Gemini Character Traits: Meanings of Gemini in the Horoscope

Gemini Traits

Attributes: Masculine, diurnal, mutable, airy, hot and moist (sanguine), humane, double-bodied, associated with the Southwest direction. Changeable, barren, temperate.

Diseases: Arm diseases, corruption of the blood, mental afflictions, dislocations, hand and wrist diseases, diseases of shoulders and shoulder bones, “wind in the veins”.

Places: Chests and coffers, halls, hills, all high places, walls and plastering, living and dining rooms, storehouses, walls with wainscoting.

Bodily characteristics: Tall, upright, straight bodily shape, sanguine (but dark) complexion, long arms with short, fleshy feet and hands. Dark hair, strong body, hazel (wanton!) eyes, good eyesight, clear understanding, and “judicious in worldly affairs”.

Countries and Regions: Lombardy, Flanders (Netherlands), West/Southwest England, Armenia, Sardinia.

Cities: London (England), Louvain, Bruges, Nuremberg, Cordova, Mont, Bamberg, Cesena.

Miscellaneous: Quick wit, rent collectors, surveyors, white-red color.