Planet Mars

The Planet Mars: Its Meanings in Astrology

Astronomical Data

The third slowest planet, moving through the zodiac in 1 year and 321 days. Mean speed is 31 minutes and 27 seconds per day. Greatest North latitude: 4 degrees and 31 minutes. Greatest South latitude: 6 degrees and 47 minutes Rules Aries and Scorpio. Exalted in Capricorn. Fall in Cancer. Detriment in Taurus and Libra.


Mars is the “Lesser Malefic,” and is the “author of Quarrels, Strifes, Contentions” [Christian Astrology, Lilly]. Hot and dry. Masculine, nocturnal, composed of fire, burning. Choleric. Destructive and harmful; hot, hard, sharp and red. Length, dryness, and coarseness.

Human Faculties

Anger. Passion.

Body Parts/Humors

Gall bladder, right nostril, tendons, kidneys, penis and male genitalia. Red bile (choler) and arterial blood. Liver. Smell and touch. Legs.


Diseases of the left ear, high fevers, migraines, carbuncles/boils, the plague, burning diseases/inflammations, ringworm, blisters, sudden or frenzied madness, jaundice, cholera, fistulas, all wounds, esp. those to men’s genitals, bladder or kidney stones, scars, acne or other markings (esp. those in the face), shingles. Tuberculosis, red pox on the body, anxiety, insanity, accidents, burns and wounds. All diseases arising from too much choler, passion or anger. Fever.


Young adulthood (up to middle age).


Middle height or short, strong bodies, big bones, tending to leanness than fat, brown/ruddy complexion, round face, red or flaxen hair, often curly. Sharp, piercing, or cat-like hazel eyes, a bold expression. Active, hasty, quarrelsome and fearless attitude. Ugly, with blemishes or marks in the face. Large head, small ears, fine forehead, good nose, thin lips, lank and reddish hair, long fingers, long steps.

Oriental – brave person, of red and white complexion, taller and hairy.

Occidental – very ruddy and short, a small, round head with small eyes, with a smooth (not hairy) body, stiff and straight yellow hair, of drier bodily humors.

Human Conditions

Ruin, drought, fire, rebellion, shedding of blood, murder, war and strife, combat and separations. Courage, anger, fights, speed, strength and victory, curses, lies, informing on others, perjury, doing all that is prohibited by religious law, theft, cruelty, hard work, wandering from one place to another, torture, beating, hostage-taking, breaking down walls and doors. Abortions and miscarriages. All sudden and violent accidents/calamities. Marriage, traveling, lawsuits, business going to ruin, lustfulness, bad companions.

Behavior When Dignified

Invincible in war and courage, scorning any who should exceed him, amenable to no reason; bold, confident, stubborn, contentious, challenging all affronts to themselves, valiant, lovers of war and all related matters, putting himself in all perils, will not obey or submit to anyone, boaster of his own acts, but acts prudently in his own matters. Bright, friendly and pleasant-faced.

Behavior When Ill-Dignified

Braggart with no modesty or honesty, loves slaughter and quarrels, murder, thieving, sedition, frays and commotions. A robber, one with as much constancy as the wind, traitor, turbulent spirit, commits perjury and obscenity, rash and inhuman, with no fear of God or love of man. Thankless, treacherous, an oppressor, ravenous, cheater, furious and violent. Confused opinions, ignorance, rashness, evil behavior. Licentiousness, boldness and quarrelsomeness. Unchaste, deceiver. Solitary, spiteful and tricky.

Countries and Cities

Egypt, Alexandria, England. Syria, Greece, Slavonia (today’s eastern Croatia), North-Western countries (from Arabian geographical perspective).


Smithies, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses, places where brick or charcoal is made or burned, chimneys, forges. Towers and forts. Wasteland, hard and stony places. Fire temples, fireplaces and firewood, roadside fires, pottery kilns.

Ethnicities and People

Middle aged brothers. Leaders, opponents, disputants.


Idolaters, all those dressed in red.


All men of war. Generals, colonels and soldiers with command in armies (but any soldiers fall under Mars’s rulership). Physicians, apothecaries, surgeons, alchemists, gunners, butchers, marshals, sergeants, bailiffs, executioners, thieves and robbers, blacksmiths, bakers, watchmakers, butchers, tailors, those who work with swords, weapons, and knives, barbers, dyers, cooks, carpenters, hunters, animal keepers (especially dangerous animals), tanners. Law-making, selling/making armor, groomsmen, shepherds, animals surgeons, circumcisers. Thieves, brigands, grave-robbers, torturers.


Panther, tiger, mastiff, vulture, fox, all warlike, ravenous and bold animals. Dogs (esp. hunting or fighting dogs), hyenas, and all harmful animals. Beaver, horse, mule, ostrich, goat, wolf, leopard, wild ass, gnats, flies, lapwing, cockatrice, griffin, bear. Pike, shark, barbel, fork-fish, stinking worms, scorpions. Hawk, vulture, kites, ravens, cormorants, owl, eagle, crow, magpie. Wild pig, venomous serpent. Flesh-eating birds, nocturnal animals. Water hens and bats, red birds and wasps.

Trees, Plants, Fruits and Vegetables

Red plants, any plants with sharp/pointed leaves, any plants with burning/caustic taste. Any plants growing in dry or hot places, or those that are corrosive to touch/taste. Nettle, thistle, brambles, ramme, lingwort, onions, scammony (Devil’s Bit), garlic, mustard seed, pepper, ginger, leeks, dittander, horehound, hemlock, tamarinds, radish, castor bean, Spanish Fly. Thorn tree, chestnut tree. Pepper, mustard, cumin, sandalwood, saffron. Bitter almond. Bitter pomegranate, wild pear, rue, rocket, eggplant. All foods that are not poisonous, but pungent and warm in the fourth (the highest) degree. Drugs.


Bitter, sharp, burning.


Red (also dark red), yellow, all fiery and bright colors.


Rabbit skin, red clothing.


Iron, antimony, arsenic, brimstone (sulphur), ochre, red copper, naphtha.


Adamant, lodestone, bloodstone, jasper, multi-colored amethyst, touchstone, red lead or vermillion. Also glass, and all red stones.

Days, Nights and Hours

Tuesday and Friday night.

Geographical Direction