Astrology Articles

Natal Astrology – articles about birth horoscopes, sign compatibility, and other aspects of your natal chart.

Astrology of Compatibility – Why you get along with some people, and not with others. How to tell whether you will have a good relationship with someone.

The Seven Ages of Man – a glimpse of astrology in Shakespeare’s time, through his poetry.

Electional Astrology – astrological articles on choosing the right moment to start your venture. Find the best time for your wedding, conception, start of your business, haircuts, and more!

Best Time to Conceive – Find your most fertile times, and best times to have a boy or girl.

The Horoscope of Baghdad – Did you know that the founding of Baghdad was astrologically elected? Read about what makes Baghdad “unconquerable”.

Astrologers – articles about those who practice this ancient art. Read about famous astrologers in history, as well as modern practitioners of the art.

What Makes a Good Astrologer? – What to look for when choosing an astrologer.

What Makes a Bad Astrologer? – Things to avoid when looking for astrology advice.