Taurus: The Sign and the Taurus Personality

Taurus Traits

Attributes: Feminine, nocturnal, fixed, earthy, cold and dry (melancholic), bestial, violent, associated with the South and Southeast directions.

Diseases: Sore throats, tonsilitis, scrofula, mucus in the throat, cysts, tuberculosis.

Places: Horse and cattle stables, lonely pastures, newly cleared grounds, grain fields, especially those with little trees, cellars, steppes. Low houses and rooms.

Bodily characteristics: Short but strong body with broad shoulders, wide forehead, large eyes, large face, big mouth/lips, large hands, dark hair.

Countries and Regions: Poland, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Persia, Cyprus, Parthia (Iran), Northern Sweden.

Cities: Novgorod (Russia), Parma (Italy), Bologna (Italy), Palermo (Sicily), Mantua (Italy), Sienna (Italy), Karlstad (Germany), Nantes (France), Leipzig (Germany), Poznan (Poland), Zurich (Switzerland).

Miscellaneous: Commodities brokers, the neck and throat, the color white-yellow.