(aa) Aries

(aa) Aries Personality Characteristics: Astrological Attributes

Aries Traits

Attributes: Masculine, diurnal, cardinal, fiery, hot and dry (choleric), bestial, associated with the East direction. Intemperate, violent, commanding, lascivious (the old authors did not hold this sign in high regard!).

Diseases: Boils and temples, especially those on the face and head, smallpox, hare lips, nose/throat polyps, ringworm, epilepsy, strokes, migraines, toothaches, headaches, and baldness.

Places: Where small livestock such as sheep are frequent, sandy and hilly areas, unfrequented places where feeds seek refuge, ceilings, roofs, paint and plaster on or in a house, newly worked land, areas where small animals frequent, and places for the burning of bricks or lime.

Bodily characteristics: A dry, medium-height body, thin, vigorous and sinewy, a long face, dark eyebrows, long neck, broad shoulders, swarthy complexion. Thick neck, large eyes, curly hair, pleasant speech, speaks too much, eats a great deal. Angry and irritable, vengeful.

Countries and Regions: Palestine/Israel, Poland, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Silesia (Poland, Czech Rep., Germany), Babylonia, Persia, Azerbaijan.

Cities: Capua (Italy), (Kraków) Poland, Marseille (France), Padua (Italy), Naples (Italy), Utrecht (Netherlands), Verona (Italy), Stettin (Germany).

Miscellaneous: Saffron color, all animals with hooves, gold, silver, iron, copper.