The Sun

The Sun: A Star of Astrology – Its Meanings

Astronomical Data

Passes through entire zodiac in 365 days. Mean motion is 59 minutes 8 seconds. Always remains at 0 degrees of latitude. Rules Leo, has its detriment in Aquarius. Exalted in Aries, fall in Libra.


Hot and dry, mostly hot. More temperate than Mars, however, which is hot and dry in excess. “Maleficent when near, beneficent at a distance”. [Al-Biruni] Masculine. Diurnal. Penetrating.

Human Faculties

Youthful vigor. Eating and drinking. Sight. The sensitive [sensing] soul.

Body Parts/Humors

The heart. Lower part of fire. Brains, nerves, hypochondria, fat, arteries. Stomach. Right eye in men, left eye in women. Head and chest, sides, teeth, mouth. The right side of the body. Red bile.


Diseases of the mouth. Pimples in the face, palpitation, diseases of brain or heart. Tympanies, infirmities of eyes, cramps, sudden swoonings, bad breath, catarrh, fevers.


Young adulthood.


Large head. Complexion white inclining to yellow. Long hair, yellow whites of the eye. Stammers, large paunch with folds. Medium sized eyes, thin hair. Dignified appearance. Large and strong body. Round, large forehead, goggle eyes, or ones that are large, sharp and piercing. A well-composed, proportioned body. Yellowish, balding hair. Hairy beard. Fleshy body.

Human Conditions

Most expert, noble, well-known and generous things. Revolution. Worn-outness. Whatever is warm beyond the fourth degree and is salutary and in general use. Eating and drinking. Dignity.

Behavior When Dignified

Intelligent and knowledgeable, patient, chaste yet sensual, eager for knowledge, power and vicotry, seeking renown for helping others, friendly, hot-tempered but quickly calmed. Longing for power and government, hankering after wealth and management of worldly affairs, and imposing will on the ignorant. Reproving evildoers, harsh with opponents. Majestic, courageous, ambitious, garrulous, expeditious. Faithful and keeps promises. Prudent and very judicious. Desirous of honor and large patrimony, but glad to let it go as well. Serious and laconic, confident and self-contained. Thoughtful, secretive, trustworthy. Affable, very humane. Loves sumptuous display and magnificence. Honorable and hates all sordid things.

Behavior When Ill-Dignified

Proud, arrogant, disdaining all men, boasting of his pedigree, of poor judgment, restless, troublesome, domineering. A boaster, spendthrift, foolish and never serious or sober. Living off of others, yet believes himself to be higher than others due to his high birth.

Countries and Cities

Hijjaz (unknown location), Jerusalem, Mt. Lebanon, Armenia, Alan (in Iran?), Dailam (in Iran), Khorasan (Greater Khorasan, the cultural heart of the Persian empire that included Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) as far as China. Babylonia, Iraq, Israel. Italy, Sicily, Bohemia, Phoenicia, Chaldea.


Mines (gold mines?), empty and vacant places. Mountains rich in minerals. Royal palaces. Theaters, halls, dining rooms. All magnificent structures.

Ethnicities and People

Fathers and brothers. Slaves. Kings, princes, emperors, dukes, marquesses, earls, barons, lieutenants, nobles, societies. Edomites, Turks.


Those who wear a crown. Magians (ancient Iranian group of religious experts), Mithraists.


Chiefs, generals, officials, magistrates, physicians. Receiving, giving, selling gold brocades. Gold and silver smiths. Justices of the peace, mayors, high sheriffs, huntsmen, stewards of noblemen’s houses, principal magistrates of any area (the highest-positioned men in any given locality). Braziers, pewterers, coppersmiths, minters of money.


Sheep, mountain goat, deer, Arab horse, lion, crocodile, nocturnal animals concealed during the day. Eagle, ring dove, turtledove, cock, falcon. Humans, horses, large rams. Large crawling things that kill. Crocodile, bull, nightworms or glowworms. Sea calf, crab, starfish. Nightingale, peacock, swan, buzzard, Spanish fly, goshawk.

Trees, Plants, Fruits and Vegetables

Foods in general. Orange, maize. All tall trees with oily fruit, and those whose fruit is eaten dry (date-palms, mulberries, vines). Dodder, sugar-cane, manna, tarangubin (the sweet resin extracted from various trees, aka “Turkish Delight”), shir-khisht (Fraximus mann, an Iranian species of ash tree). Olive trees, apple trees, cherry trees, fig trees, rose, silk. Pleasant-smelling and –tasting plants. Yellow or reddish flowers. Plants loving broad sunshine places. Saffron, laurel, citrus fruits, vine, enula campana, saint john’s wort, amber, musk, ginger, herbgrace, balm, marigold, rosemary, rosa solis, cinnamon, celandine, eyebright, peony, barley, cinquefoil, spikenard, lignum aloes, arsenic. The ash tree, palm, laurel tree, myrrh tree, frankincense, cane tree, cedar, orange and lemon trees.


Pungent, hot and spicy. Sweet and sour together. Aromatic and a little sharp.


Shining reddish yellow. Also its color is said to be the color of the lord of the hour. Scarlet, saffron, purple, clear red.


Rabbit skin, red clothing.


Gold and all coins made therefrom for kings.


Jacinths, lapis lazuli, yellow sulphur, orpiment, pharaonic glass, marble, re-algar, pitch. Red salt, marcasite, all sparkling stones. Ruby, chrysolite.

Days, Nights and Hours

Sunday and the night before Thursday.

Geographical Direction