July 2012 Newsletter

Gryphon Astrology NewsletterJuly 2012 News: I recently joined the editorial board of the Astrology News Service, the non-profit public relations arm of the astrological community. Stay tuned for more news regarding ANS. There are some exciting projects in the works, and I will announce them as they come up. By the time you read this, […]

Cancer Ingress 2012 Newsletter

Gryphon Astrology NewsletterCancer Ingress 2012 Dear Friends, Thank you so much for all of your very kind messages and notes of support following the Presidential Panel at UAC. As you may know, and to my surprise, my appearance on the panel was picked up by Reuters/Associated Press, and resulted in a CNN/HLN interview and a […]

Gemini Ingress 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to the Gryphon Astrology Gemini Ingress 2012 Newsletter Dear Friends, I hope you are doing well, and are ready for Summer. The Sun in Gemini is upon us. As a double-bodied sign, the month of Gemini hsa qualities of both Spring and Summer, with one foot in each season. I have been traveling recently, […]

Astrology Radio Show #1 – First House

Astrology Radio Show #2 – Second House

Astrology Radio Show #3 – Third House

Astrology Radio Show #4 – Fourth House

Astrology Radio Show #5 – Fifth House

Taurus Ingress 2012 Newsletter

Gryphon Astrology NewsletterTaurus Ingress 2012 Welcome to the April-May newsletter. It is just after the New Moon in Taurus. My goal is to publish this newsletter monthly; if this proves too much, we’ll go to every two or even three months.You can always find new articles on the Gryphon Astrology website and blog. A few […]

Aries Ingress 2012 Newsletter

Gryphon Astrology NewsletterAries Ingress 2012 Greetings! Thank you for subscribing to the GryphonAstrology.com newsletter. In this issue, the first of the astrological New Year 2012, you can read Spring political predictions for the world and the U.S., the weather in the US (watch out for those earthquakes!), and a geopolitical horary about a mysterious death […]