Planet Venus

Astrology of Venus: Planet Venus & Its Meanings

Astronomical Data

One of the faster planets, moving through zodiac in 225 days. Mean speed is 59 minutes and 8 seconds per day. Greatest latitude: 9 degrees and 2 minutes. Rules Taurus and Libra. Exalted in Pisces. Fall in Virgo. Detriment in Aries and Scorpio.


Venus is the “Lesser Benefic,” and as such is the “author or Mirth and Jollity” [Christian Astrology, Lilly]. Moderately cold and a bit more moist. Feminine, nocturnal, composed of air and water. Beautiful, soft, and ripe. Square or smooth shape/appearance.

Human Faculties

Desire. Coition and sensuality. Multiplication and procreation.

Body Parts/Humors

Phlegm with blood, the spirit and “genital seed.” Left nostril, smell and organs of inhalation. Womb, genitals, hads and fingers. Flesh, fat, milk, spinal marrow, kidneys and partly liver.


Illnesses of the kidneys, womb and genitalia. Illnesses of the belly, back and navel. All venereal/sexually transmitted diseases. Priapism, impotence, hernias, diabetes.


Youth and adolescence after 13 years of age.


Fine, small, round face, reddish-white complexion with a little black, double chin, fat cheeks, not overly fat, fine eyes with the black larger than the white, small teeth, cherry lips, a wandering eye, handsome neck, medium height, short fingers and thick calves. Good looks, black eyes and smiling. Not tall. Pays great attention to looking good in clothes and in body. Dimples. Well-shaped body.

Oriental (and ruling alone in the horoscope) – fat, white, appealing shape, black eyes and tall.

Occidental – short, not entirely white in the face, not curly hair, or bald. Well-shaped body.

Human Conditions

Eating and drinking. Cleanness, friendship and laughter, play, dance and merriment, pleasing talk, love and adultery, games, generosity, excessive lust, false witnesses, drunkenness, all sexual intercourse (natural and unnatural), love of children, love of the marketplace. Love of justice and of places of worship.

Behavior When Dignified

Quiet person, not one for lawsuits, quarreling or wrangling. Not a vicious person, but rather one who is pleasant, neat and tidy, fond of mirth in words and actions, of cleanly and neat appearance. More prone to more drinking than gluttony, tending to venereal pursuits, often entangled in love affairs, zealous in his affections, highly musical, loving baths and parties, masked balls (dressing up?) and plays. Credulous and not given to too much effort or hard work, sociable, cheerful, and trusting, virtuous person. Often suspected of infidelity, but without cause.

Behavior When Ill-Dignified

Scandalous, spendthrift living, spending all his time with loose and lewd women, does not care for his reputation, coveting unavailable or inappropriate partners, incestuous, adulterous. Fanatical or of no faith, and reputation and no credit. Spending all of his money in bars, restaurants and among scandalous and loose people. A lazy good-for-nothing, who does not care to provide for himself, atheistic and animalistic.

Countries and Cities

Spain, Idumea (area occupied by the Edomites in southern Israel and adjacent parts of Jordan), Babylon, Arabia, the Hijaz (northwest of current Saudi Arabia, and includes Mecca), cities of Mesopotamia and the Middle of the Marshes [the Marshes of Iraq? –Ed.]. Austria, Campagna (region in southern Italy), Vienna, Poland, Turing (Turin in the northwest of Italy), Parthia (northeastern Iran, but once covered all of Iran, and parts of Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, eastern Turkey, eastern Syria, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, ended in 3rd century A.D.), Media (ancient country occupying West Iran and South Azerbaijan, until Roman overthrow in 2nd century B.C.), Cyprus.


Soils with plenty of water. Islands and sugar plantations, lofty houses, vessels with much water, places of worship. Gardens, fountains, bride-chambers, pretty lodgings, hangings (tapestries), dancing schools, fruit orchards, harems, festivities, wardrobes, and beds.

Ethnicities and People

Arabs. Women, wives, mothers, sisters, uterine kindred, delicate children, adulterers and their children, young boys, eunuchs.




Nobles, plutocrats, queens, courtesans, those working with works of beauty and magnificence, fond of bazaars, measuring by weight, length and bulk; dealing in pictures and colors, goldsmiths, tailoring, perfumery, dealing in pearls, gold and silver ornaments, or in musk, white and green clothes, maker of crowns and diadems, accompanying singing, composing songs, playing the flute, feasts, games and gaming. Actors, poets, gamesters and musicians. Dyers of cloth, sewing, mercers, linen-drapers, painters, jewellers, tailors and seamstresses. Singers, perfumers, engravers, upholsterers, glovers, makers of cosmetics and all those who make adornments for women.


Wild animals with white or yellow hooves (gazelle, wild ass, mountain goat, deer), and large fish. Birds in general, ring-dove, partridge, wild pigeon, sparrow, the bulbul, nightingale, wagtail, hen, thrush, pelican, ficedula, wren, eagle, swan, swallow, blackbirds, magpies, locusts and inedible birds. All beautiful animals. Spiders, ants and frogs. Hart, panther, small cattle, coneys, calves and goats. Dolphins.

Trees, Plants, Fruits and Vegetables

Figs, grapes, dates, origanum and fenugreek. All soft trees, sweetly fragrant plants, those that are smooth to the eye like cypress and teak. Apple, pomegranate, and quince. Sweet, oily berries, fragrant, colored herbs, spring flowers. Partly rules cotton. Savory herbs. All moderately cold and moist foods that are useful and pleasant to the taste and smell. Myrtle, all white flowers, those with smooth leaves. White and yellow lily, waterlily, lily-of-the-valley. Satyrion or cuckoopint, maidenhair, violet, daffodils. White roses, white sycamore, wild ash, turpentine tree, olive, sweet oranges, mugwort, ladies’ mantle, sanicle, balm, vervain, walnuts, almonds, millet, valerian, thyme, amber, ladanum, civet/musk, coriander, French wheat, peaches, apricots, plums, raisins.


Fat/oily and sweet flavor. Pleasantly pungent, delicious. All tastes and smells that inspire wantonness.


Pure white to straw color, shining, or greenish. Milky sky color with a little green or brown.


Embroidered, beautiful clothing.


Magnesia and antimony. Silver, gold, and all jewels set therein, especially those made for women. Household vessels of gold, silver and brass. Copper.


Cornelian, sky-colored sapphire, white and red coral, marcasite, alabaster, lapis lazuli, beryl and chrysolite. Pearls, emeralds and shells.

Days, Nights and Hours

Friday and Tuesday night.

Geographical Direction