In a chart about fertility, we will want to look at the first house, which is the client, and the fifth house, which is the baby. We will want both houses or their rulers strong, and in reasonably good reception, showing mutual compatibility and love. In this chart, we will want to make sure that Mercury and Saturn are both reasonably strong, because they rule the first and fifth houses respectively. The way things stand now, the situation does not look fabulous. Mercury, the client herself, is about to conjoin a rather malefic Mars in Libra, where it is in its detriment. So, ideally, we will want to have conception after Mercury passes Mars. Mercury hits Mars in 1.5 degrees, and we can assume that the timeline we are looking at for the client, based on the planets’ location, is that of weeks. So, from the time of the question, which is on September 14, 2006, we’ll want to wait at least 10 days (1 1/2 weeks). Anytime after that will be good for the client. Mercury is in its triplicity, so it is fairly strong in Libra. This ensures that the mother will be in good health if she conceives after September 24, 2006.

Let us turn our attention to Saturn, Lord of the fifth house, showing the baby. Saturn is in Leo, where it is in its detriment, and it is in the malefic 12th house. We will have to wait until Saturn leaves Leo, symbolically speaking. Saturn will enter Virgo in 10.5 degrees, and the location of Saturn in a cadent house gives us a timeline of months. Therefore, the client will want to wait 10 1/2 months from the time of the question to conceive. This will ensure both that the baby is healthy, and that the relationship between mom and baby is good. In Libra, Mercury is in the exaltation of Saturn. This shows that mom is just crazy about the child. Saturn in Virgo is in the sign of Mercury, showing that child loves the mother.

This gives us a pretty good timeline with which to work. I would strongly advise against conceiving before the 10 1/2 month time is up, both for the well-being of the baby and the relationship between mother and child. Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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Planets in Your Horoscope: Venus in Libra

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Venus in Libra - Doves

In a couple of days, Venus will enter Libra from Virgo, where it is now. Currently in Virgo, Venus is in its fall, because it is in the sign opposite its exaltation, Pisces. In this post, I discussed the difference between Venus in Virgo and Venus in Pisces. Libra, however, is a much more auspicious location for Venus, because Venus rules Libra.

If you have Venus in Libra, whatever area of life is ruled by this Venus naturally tends to prosper. Of course, there are provisos associated with this depending on your individual chart, because Venus may be aspected by malefic planets, or mutually receivedb which would tarnish Venus in Libra’s bright promise. In general, Venus in Libra will help you out in your life, if you have that position in your own horoscope.

If you have Venus in Libra in the first house, for example, you are most likely attractive and charming and generally Venusian. If, of course, that lovely Venus is conjunct Saturn in the first house, you will not be quite as bright and sparkly and cute, since Saturn would give you some gravity in seriousness, maybe even a tendency to melancholy. But even then, this would be a very positive combination, because in Libra, Saturn is in its exaltation. Most likely, this would give you a good, long life, though one which you might have to earn through a healthy lifestyle. Because even though Saturn is strong in Libra, Saturn is a malefic, and as such will give success only through struggle.

But let us look at the character of Venus in Libra. Venus in Libra has a different quality to that of Venus in Taurus, the other sign which it rules. Venus in Taurus is a homebody with a green thumb, who is enveloped in the gifts of nature. Venus in Libra, on the other hand, is Venus in its sociable, loving aspect. This is because Taurus is an earthy sign, and Libra is an airy sign, so the different signs are going to modify the loving and harmonious energies of Venus in different ways.

If you have your natal Venus in Libra, you will be experiencing a transiting Venus return this month. This means that the planet Venus will return to the position it held at your birth, as it does every year. This is an excellent opportunity to observe Venus’s effects in your life. If Venus in your horoscope is relatively free from affliction by malefic planets, you might have some positive experiences as Venus conjoins its natal position. This is why it’s very helpful to observe when your different planets are activated. You can see how the planets are likely to act on you in the future. With a strong Venus, the events will most likely be positive, and have a Venusian, loving overtone.

Special note: If you know your horoscope, and Venus is at 23 Libra or thereabouts, Venus is especially strong in your horoscope. This is because there is a very strong and positive fixed star at 23 Libra, called Spica, or the Virgin’s Spike. This star is extremely benevolent and protective, and is also one of the six Royal stars. It promises success and fortune, especially so if it is with a planet, rather than only being on a house cusp. If Venus is important in your horoscope, such as it rules an important house or point, likely you have already experienced some of the great success that Venus on Spica can bring.

Astrology of War – Horary Astrology: Will I Get the Kingship of Africa?

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Horary Astrology of War - King - Arab Warriors

One of my interests in astrology is looking at horoscopes done at some time in history, because very often they have topics we simply do not encounter today. In the past, it was not uncommon for astrologers to be employed by the nobility or royalty. Part of the reason for this, I think, is that the upper classes, not unlike today, were constantly involved in political intrigue and warfare. If they could find an astrologer to increase their odds of winning, so much the better. Many upper-class individuals still employ astrologers today, though as you may imagine, this is kept under rather tight wraps. When Ronald Reagan’s astrologer went public with the name of her powerful client, that meant the end of the relationship between her and the Reagans.

In this post, however, we are going to return to a happier time, at least for astrologers. The rest of society, as we will see from the chart, was not quite doing so well. This horoscope comes from a book on astrology titled On Reception, which was written in the eighth century A.D. by an astrologer writing in the Arabic astrological tradition, named Masha’ allah ibn Athari. He came from Basra, in modern day Iraq, and was one of the astrologers who created a horoscope for the founding of Baghdad. Baghdad is one of the few cities we know was founded at a specific time under appropriate astrological configurations, by the way.

This is the horoscope of a horary question asked by a Duke who was promised a kingship in Africa by a king. There was only one small problem: the kingship was in the hands of a rebel Lord, and the Duke naturally wanted to know whether he would get the kingship and what would happen to the rebel Lord.

The data for this question has been calculated by Robert Hand in his modern translation of this text. The closest date is December 1, 794 AD, at 4:00 a.m. Universal Time, in Baghdad. This time (yes, 4 am) proves that astrologers had to be on call 24/7.

The chart that is in Robert Hand’s text is not a chart that I could reproduce at my computer. The further back we go into astrological history, the more difficult we find it to reproduce charts in old texts. They simply do not match up to our computer-based databases. If we get the Sun to match its position in the text, Saturn is out of place, and once we put Jupiter where it is in the chart, Mars has suddenly moved 15°. This may be because the old astrologers were not working with ultra-precise instruments, or perhaps there is more to this art than having all the planets in the right places. Somehow, Masha’allah still achieved a high degree of accuracy even though his planets seemed to be where they shouldn’t. Below is my very primitive (but very authentic-looking) mockup of the approximate positions of the planets.

Astrology of War - If Get the Kingship of Africa?

Let us take a look at what is going on with this chart. The Lord of the ascendant is Jupiter, which is in the 10th house of kingship. This, by itself, is not sufficient proof that our man is going to get the throne he desires. Rather, it shows that he is entirely fixated on obtaining the kingship. In Virgo, Jupiter is in its detriment. The Duke is not in a good situation; this is because Jupiter is in the sign of Mercury. And how is Mercury? Bad. It is in Scorpio, retrograde, and in the 12th house of imprisonment. Mercury is also ruler of the seventh house of open enemies. This makes us pause and step back to reconsider the Duke’s question. He is not exactly asking whether he will get the kingship; he has already been granted the kingship by the King. Rather, the Duke wishes to know whether he will defeat his rival. As a result, we are going to be less interested in the 10th house, and more interested in the seventh house. This will tell us who will emerge victorious. This is a close contest.

However, while in the short term, there will appear to be a stalemate, the Duke will eventually win. Here’s why: Jupiter is in the 10th house, in the sign of Mercury. Therefore the rebel Lord has power over the Duke right now. However, Mercury is very weak in the 12 house, so he is in no position to act. What is worse, after spending a little more time relatively safe in Scorpio, Mercury will enter Sagittarius, which is Jupiter’s sign, and the rebel will fall into the Duke’s hands.

In his analysis of this chart, Masha’allah also observes that the enemy’s troops were owed back pay, and by paying part of what they were owed, the Duke would sway them to his side. Since ones support, military and otherwise, is shown by the second house, the rebel Lord’s troops are shown by his second house, the eighth. Mars in cancer retrograde is in this house, and will shortly be opposed by the moon. The moon rules the second house, and therefore represents the soldiers themselves. Both the moon and Mars are very essentially weak, but in strong mutual reception. The troops are not in good shape, and neither is the rebel Lord’s money, which is also shown by the second house. At this point, Masha’allah does a little handwaving, and tells us that the troops are owed money by the rebel Lord, so by paying them, the Duke will effectively disarm the rebel Lord.

It’s fairly hard to believe that Masha’ allah would be able to divine this from the chart alone, and I believe it is more likely that the Duke already had this information and related it to Masha’ allah. But, Masha’ allah was a great astrologer, so I would not cast aspersions on his skill unless I was sure of my argument.

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Why Can’t I Find Work? When Will I Find a Job?

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Free Astrology Advice - Unemployment - Quarry


I decided to write to you because I’m desperate. For 18 months now I’ve been unemployed and I cannot find a job. Nobody seems to be interested in me. I have a lot of qualifications but something goes wrong at the last moment.That also means that my financial situation is in a mess as well as my emotional state. I have depression attacks and because of that I have become extremely passive. I’m going out of my mind. I tell myself that I cannot be that unlucky. Everybody goes through rough times. But this is too much.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.:

Long-term unemployment is very difficult, because you begin to doubt yourself, and it seriously affects your self-esteem. After a while, you begin to believe that the rejections are all because of your own weakness, whether or not that is true. As a result, after a while it becomes difficult to tell whether an unemployed job seeker could be a good employee or not, because they give off an aura of desperation. In other words, it is a vicious cycle. In this chart, we would expect to see the underlying causes for your unemployment. This is where horary astrology is so helpful, as it focuses on a very specific cause in any given situation. It is not just that it helps us predict the future, but it gives us a good photograph of the present. Personally, I find the latter even more helpful.

As always, I cast a chart for the moment that I understood your question. I use horary astrology to analyze this question, the name for which comes from the Greek: “of the hour.” The answer is always contained in the chart of the question. The chart is below.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Work and Unemployment

In this horoscope, you are shown by Jupiter, Lord of the first house, and we can see that Jupiter is not in a happy place. It is in 15 Scorpio, where it is Peregrine, or without any essential dignity. Peregrine planets are ones that are neither good nor evil, they are rudderless, and are swept along with the winds of fate. You mentioned that you are extremely passive: this is a good definition of a Peregrine planet in practice. Further, Jupiter is just outside of the malefic 12th house of self undoing and imprisonment. I do not know why exactly, but many charts that I have seen where the person has been unemployed for a long time involve the 12th house. I would assume that this is because after a while you become your worst enemy – this, of course, is the very epitome of self undoing. A Jupiter like that is not one that screams out: “Hire me!”

The trick, then, is to get yourself cleaned up. I would recommend focusing on this before pressuring yourself to find a job. In your case, this may involve added education or training, combined with spiritual discipline. We can see that the moon, significator of your emotions, is in Gemini, where it is in the fall of Jupiter. Emotionally, you have a poor self-image. Jupiter, too, is in the fall of the moon in Scorpio. Your head and your heart are at odds, and neither is doing you much good. The only answer to this is to simply take yourself in hand, and get your act together. I noticed that the moon had recently separated from a square to Venus, which rules the 11th house of friends as well as the sixth house of illness. This is not a benefic Venus, because it is in its fall in Virgo. If you have had a health or mental health episode recently, this is probably what it refers to. This Venus will later sextile Jupiter. Note the very bad mutual reception between Jupiter and Venus; Venus is in the detriment of Jupiter, so whatever Venus is, harms you. Jupiter is in the detriment of Venus, so you hate whatever Venus represents. You mentioned episodes of depression; this may be it. Until you get this Venus under control, it will be difficult for you to get on the right track. This is why I initially recommended that you take a step back and look at your life as a whole, rather than defining it around your lack of a job. Consider what would be the most appropriate and healing path for you to take, because once you are well and strong, finding a job will be a breeze.

The chart does not show a job in the near future, but I would not expect that right now. In a sense, you need to reprioritize, and put your own well-being first for the time being. I wish you the very best of luck in this.

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Celebrity Astrology: Donald Trump and the Art of Selling Real Estate

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Real Estate Sales - Saint Joseph

Since starting my advice column with an astrology question about selling real estate, I have received countless questions about whether people will be able to sell their houses. This is always a concern, unless one is living in a red-hot market, but especially now, after this recent solar eclipse on September 22, when the housing market is expected to head south in the United States.

The thing to remember when looking at horoscopes about house sales, whether we are looking at horary or natal charts, is that we always have to look at what is going on with the fourth house. The fourth house rules real estate, the home, and immovable property in general. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the house, or whether it is just an investment property, or a beach house where you spend a week a year. Immovable property is always the fourth house. For clients whose natal charts I analyze in private consultations, fourth house activity in the natal horoscope, as well a second house activity, which shows income, are always reliable indicators of selling real estate. This is similar to the shorter horary astrology charts that I analyze on the blog.

Donald Trump and Real Estate Sales

I will demonstrate what I mean by looking at the chart of someone very well-known for real estate transactions. Below is the natal chart of Donald Trump, the American a real estate developer and businessman. By way of background, Trump first proposed to reconstruct the rundown Commodore Hotel in New York City in 1976. His proposal enraged other real estate developers, because Trump was able to start work on the hotel with special tax breaks from the New York City government. In 1978, Trump sold his stake in the Commodore Hotel to Hyatt Hotels, and broke ground on the construction project.

Trump’s solar returns for 1978 (both the solar return ending that year, and the solar return beginning that year) show not only an intense focus on fourth house matters, but also the profit that he realized in 1978, before even beginning construction. Thus the above principles are satisfied, and that we see real estate matters affected and finances being affected as well.

First, before making any predictions, we need to look at the rulers of the appropriate houses in Trump’s natal chart. As for his finances, they will be ruled by Mercury, which is the ruler both by domicile and by exaltation of the second house of money. Real estate will be ruled by Mars, which rules his fourth house of immovable property. Note that Mars is extremely strong in Trump’s chart; it is the only angular planet, and it is on the royal fixed star Regulus. Therefore, whatever Mars symbolizes will be kinglike and blessed with great success and renown. Regulus, interestingly, also can cause fall from power.

Donald Trump Horoscope - Selling Real Estate

In the first solar return starting in 1977 and ending on Trump’s birthday in 1978, Venus and Mars are conjoined in Taurus in the fourth house. Venus rules Trump’s 10th house of career. Venus is in its own sign, while Mars is in its detriment in Taurus. This is as good a portrait as any of his decision to take on the Commodore Hotel reconstruction. The real estate itself is shown to be very weak, because it is shown by this weak Mars. However, Trump’s career, as shown by Venus, is greatly benefiting from running into this bad Mars. The fact that the conjunction trines the solar return ascendant does not hurt, either.

Donald Trump Horoscope - Selling Real Estate - Solar Return 1977

It is the following solar return, however, that really fulfills the promise of Trump’s natal chart. In that solar return, we see Venus in Cancer, again, just inside the fourth house cusp. Whenever we see this repeating theme, especially in subsequent solar returns, we sit up and pay attention. In this solar return, Mars has just entered Virgo. Just before entering Virgo, Mars was on Regulus and just before that, Mars was conjoined with Saturn in Leo, showing that Mars was previously been in bad condition, but then rapidly improved, at least in Trump’s vision. We can see that the hotel (for that is what Mars signifies), is now split into multiple parts, since Virgo is a double sign. This indicates Trump’s sale of a stake in the hotel to Hyatt.

Donald Trump Horoscope - Selling Real Estate - Solar Return 1978

Mars is in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, ruler of Trump’s finances. How is Mercury in the solar return? Mercury is in its own sign in Gemini in cazimi with the Sun. Cazimi means “in the heart of the Sun” and therefore is highly beneficial for Mercury. Mercury and the Sun are both positioned in the second house of wealth. Was this a good year financially for Trump? Yes, definitely.

You can see that real estate sales are easy to find in the chart, whether you’re selling your primary residence or a real estate investment property, as Trump did. However, finding it in the chart is of no help if you cannot sell the darn thing, no matter how hard you try. Below are some suggestions for selling real estate. These suggestions are commonly employed by real estate agents in the United States, and possibly elsewhere, though I have no information about this practice in other countries.

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Will I Get a Good Job? Should I Change Careers?

September 28, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Work and Reading


Currently, I have a Masters in Library Science and have spent the last 7 years working as a Librarian or providing research. The past 2 yrs I have been a stay at home mom to my 2 kids.  I have started job searching – I need to get a job soon.  One with good pay, because my marriage is falling apart and I know my husband will pretty much do his best to screw me out of my share of the assets and can not be relied up on for child support.  I have had a few interviews with various library systems, but never seem to move beyond that.  It’s discouraging and frightening.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me to move on to a different or new career.  The idea of changing careers is scary, I spent much time and money getting my Master’s to be a Librarian, but if I am meant to do something else, then I am meant to do something else.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear T.,

Your situation certainly sounds challenging, because you are fighting on two fronts; both to emerge from your marriage relatively solvent, and to find a well-paying job quickly.  I have cast a chart for the moment I understood your question, an ancient astrological technique also known as horary astrology.  This technique comes from the ancient times when few people knew their birth dates, and it gives a very quick and succinct answer to any specific questions you may have. Let us take a look at what the horoscope shows.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Work and Career

You are shown by Mars in Libra, the ruler of the first house of self.  Mars is quite weak in Libra, where he is in his detriment.  I believe that the weakness comes from the fact that you are in your husband’s power, to some degree at least.  Libra is ruled by Venus, which rules your seventh house of partners.  Therefore, Mars is weak because it is dominated by Venus, your partner.  From a career perspective, Mars in Libra is not the most attractive employee — you might consider revamping your image, resume, or increasing your education, training or experience in some way that would make you more appealing to a potential employer.

You’re also shown by the moon in Gemini in the eighth house of fear.  Because the moon shows your emotions, we can see that you’re quite afraid, and since the eighth house represents the house of your husband’s assets, a lot of your fear stems from worrying about being left to his tender mercies.  The moon is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury here rules the 11th house of wages.  As you mentioned, this is your main motivator for seeking work at this time.

The job you are seeking, something in line with your experience in library science, is shown by the 10th house ruler, the Sun in Virgo.  The Sun in Virgo is a good representation of library science work, because the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is the natural ruler of books and scholarship.  We also notice that Saturn in Leo, where it is quite nonstick, sits just outside of the 10th house of career.  Saturn, in general represents limitations and obstacles.  These obstacles can have different sources, and could simply show that there are few jobs that you seek available.  The other possibility is that the available jobs are tough and restrictive.  Saturn is not a fun planet.  Mars in Libra, is in the sign of the sons of all.  This means that you really, really don’t like whatever the Sun represents.  You obviously do not seem overly enthusiastic about going back to work.  Indeed, it can be a big change.  However, Mars in Libra also exalts Saturn, so you are very enthusiastic about whatever Saturn represents.  Saturn, in this chart, represents the home.  This makes me think that given a choice you would prefer to stay at home; this is totally understandable.  So in that sense, Saturn is what could be afflicting the job.  Your wish to stay at home, and ambivalent attitude toward going back to work is sabotaging your efforts.

So will you get the job?  Mars is not making any aspect of the Sun, so we have to see if the moon will meet the Sun, that is, whether you and the job will meet.  The moon is on track to square the Sun, showing the job could be obtained, do with difficulty.  However, before it the moon aspect the Sun, the Moon will run into that nasty Saturn.  In horary astrology, this is known as a prohibition, and in real life it is what it sounds like.  Something will get between you and the job.  Because that something is Saturn, ruler of the fourth house of the home, perhaps your household duties or preference for staying at home with your kids may get in your way of finding a good job in the near future.  Saturn also rules the third house, of reading or writing and short journeys.  This is why I suggested you consider revamping your resume, seeking professional help, if needed.  I think ultimately, you will find work, but you will run into some obstacles first.  So it’s best to be prepared for the long haul.

You asked whether a different career might be the way to go.  To examine this, we would look at the strongest planet in the chart.  In this chart, we would have to go with Jupiter.  As far as careers, Jupiter symbolizes “learned” work, and in a Mars-like fashion.  This might signify something like nursing, since medicine is associated with Mars (cutting).  Too, Jupiter rules the second in the houses of this chart.  The fifth house is the house of art and pleasure, so that’s another possible avenue for you, getting involved in the creative world.  Of course, this doesn’t necessarily pay, so nursing seems like more practical choice.  Now, is this better than library science?  It might be easier to get work in nursing, but the work is harder, and this would represent at least two years you would have to spend in school.  In the short-term, I would revamp the application process, including the resume, and try to find a reasonably well-paying job.  The nursing might be a good two-to-four year goal.  The decision is yours.

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Celebrity Astrology: Wealth in the Horoscope – When Would He Acquire Wealth?

September 27, 2006 by  

Wealth in the Horoscope - Cardinal Richelieu

Yesterday, we looked at the potential of wealth in a famous person’s horoscope. In the natal chart of Cardinal Richelieu, we saw that his second house Mars and to a lesser degree, 10th house Venus, would contribute to his great wealth. Given that Cardinal Richelieu was born into the minor nobility, there was likely already some amount of money in the family (do we do not know just how much), so when we see the great increase in wealth that his chart shows, we know that on an objective scale, he will end up quite wealthy.

So then, if the Cardinal came to us as a client, he would of course want to know when this wealth was likely to materialize. We already know from our examination of Cardinal Richelieu’s horoscope yesterday, that his wealth would come through his own efforts, and through royalty, specifically the Queen. It now remains to be seen at what time these influences would be most active in his life.

We can use the old Arabic system of triplicity rulers, also sometimes known as the Dorothean triplicities. The list of the Dorothean triplicities is on the Gryphon Astrology website, in the ancient text section. We look at the triplicity rulers of the Cardinal’s second house, using the order of the triplicity rulers given. The order given is: Venus, Mars, and the moon. We can thus divide the Cardinal’s life into three thirds. We know the first third will be ruled by Venus, the second third by Mars, and the last third by the moon. It is quite convenient when the chief significator of wealth appears as one of the three triplicity rulers, as it does here. Since we have determined that Mars signifies wealth for the Cardinal, we can safely say that his wealth (and the greatest increase in wealth) will come during the second third of his life.

Thus the wealth in the first third of his life will be pretty good, because it is ruled by an angular and elevated Venus. However, Venus does not have much essential dignity in 3° of Leo, so we know that while the Queen will be helpful in setting Richelieu on the right career path (10th house), and he will do fairly well financially as a result, the real wealth will not arrive until the second third of his life, ruled by the essentially and accidentally strong Mars in Scorpio on the ascendant.

The last third of his life will still be okay, wealth wise, but nowhere near the levels seen during the second third of his life. In his natal horoscope using the Placidus house system, the moon rules the Cardinal’s ninth house of faith, religion, and the Church. How is the moon? Not great; it is in the fifth house, which is not terribly strong, it opposes the Sun (and affliction to any planet because of the Sun’s burning beams), and has little dignity in 19 Pisces. Financially, Richelieu seems to have done just fine during the last third of his life, though he had spent vast sums of money on building his Palace in Paris, which was filled with major artistic treasures. The fifth house is the house of pleasure, so we see financial expenditures in that arena. Too, the moon suffers by the opposition to the Sun, which can mean the King’s money, or his ministers. Richelieu spent a lot of time and effort on quelling the various conspiracies against him, and it is unknown whether the King continued to reward him as generously as he had earlier in his career.

Then, if we wanted to know more specifically when Richelieu is great wealth would arrive, we would look at more time-the specific prediction methods. However, as an overall picture of the life, the triplicity rulers tell us quite a bit.

Horoscope - Cardinal Richelieu - Wealth in the Horoscope

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: Does He Love Me? Will We End Up Together?

September 27, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Love Conquers


The man in whom I am interested and I run a dating site, and we are both moderators. He currently dates several women and had a horrific divorce last year. I can see a future with this man romantically. Sometimes he seems sooo interested, and sometimes not at all but then he’ll say something that just throws me. My intuition says we’ll end up together. I don’t force any issues. I am patiently waiting, though sometimes I want to leap. I am able to control it most of the time. It is REALLY hard for me to focus these days and that has never been me. He’s all I can think of. What do you think?


Nina Gryphon:

Dear A.:

Not that I advocate Sun sign astrology on this blog, since most of the time it’s pretty simplistic and only scratches the surface. That said, in my experience Scorpios are not the easiest to read, even though they think it protects them; most of the time it just complicates their lives. I have always advocated full disclosure, for the sanity of all. But then I would not get about 80% of the free reading requests I do for the advice column on this blog.

So let us see what is going on with your situation. As always, I have cast a chart for the moment I understood your question. This method is known as horary astrology, and it is probably the oldest known form of astrology, built on the premise that the answer is contained in the horoscope for the time of the question. It works best with specific questions, rather than “what the heck is going on and what does my future hold?” types of questions.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Does he love me?  Will we end up together?

In this horoscope, you are represented by Venus in Virgo in the 11th house. Venus in Virgo is in its fall, so it is not very strong. This probably refers to the fact that you are feeling all out of sorts in focusing on this man. Venus is also placed in the 11th house of hopes and wishes, so we can see that your hopes and high expectations for this relationship are giving you trouble. Your emotions are shown by the moon in Taurus in the eighth house. The moon is conjunct the fixed star Algol, which shows you losing your head. In sum, it looks as though you are really head over heels for this guy, though a lot of it has to do with your projecting your own dreams onto him. We need to look at what’s going on with him, to see whether he can fulfill your dreams.

He is shown by Mars in Libra in the 12th house. Libra is Venus is sign, so we know that by being in Libra, Mars is very interested in Venus. Venus, of course, represents you in this horoscope. Mars has only recently entered Libra, showing that his feelings for you are a relatively new development. Just before entering Libra Mars was in Virgo, where he was very interested in the ruler of Virgo, Mercury. We already saw that Mercury represents your hopes and wishes, but often planets will take on multiple roles in a chart. You said he has gotten out of a relationship recently, so Mercury could represent a significant other. Whether this is his ex-wife or someone more recent, is largely irrelevant, because he is over it for the moment. The relationship may briefly resume, but I do not think it will last, primarily because his main focus is on you.

His “male biological needs” aspect is shown by the Sun. The Sun is in Virgo, so it really likes this other person. In Virgo, the Sun is in fall of Venus, so I am not sure that his physical attraction to you is as strong as his mental attraction to you. What’s interesting, however, is that shortly, the moon (your emotions) will trine Mercury. Mercury is in the moon’s way, as it were, before moon can trine Mars. In a sense, then, whatever Mercury represents prohibits the two of you from getting together in a long-term, meaningful way. As I said before, Mercury takes on two roles in this chart. One is your hopes and wishes, so it may simply be that your hopes for this relationship are higher than what he can deliver; or that Mercury represents some other person who will shortly come back into his life. The two are not mutually exclusive, obviously.

So where does that leave you? I think the two of you will continue to be able to work together in the future, but I just do not see the physical attraction on his part that would make a relationship possible. The good news is that even though he may “date” others, you will be on his mind primarily, perhaps because of your work relationship, and constant presence. Unfortunately, I know of very few men under the age of 100 who will get into relationships without some amount of physical attraction present.

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Celebrity Astrology: Wealth in the Horoscope of Cardinal Richelieu

September 26, 2006 by  

Wealth in Horoscope - Richelieu

Finding the level of wealth and the sources for money in the natal horoscope has always been fascinating to me. Most of us will end up at a similar economic level that we were born into, plus or minus some amount. In other words, we will probably never leave the class into which we were born. Some would argue that money and class are two separate topics, but when I say class, in this article I refer to the level of economic prosperity. One of the challenges in looking at a natal horoscope with regard to wealth is that we must realize that we are not looking at an absolute prediction. This means that the horoscope will show gain or loss relative to the level at birth. This is why we typically do not see huge changes in class one way or another. Most horoscopes show preservation of the financial status quo with minor variations up or down.

This is why, when we do see a horoscope with strong promises of wealth, we sit up and pay attention. One such horoscope is that of the Cardinal Richelieu, France’s first Prime Minister, way back in the 17th century. Today, he is best known for his Machiavellian ability to direct the government of France (largely considered for its benefit), however, he made a fortune as Cardinal. He had come from minor nobility, so he was a better positioned for the gain of wealth than most people in France at that time. Regardless of this, however, his horoscope still indicates a clear ascent to wealth.

Horoscope - Cardinal Richelieu - Wealth in the Horoscope

We must look to Richelieu’s second house of wealth, which in this chart is in 27° Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which in Richelieu’s chart is just inside the first house in its own sign, triplicity, term, and face. Thus, Mars is incredibly strong in Richelieu’s chart, and its prominent position in an angle shows that it is well able to act. This alone bodes well for Richelieu’s finances throughout his life, compared to the level toward which he was born.

However, the fact that his financial success is represented by a malefic (albeit a very strong malefic), the success will come but with difficulty, or through martial means. This means through strife, aggression, and war. The fact that Mars is in the first house of the self, shows that Richelieu will gain his great wealth through his own efforts, and also through who he is. So, who is he? As someone with Mars in the first house, he is going to be warlike, and will lead a martial, or militaristic life. Indeed, the fact that Richelieu became a Cardinal was largely an accident, as he had been planning to go into the military. So we can see that Richelieu will make his wealth through being warlike. This was very much the case, as he spent his career attempting to unify a fragmented country and raised money for the state by whatever means necessary.

What will be the source of Richelieu’s wealth? We already know that he would make his money himself, but of course that money still has to come from somewhere. Mars, in addition to ruling the first house (or most of it), also rules the sixth house and the seventh house. So he will make money through his servants, subordinates, and people working his lands. Those are all meanings associated with the sixth house. He also made money through partners and colleagues, and from his open enemies, which are all associated with the seventh house. Richelieu was given lands and high honors, and later founded the town of Richelieu, near which he built a large château. Likewise, he was given some rewards from the estates of the Protestant Huguenots, whom he helped persecute while in office.

His association with the Royal Court, however, was the chief reason for his wealth. We will notice that Mars is squared by Venus in Leo in the 10th house. Richelieu began his career at court via the French queen, who approved of his strict Roman Catholicism. The 10th house, of course, is the house of the King — with Venus being a female kind of King, or a queen. And yet the reception between Venus and Mars is difficult, with Mars being in Venus’s detriment, and Venus not caring for Mars much at all. Too, the fact that the aspect linking the two is a square, shows that there is tension and difficulty in this alliance. In his first two years of service to the queen, Cardinal Richelieu was exiled along with the queen from the French court, and only negotiated her return to the court with great difficulty. But once he returned to the Royal Court, he quickly ascended to become the King’s chief minister. The good ending of the story likely comes from the fact that Mars is so strong and dominates this Venus-Mars connection.

The Part of Fortune also has a role to play in Richelieu’s acquisition of wealth. It is in 3° Taurus, and therefore is disposited by Venus. This is the same Venus that is the source for Richelieu’s wealth. We are told by ancient authors that aspects to the Part of Fortune, especially from its dispositor (if it is strong), are highly beneficial for the acquisition of fortune. Here, Venus squares the Part of Fortune exactly. With a square, we again see that there are difficulties in the acquisition of the fortune, and the road to riches is not without some serious bumps. Mars opposes the Part of Fortune, giving the impression that Richelieu’s warlike personality and life was not without its financial costs. By the time Richelieu died, while still extremely wealthy, he was perhaps the most hated man in France. This reminds us that the Part of Fortune does not deal only with the financial fortune, but also with the overall fortune in life.

Free Astrology Advice – Horary Astrology: When Will I Find Work?

September 25, 2006 by  

Free Astrology Advice - Work - St. Joseph


I finished my internship/volunteer work in June and I started to send resumes out. Although I got a few answers and three interviews, nothing is coming my way. Nothing! I will have an interview next Monday and I am trying to be positive. I will be in a very bad financial situation really soon and I am a single mother and no family around. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate your insight.


Nina Gryphon:

Dear F.,

In the last few weeks, I have been getting more and more questions from people desperately seeking employment. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I suspect that this is a reflection of the global economy. While the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list has grown more exclusive, in that it includes only billionaires for the first time, my own observation has been that average people are struggling simply to make ends meet. I find this particularly disturbing when I see young people with your level of education (seven years) trying their hardest just to find some employment for which they are qualified.

But, let us take a look at your chart and your particular situation. I cast a horoscope for the moment in which I understood your question, and a picture of the horary chart is below.

Free Astrology Advice - Horary Astrology - Job Search

You are represented by Mercury in Virgo in the second house, and because Mercury is so strong in Virgo (in its own sign and exaltation), this shows that you are highly qualified and a desirable employee. Sometimes, in employment horary charts, we find the individual in question shown by a planet in poor condition, reflecting that for whatever reason, they are currently not an ideal employee. This is not the case for you, however, and I do not think you are doing anything wrong as such. We see that your money is represented by the second sign from the first, that is Libra and its ruler Venus. Venus is weak essentially, in its fall in Virgo and it is positioned just inside the first house, showing its power to harm you.

You’re also shown by the Moon, which is in its exaltation on the 10th house cusp of work. Again, the good state of the Moon shows that you are highly employable. The moon is on the fixed star Algol which can show that you are in danger of losing your head — most of the time, this is meant figuratively. As a result, I would strongly caution you not to panic despite your financial difficulties, and be sure to look at any job you are considering as objectively as you can. Venus, apart from indicating your own finances, shows the job itself. Often, one planet will do double or even triple duty in a horary chart, provided that the meanings do not conflict.

The good news is that Venus is in the first house, showing that the job really, really likes you. And if you want it, it is yours. Ideally, we would wish to see in applying aspect between the planet signifying the job and the planet signifying you. However, that is sometimes not the case. We have two major indications of changes in your situation — your planet, Mercury, is about to move from its position in Virgo into Libra. This can mean that you are moving into an unfavorable position; perhaps this is a threat to your financial stability that is imminent. Because this will happen in less than one degree, I would expect there to be a change in your situation within a month from your question (September 12). However, something very, very interesting happens in this horoscope.

Just before (and I mean literally one minute of one degree) Mercury moves into Libra, the Moon trines Mercury, bringing you the job at the 11th hour. This happens in about four degrees, so we would expect this to happen in about four weeks from your question. You will note that we have two different time units here, one month and four weeks, so you can see that they coincide.

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