Planetary Speed

Average Planetary Speed of Saturn and Planets through the Moon

Daily Mean Motion of the Planets

Knowing the speeds of the various planets is very important, because it allows you to see where the planets are going and where they came from. In horary astrology, this is especially key, because by knowing how quickly the planets are moving relative to one another, you can see what events occurred in the past and will likely happen in the future.

If the Moon is moving to conjunct Jupiter, we can see that the two things symbolized by these two planets will meet, because the Moon is much faster than Jupiter. If Jupiter is faster than the Moon (this does not happen, by the way), they will not meet and the event will not occur.

So, here are the mean daily speeds of the planets:

  • Saturn – 2 minutes 1 second
  • Jupiter – 4 minutes 52 seconds
  • Mars – 37 minutes
  • Sun – 59 minutes 8 seconds
  • Venus – 59 minutes 8 seconds
  • Mercury – 59 minutes 8 seconds
  • Moon – 13 degrees, 10 minutes, 36 seconds

Big Caveat! Be aware that these are the average daily speeds of the planets, and at any given time, the planets will likely be going slower or faster than their average. So it may be that right now, Venus is moving twice as fast as Mercury, if Mercury just left second station, for example. So check your ephemeris to be 100% sure.