Astrology and Planet Positions

The Connection between Astrology and the Planets

Planets in Astrology

Astrology and the Positions of the Planets

Astrology is to planet positions what music is to the seven notes. Without the planets, there is no astrology, and no meaning to astrology.

The meanings of each planet are modified by the following factors:

  1. House placement
  2. Sign placement
  3. Aspects
  4. Miscellaneous “other” factors (fixed stars, antiscia, etc.)

Therefore, Saturn in Virgo in the 10th house, trine Mercury in Taurus, is very different from Saturn in Aries in the 6th house, conjunct Venus. Below is a short list of each planet’s characteristics. Click on the planet’s names to learn about each planet in greater depth.

Astrology and the Planets

Saturn – Restriction, sorrow, self-discipline, the lowest level of society, seriousness, heaviness, old age, the color black. The Greater Malefic.

Jupiter – Expansion, the law, wisdom, religion, good fortune, middle age, the color purple. The Greater Benefic.

Mars – Aggression, war, anger, intense energy, sex, divorce, adulthood, the color red. The Lesser Malefic.

Sun – Benevolence, the life-giver, royalty, nobility, ambition, good fortune. Can be benefic or malefic, young adults.

Venus – fun, love, sex, good luck, pleasure, women (esp. young women), adolescents. The Lesser Benefic.

Mercury – intellect, reason, calculation, commerce, movement, speech, young children. Can be benefic or malefic.

Moon – emotions, women, the common people, babies, changeability and movement. Benefic or malefic.

Where Are the Outer Planets and Asteroids?

Personally, I do not use them much any more, as I have found they do not contribute anything that the seven planets do not. At most, I will use the outer planets as fixed stars; if they are conjunct something significant, I will look at them, but there will always be similar indications among the seven planets anyway. So, being the minimalist that I am, I ignore them. My motto is: use what works. If you use the outer planets, and they work for you, great. If, like me, you feel that we should only use the planets we can actually see, then give it a try.

The seven planets are like the seven notes in music. We do not need any more or less, with the others (the half-notes) being derivative. Why should astrology (formerly known as astronomy) be any different?