The Best Astrologers

How You Can Find a Good Astrologer

If you are in the market for the best astrologer you can find, yours is not an easy search. There aren’t many astrologers who are truly excellent at what they do, which is probably true for members of any profession. At the most, I would give their number at 5% of all people who claim they are astrologers. This is because I have very high expectations for others (as well as myself), and most astrologers out there just do not meet them for one reason or another.

Here is a list for your reference that describes some characteristics of great astrologers. An astrologer does not need to meet all of these, but the more, the better.

1. They will not pressure you to do anything.

This is the opposite of the hard sell that I describe in detail in the bad astrologers article. Many astrologers sell items or services stemming from their astrological readings; I do this myself with my offer of spiritual work appropriate to that person’s situation. However, I do not recommend this for all or even most clients, and I think this is where one needs to be very careful. A good astrologer will not push their products or additional services on you — the less this is done on a case-by-case basis, the more questionable the motives of the astrologers are.

Many astrologers will recommend certain products or services that they do, and you have to use your intuition on this, but if you get the sense that this is something that they recommend to everyone, regardless of their individual needs, this does not bode well. Also, a good astrologer will not seek you out, but rather wait for you to come to them. The good ones have an excellent reputation and they do not need to chase ambulances.

2. They will give you concrete predictions and advice.

There isn’t much more to say about this, other than you need to find an astrologer who is secure enough in themselves to be willing to be wrong. We are all wrong some of the time; otherwise, we would be God. A good astrologer will tell you what will happen and when it will happen. If they are right 80% of the time, stick by them, track them down wherever they may move, and whatever you do, do not let them go.

3. They will challenge your perception of reality.

This is the opposite of the Dr. Feel-Good approach detailed on the bad astrologers page. This does not mean that your astrologer will put you down, in fact; they should make you feel at ease. However, they will call you on your pretensions and illusions, and will give you a new perspective on reality that will help you grow as a person.

4. They will not use lots of fancy vocabulary.

They will not use lots of fancy vocabulary, astrological or otherwise, to confuse or impress you.

5. They will not judge you.

They will not judge you, no matter what bad things you may have done. This is not the same as flattering you, but you will get the feeling that it’s okay to tell them about your failings. And this is as it should be.

6. They will be competent.

They will be competent, give you accurate and specific answers, and will be willing to explain their reasoning if you ask. They will own up to their mistakes.

7. They will not tell you the fact that they may have lots of important, famous, or rich clients.

The very best astrologers may have such a clientele, but they will never divulge this, and they will not look down on you even if the rest of their clients are VIPs. On the other hand, astrologers who are known for catering to the stars, or frequently allude to the high social standing of their clients, are highly suspect.

8. They will not pretend they use psychic or other non-astrological methods during the reading.

Astrology is one thing and psychism is another, and anyone who claims to mix these is of highly questionable repute.

9. They will give away quality things for free.

Sometimes bad astrologers use this technique to reel in unsuspecting clients, as you can read in the hard-sell section of the bad astrologers article. The main difference is that good astrologers give away things much more freely and things that are of much higher quality than do the bad astrologers. It is difficult for astrologers to live purely on donations, because unfortunately many people take advantage of them and pay little for highly valuable services. However, good astrologers recognize that their knowledge is a gift from above and therefore may not be hoarded for massive profits or social status.

10. You have to find them of your own accord.

This is a continuation of the points I make in #1 above. Heavy, in-your-face advertising is inversely proportional to the quality of the guidance you can expect to receive. From a financial point of view, bad astrologers will often be more expensive because your fees have to support their marketing campaigns. Good astrologers will be known in the community, so you should ask around and get references.

If you find that your own astrologer fails a number of these points, you may want to look at this article about identifying bad astrologers, and see whether they fall into any of the categories I describe there.