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Gryphon Astrology Newsletter
Aries Ingress 2012

Venus And Mars by Botticelli

Mars may be sleeping in retrograde (until the gremlins wake him), but Venus looks fabulous in Taurus!

Greetings! Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter. In this issue, the first of the astrological New Year 2012, you can read Spring political predictions for the world and the U.S., the weather in the US (watch out for those earthquakes!), and a geopolitical horary about a mysterious death in Iran.


  1. Gryphon Astrology News
  2. The Real New Year
  3. Global Predictions for Spring 2012
  4. US Predictions for Spring 2012
  5. US Weather for Spring 2012
  6. Horary: Who Killed the Iran Scientist?

Gryphon Astrology News

Gryphon Astrology Newsletter

I will be sending out this newsletter on a regular basis, which will include some longer articles for my readers. The articles will eventually be available on the website, but to get them fresh and when they are actually timely, I recommend that you subscribe (it’s free). Feel free to forward it to interested friends.

This is my new website in progress that focuses on financial and political predictions. As long-time readers of the Gryphon Astrology blog know, I am very interested in political and global predictive astrology. For about 10 years now, I have been doing a significant amount of financial astrological forecasting, with good results. These techniques enabled me to get out of the market entirely in late 2007 and actually turn a profit in 2008, an otherwise horrible year for stocks. This website will have its own free newsletter, and feature free and paid articles for investors and others dependent on macro-geopolitical events. I will announce this on the blog when GryphonForecasting is open for business.

Annual Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Every month, a new annual forecast will be available for each zodiac sign. Normally, I do not spend much time with Sun sign forecasts, since I don’t find them accurate — even though they are very entertaining! Over the last couple of years, by using traditional solar return techniques and lots of trial and error, I have refined my techniques to the point where even a Sun sign prediction is quite accurate. These forecasts are considerably less costly than an individual personalized reading, and will be available through the Gryphon Astrology website for download. Stay tuned to the blog for announcements when this is ready.

United Astrology Conference (UAC)

In the unlikely event you have not yet heard, the biggest astrology conference in the world, UAC, is at New Orleans this year, May 24-29, 2012. For more details, visit

I will be speaking there, and will participate in the Presidential Panel as a representative of traditional astrology. I will discuss my predictions regarding the United States presidential election of 2012, as well as the 132-year research project behind this prediction. The panel is MC’d by the venerable Ray Merriman, and will take place on Tuesday, May 29, between 2:30-3:45 pm. The event will be covered by several international traditional and Internet-based media outlets.

The website will be undergoing a facelift in the next month or so, to make it cleaner, easier to navigate, and more mobile device-friendly. Newsletters will be archived on the site so you can catch up on older issues all in one go, even if you did not subscribe in the past.

The Real New Year

As you may know, the astronomical (and astrological) new year begins the exact moment that the Sun enters the first point of the zodiac, 0° Aries. This year, the new year occurs exactly at 5:15 AM GMT on March 20. The ancient astrologers used to look at the horoscope for this moment cast for the location of their choosing to determine what would happen in the coming year. We have a few predictions, but first will talk about the spiritual and metaphysical significance of the Aries ingress, as it is known.

It is said that an ancient cities in India, the cities were laid out in a fourfold pattern, corresponding to the four Cardinal signs of the zodiac. The East, which corresponds to the spring equinox, was occupied by the Kshatriyas, the warrior, royal, and political caste. In the earthly kingdom, the King is the first, therefore the year begins with the point associated with royalty and the ruling class. The French metaphysician René Guénon makes the argument that the Brahmin priestly class, associated with the direction of North, should be first, and therefore the winter solstice is really the beginning of the new year. However, he misses the important point that when we look at the horoscope for the Aries ingress, we are largely looking for effects that happen in the physical reality that we inhabit. This reality is ruled by the King – a member of the Kshatriya class, not the Brahmins. If we were predicting more subtle metaphysical manifestations occurring in higher levels of reality, we might look at the winter solstice horoscope instead.

Few places today celebrate the Aries ingress as the new year, but one notable exception is Iran, which still celebrates the ancient Zoroastrian tradition of Nowruz, which occurs when the Sun first enters Aries. As a religion that worships fire, it is especially appropriate that the entry of a sign into the first fire sign would indicate the beginning of the new year. The customs are varied, and include lighting of candles, jumping over fires, and preparing a special altar with food symbolizing the role of Ahura Mazda, the chief deity of the Zoroastrian tradition. This tradition is celebrated in Iran regardless of one’s religion, underscoring its cosmological significance.

Global Predictions for Spring 2012

This spring, we have to take into account the fact that the two eclipses (May 20 and June 4) square the position of Mars in the Aries Ingress chart, highlighting its importance. Here is what one traditional source has to say about Mars in Virgo: “he denotes war and effusion of blood in the Northern parts; also pains and griefs in the eyes, plenty of provision and fruits of the earth, death to many women… if occidental, he denotes great and tempestuous winds;…if retrograde, wars shall happen amongst men.” Of course this is only true in places where Mars is emphasized this spring.

The tensions in eastern China and Tibet will continue to escalate and we will hear of violence from the parts. The Aries Ingress brings Mars on the 4th house cusp in this area. Morinus says that Mars in Virgo, occidental of the Sun “suffocates men,” presumably due to hot weather or particulates in the air. This may also be true of crackdowns by the government.

Western Europe; Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid will all have Mars on the 7th house cusp, so we can expect violence there as well. Mars in the 7th indicates war, as the 7th house is the house of enemies and contention. France has a presidential election coming up – we do not expect much in the way of regime change, but boy, will it be contentious and ugly. There will almost certainly be protests.

Two very hot spots this Spring will be Asia and the United States. The Aries Ingress chart has Saturn on the 4th house cusp in the Koreas and Japan, disturbing the air and earth; given the possibility of an earthquake or another natural disaster in Japan and the western US this spring, we would be cautious about traveling to these areas, especially from mid-May onward.

Saturn is in the house of open enemies in Ankara, Jerusalem, Beirut, and Damascus; all political hot spots these days, predicting suffering, mistrust, and old men contracting marriages with women (Saturn being placed in a sign of Venus), according to the traditional sources.

The good news is that we see some peace in certain regions of the Middle East; Venus and Jupiter are in an angular – and therefore influential – house in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. These two planets are known as the benefics, and they are well-placed this Spring to bring peace to this region. This could be a good Spring for longer-term harmony and advancement of women’s rights, since Venus is involved, who rules women. This is not a planetary combination of regime change, so we would not expect miracles of political transformation in the Middle East, but it does bring a measure of healing and a welcome respite after violence and war.

Astrology Readings

I am available for personal, one-on-one astrology readings. There are three types of readings available via Gryphon Astrology, all personally conducted by me, using traditional astrological techniques proven highly accurate for forecasting.

I offer natal readings using ancient astrological methods. While we delve into personality analysis and discuss the archetypal images present in your horoscope, we spend an equal amount of time on the major currents of destiny revealed in your chart. We finish with a forecast.

If you are considering the best time to start something important, an electional reading may be right for you. We use astrology to elect the most auspicious time to conceive, get married, start a business, go on a diet, invest, and much more.

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U.S. Predictions for Spring 2012

As I mentioned in the Global Predictions above, western US is at risk of an earthquake this spring. The Solar Eclipse of May 20 passes across the western states, and in the eclipse horoscope, Mercury with Jupiter in earth signs is characteristic of earthquakes. The Eclipse horoscope has Saturn on the Ascendant in San Francisco – always a concerning characteristic, as Saturn is the Great Malefic, the planet of harm. Saturn rules the 4th house of the earth. If earthquake insurance was not so ruinously expensive, I would recommend for west coasters to take out a policy this Spring. The rest of us will just have to secure our kitchen cabinets and electronics.

Is it presidential election season this year? We see an era coming to an end; the Aries Ingress set for Washington, DC has late degrees on the 10th house cusp – the house of the President. My 132-year research project into US presidential elections leads me to believe that the US will not get a new president in 2013, but we will be getting a lot of changes in government nonetheless. There will be a whole new plan in 2013, and likely big changes in the cabinet as well, since the 11th house of the President’s aides has late degrees as well (and Saturn on the 11th house cusp, indicating the reappearance of an old face). And, yes, this will be an especially ugly election season, with the Moon in the house of talk and gossip (the 3rd house) opposing snippy Mars in Virgo in the house of mass media (the 9th). Just to be safe, I locked the TV in the basement until mid-November.

For those of you hungering for a truly cliff-hanger election that will keep us guessing until the last minute – and perhaps later — I highly recommend 2016. The astrological pattern for 2016 is unprecedented. It will be an election like nothing we’ve seen before.

Yet, for all that, 2012 will be a relatively harmonious and – dare I say it? – uneventful year in the US compared to some in the last decade. The people of the US are ruled by Jupiter this year, which is placed in the 5th house of fun and pleasure with Venus, the ultimate planet of fun and pleasure. On top of this, the benefic North Node is on the Ascendant. Contrary to some gloomy reports of the world ending this year, it’s a relatively nice year for the average American. Satisfaction and optimism go up. This will likely change in the next couple of years, which look economically tougher, but for now, the Sun is shining and life is good. If we are able, let’s put away some cash now for the inevitable rainy day.

Gryphon Astrology Blog

If you are interested in astrology, whether a beginner, accomplished amateur, or seasoned professional, you will find articles of interest on the Gryphon Astrology blog, published since 2006.

U.S. Weather for Spring 2012

Pacific Time Zone states will see a solar eclipse on May 20 this year, which may well portend an unsettled spring, weather-wise. It also increases the probability of a significant earthquake occurring this spring. The eclipse will have Mercury with Jupiter in an earth sign. Mercury is traditionally associated with wind, and earthquakes were traditionally envisioned as wind in the earth. The weather should be serene due to the position of Venus and Jupiter on the 7th house cusp, and it will rain more than usual this spring. This is because of the dominance of Venus in this horoscope (with Jupiter, she brings rain), and because the very wet Moon in Pisces is angular and opposes Mars retrograde.

The Mountain Time zone states will also see some of the eclipse, which will pass through Nevada, Arizona, Albuquerque, and ends at the Panhandle of Texas. Less likely to have an earthquake, this zone will likely have similar weather to the Pacific Time zone states, though appropriate to that climate, so drier in comparison with the West, but still more wet than a typical spring!

The eastern side of the Central Time zone will have a dry, serene spring, due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, a hot and dry sign, conjoined with the Sun, a hot and dry planet. The western side of the Central time zone has Mars retrograde in Virgo on the Midheaven, with the Moon in Pisces in opposition. This area will have a wet spring (the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas).

The coastal states of the Eastern Time zone will have the Sun with Mercury retrograde on the 4th house cusp, which will give a dry spring. Aficionados of modern astrology will note that the Sun and Mercury are conjunct Uranus, which is said to bring unexpected and drastic weather conditions.

Horary: Who Killed the Iranian Scientist?

In early January, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, the fifth scientist associated with Iranian uranium enrichment facilities had been killed. The assassin was on a motorcycle and put a magnetized bomb on the exterior of Roshan’s car in Tehran rush-hour traffic. Iran has blamed Israel and the United States for this killing, as well as the others. The United States flatly denied involvement, though Israel was more vague in its denials. It is also possible that Iran had ordered the assassination itself for internal reasons, and found it convenient to pin the blame on other countries. After reading the article, I asked the question: “Who killed the scientist? Was it a foreign or domestic plot?”

According to William Lilly, the person we are concerned about to whom we have no relationship is the 1st house. Since I was asking the question from a point of view of sympathy, the 1st house is appropriate. We immediately notice Mars in Virgo near the 1st house cusp. It is the most closely angular planet in the chart, so it will be a key focus for this reading. Mars rules the 3rd house of transportation (the death occurred in traffic) and the 8th house of death. Mars itself is an indication of a violent death. It is in a Mercury sign, showing that Roshan’s death occurred in traffic and was caused by a motorcyclist.

The 5th house rules what is said about a man after his death, according to ancient sources. We have the Sun in Aries placed there; the symbol of the king. Indeed, the Iranian president used his condolence speech to accuse Israel and the United States of Roshan’s death.

So, who was behind the killing? Roshan himself is Mercury in Capricorn in the 4th house – the house of the grave. His most recent aspect is a trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house of death. Jupiter rules two houses in the chart; the 4th house of Roshan’s country and the 7th house of his enemies.

NB: not Iran’s enemies, but Roshan’s own enemies.

Unless someone with a bomb-making kit had a personal vendetta against Roshan, the indication is that his killing was an inside job. The 4th house rules his own homeland, Iran. The kicker? Persia is traditionally ruled by Jupiter (Dariot, Lilly, Ramesey) and by Taurus (Dariot, Lilly, Partridge, Ptolemy). Q.E.D.

So why would Iran have killed a top scientist? Notice that before Mercury had aspected Jupiter, it had changed signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Sagittarius being the house of Jupiter, we suspect that Roshan had switched his alliances from his homeland to another country. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet traditionally associated with the Jews. It’s quite possible the scientist had met with Israel; the Iranian government found out shortly thereafter and acted to nip this in the bud. The last aspect that Mercury made before leaving Sagittarius was a sextile aspect to Saturn in Libra, located in the 2nd house of money. Why should other countries kill Iranian scientists when Iran is happy to do it for them?

Who killed the Iranian scientist?

Chart data: Who killed the Iranian scientist? 9:15 pm Central Standard Time, January 11, 2012, Chicago, Illinois.

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