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The Gryphon Astrology blog explores the ancient study of the stars. Articles by Nina Gryphon include predictions about world events, analysis of celebrity horoscopes, long-term weather forecasts, and information to help you learn astrology. Nina posts free astrology readings and astrology book reviews for those who wish to learn about the history and beliefs behind astrology.

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Gryphon Astrology Blog

Astrology Books

Nina Gryphon reviews the very best of recently released astrology books. There is no better way to learn astrology than to start studying some of her recommended books on astrology.

Astrology book reviews

Gryphon Astrology Blog

Astrology Readings

If you want to know your future, Nina Gryphon is available for astrology readings. An astrological reading can tell you what will happen (horary astrology), when is the best time to start your endeavor (electional astrology), or what is the big picture in your life (natal reading).

Astrology readings

Gryphon Astrology Blog

Weekly Astrology Chart

Every week, Nina posts a current astrology chart with her interpretation, including weather forecasts, world event predictions, or celebrity horoscopes of newsmakers. If you have time for just one astrology article per week, read this.

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