Planet Jupiter

The Planet Jupiter: Its Meanings in Astrology

Astronomical Data

The second slowest planet (after Saturn), moving through zodiac in 12 years. Mean speed is 4 minutes and 59 seconds per day. Greatest North latitude: 1 degree and 38 minutes. Greatest South latitude: 1 degree and 40 seconds. Rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in Cancer. Fall in Capricorn. Detriment in Gemini and Virgo.


Jupiter is the “Greater Benefic,” and as such is the “author of Temperance, Modesty, Sobriety, Justice.” [Christian Astrology, Lilly]. Moderately hot and moist. Masculine, diurnal, composed of air (Sanguine). The best planet. Life, increase of good, fertility, multiplication, fairness and honesty.

Human Faculties

The vegetative soul (that force which regulates the faculties of nutrition and reproduction). Hearing and touch.

Body Parts/Humors

The sanguine humor. Liver, left ear, ribs and blood vessels. The air in the heart. Arteries, sperm, bone marrow. The heart (along with the Sun). Thighs, intestines, womb and throat.


Pleurisy (chestal inflammation) and all inflammation of the lungs, diseases of the liver, the left ear, strokes, palpitations and trembling of the heart, cramps, pain in the backbone, all diseases of veins or ribs. Diseases of a sanguine – blood – nature. Tonsillitis, fevers from too much blood or from putrefied blood. Fatigue. All illnesses that quickly pass. Caesarean sections.


Middle-aged men, or those of a “full judgement and discretion.” [Christian Astrology, Lilly]


Upright, straight and tall. Frank expression. Brown and ruddy but attractive complexion. An oval or long face that is full. Thick, prominent nose. High forehead and large grey eyes. Soft, auburn brown hair, bearded. Large and deep belly, strong and well-proportioned thighs and legs. Long (unattractive) feet. Serious in his speech.

Oriental – clearer skin, honey-colored complexion (midway between red and white), sanguine and ruddy color, big eyes. Fleshy body. Mole or scar on the right foot. Not much hair. Sanguine temperament.

Occidental – clear and less pure complexion, shorter, light brown hair or dark flaxen, straight hair or bald. Bald forehead or temples. Very sanguine temperament.

Human Conditions

Grace, honor and good luck. Noble actions, doing good, religion. Generosity, good reputation, justice, truth, love of good and hatred of evil, respect, faith. Moderation, completeness, pleasantness. Those things that are superior and easy. Solidity, smoothness.

Behavior When Dignified

Generous, loyal, bashful and modest, kind and benevolent, ambitious for wealth and victories but honorable, lover of justice and fairness and the law, wanting to benefit all men, righteous, doing glorious deeds, wanting praise and gratitude, honorable and piously religious, of sweet, affable conversation. Inspiring, intelligent and patient. Chaste, learned, noble, cautious in friendship. Lover of knowledge, an honorable and responsible custodian. Indulgent to his wife and children, revering his elders, helper of the poor, full of charity and godliness, liberal, despising all sordidness, wise, prudent, thankful, virtuous. Speaks a great deal.

Behavior When Ill-Dignified

Spendthrift, gullible, hypocritical in his religion, tenacious and stiff in maintaining false religious beliefs. Ignorant, careless, does not care for others’ esteem. Gross and base, dull, a schismatic, abasing and lowering himself even when not needed. Reckless.

Countries and Cities

Babylon, Persia, Hungary, Spain, Cologne, Yemen, Assyria.


Altars, churches, public gatherings, synods and convocations, all “neat and sweet” and clean places, wardrobes, judicial courts, oratories. Easily worked soil. Royal palaces, noble mansions, places of worship, teachers’ houses, hamlets of leadworkers. Places of science and books.

Ethnicities and People

Babylonians and Persians. Children and grandchildren, kings, viziers, nobles, magnates, the rich and their hangers-on.


Christians. All those dressed in white.


Judges, scholars, senators, councillors, ecclesiastics, bishops, priests, ministers, cardinals, chancellors, doctors of the civil law, those serving God, college and university students, lawyers. Clothiers and woolen-drapers. Sellers of old gold and silver, white clothing, grapes and sugar cane.


Man. Sheep, hart, stag, doe, ox, elephant, dragon, tiger, unicorn, all mild and gentle animals that are beneficial to humans. All animals with cleft hooves, and all pleasing animals. Stork, snipe, lark, eagle, chicken, stockdove, partridge, bees, pheasant, peacock and hen. Birds with straight beaks. Dolphin, whale, serpent, the river whale. Useful creatures such as silkworms. Speaking or trained animals.

Trees, Plants, Fruits and Vegetables

Cloves, sugar, mace, nutmeg, musk, gillyflower, strawberry, balsam, betony, centaury, flax, arsesmart, fumitory, lungwort, pimpernel, wallwort, oregano, rhubarb, self-heal, borage, bugloss, wheat, willow herb, rice, barley, thorough leaf, violets, laskwort, liverwort, basil, pomegranates, peony, licorice, jasmine, mint, mastic, daisy, feversend, saffron.

Cherry tree, birch, mulberry, coral tree, oak, bayberries, olive, gooseberries, almond and walnut trees, pistachios, pine nuts, ivy, manna, mace, vine, fig tree, ash, pear tree, hazel, beech treek, pine and raisins. All staples of human food. Chickpeas and sesame. All trees that have sweet and soft fruit (peaches, figs, apricots, pears). Roses, flowers, and sweet/tall herbs. All light plants and those whose seeds are borne by the wind.


Sweet and well-scented. Bittersweet. Delicious tastes. Mild, inoffensive smells and tastes.


Sea-green, blue, white, green, purple, ash, blended green and yellow. Saffron. All pleasing and bright, glittering colors.


Fine and delicate clothing, such as that made of cotton.




Amethyst, sapphire, emerald, hyacinth, topaz, crystal, bezoar (the “stone” that is found inside wild goats, formed from undigested matter), marble and freestone. White and bright stones, onyx, crystal. Marcasite, sulphur, red arsenic, stones found in ox-gall. White lead, fine brass, diamonds, and generally all jewels worn by man.

Days, Nights and Hours

Thursday, the night before Monday.

Geographical Direction