Planet Mercury

The Planet Mercury: Its Meanings in Astrology

Astronomical Data

Mercury is never farther from the Sun than 27°. This is why Mercury will always be in the same or adjacent sign from your Sun sign. His average daily motion is 59 minutes and eight seconds. His southernmost latitude is 3° and 35 minutes. His northernmost latitude is 3° and 33 minutes. He rules Gemini and Virgo, and is in detriment in Sagittarius in Pisces. He is exalted in the 15th degree (14.0-15.0°) of Virgo, and his fall is in Pisces.


Mercury is either masculine or feminine, depending on his sign and aspects. He is the most influenced by all of the other planets, if they are in contact with him. Cold and dry, more dry, associated with the melancholic humor (though in medical astrology, he is associated with the humors when they are mixed together). Can be benefic or malefic, but by itself is considered benefic. Diurnal.

Human Faculties

The soul of man. Speech, hearing, intellect. Taste.

Body Parts/Humors

Black bile (melancholic humor). Arteries, gallbladder. Tongue and all organs of speech. Partly rules the blood.


Vertigo, lethargy or mental giddiness, insanity, all brain diseases, speech impediments, tuberculosis and other lung/breathing illnesses (asthma, etc.), mental problems and instability, problems with the memory, dry coughs, colds, gout, and muteness.




Tall, thin and spare. High forehead, narrow and long face. Long nose, light eyes. Thin lips and nose. Thick ears, small teeth, wide mouth, joined eyebrows. Lots of hair on the head, though not much of a beard or mustache. Fine hair of a dark, dull brown. Long extremities, feet and fingers. An olive or chestnut complexion, with some green. Well-proportioned, fine figure. The appearance of a Mercurial person will be heavily influenced by any planets aspecting him or ruling his sign.

In an aspect or sign of Saturn, he is heavier; Jupiter makes him more temperate and mild; Mars makes him more impetuous; the Sun makes him more well bred and genteel; Venus makes him merrier; and the Moon makes him shiftier and more changeable.

Oriental — honey colored complexion, as a sunburned, medium or lower height but flexible, small head and beautiful eyes, less hair, well proportioned body. Darker hue to the complexion, and highly self-interested.

Occidental — tawny skin, thin body, small and slender extremities, and deep set eyes that sparkle and seem red or fiery, and the overall constitution is drier.

Human Conditions/Activities

“Subtlety, tricks, devices, perjury…” [Christian Astrology, Lilly]. Teaching manners, theology, revelation and logic, eloquence, stories and good storytelling. Education. Wisdom. Science of the stars and divination. Magic and prophecy. Ability to recite and rhyme and speak quickly. Kindness and respect. Musical talent. Love of miniatures. Negotiation. Arguments and disputes. Forgery. Acquisition and squandering of wealth.

Behavior When Dignified

A subtle and diplomatic mind, a quick and nimble intellect. Affable and gentle, elegant. Keeper of secrets, seeks friendship. A talented debater and thinker, who can reason learnedly and eloquently. Curious about mysteries, the occult, and learning, a sharp wit, easily self-taught. Desires to be perfect in all fields of knowledge. Loves travel and exploring unknown regions. A lively imagination, able to produce marvels through his ingenuity. Loves divination and hidden knowledge. As a merchant, he is very inventive in ways to make money.

Behavior When Ill-Dignified

Obnoxious wit, harming everyone with his tongue and pen, and wasting his money and time in the process. Gets tangled up in meaningless niceties; a liar, boaster, gossip and carrier of tales. Interested in the dark arts, gullible, changeable in place and mind. Cheater and thief. Pretends to have knowledge, but is superficial and trifling. Easily led astray. Ruins prospects by great anxiety. Eager to buy slaves and girls.

Countries and Cities

Greece, Flanders, Egypt, and Paris. Mecca and Medina, Iraq, Dilam (city in Saudi Arabia), Gilan (a province in northwestern Iran), and Tabaristan (a province in northern Iran).


Shops, markets, fairs, schools, bowling alleys, tennis courts, inns and taverns. Where people move about or congregate. Churches, houses of painters and all those near orchards, irrigation channels, fountainheads, rivers and springs.

Ethnicities and People

Younger brothers. The people of India.


Disputants in all sects.


A literary men, philosophers, mathematicians, astrologers, merchants/businessman, secretaries, scribes, fortune tellers and necromancers, sculptors, poets, orators in debaters, advocates/attorneys/barristers, teachers, stationers, printers, exchangers of money, ambassadors, commissioners, clerks, artisans, accountants, some thieves, ministers, uneducated religious people, tailors, carriers, messengers, footmen, moneylenders and bankers. Tax-collectors. Slaves and wrestlers. Slave-traders, booksellers, barbers. All occupations requiring attention to detail and dexterity. Scientists, doctors.


Hyena, ape, Fox, squirrel, weasel, spider, Greyhound, all hermaphroditic animals, and all cunning animals. Donkey/ass, camel, domestic dogs, hares, jackals, ermines, nocturnal animals, all small animals. All jumping animals. Worms.

Linnet, parrot, ant, popinjay, swallow, magpie, beetle, locusts, bees, serpents, cranes. Pigeon, starling, crickets, falcons, aquatic birds, nightingales.

Forkfish and mullet.

Trees, Plants, Fruits and Vegetables

All plans of multiple colors, or that grow in sandy and barren areas, or that have seeds and husks or pods, of little or subtle smell. All herbs that heal mercurial illnesses, such as speech, brain or mind, lungs, and dispel gas. All pungent and bad-smelling plants. All savory herbs, and things that grow in the water. Citrus and pomegranate. Cotton and flax. Resin and ginger.

Beans, peas, three leaf grass, walnuts and walnut trees, hazelnut and hazelnut trees, elder trees, adder’s tongue, dragonwort, twopenny grass, lungwort, aniseed, caraway, coriander, cubebs, and marjoram. Herbs used for divination: vervain, and reed. Drugs: treacle, hiera and diambra.


Blended tastes that are stimulating, and subtle. Sour taste.


All mixed and new colors, Gray blended with sky color, all hodgepodge of colors.


Linen clothing. All embroidered clothing.


Quicksilver. Arsenic. All coins struck with names or numbers. Old gold.


Millstone, marcasite, agate, the Topaz, vitriol, all stones of multiple colors. Depilatory stones. Amber, all yellow and green stones. Turqoise, coral, tree-coral.

Days, Nights and Hours

Wednesday, night before Sunday.

Geographical Direction