Nina Gryphon

Nina Gryphon

Nina Gryphon is a practicing astrologer and corporate lawyer living in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, Robert. Her predictions have appeared in USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, Sina.com, Times of India, and many other major publications, and she has been interviewed on radio and CNN/HLN. She received her JD, and MA/BA (English/Creative Writing) from Stanford University, and completed John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship. Since then, she has studied with Deborah Houlding, a leading traditional astrologer.

Nina practices traditional astrology, specializing in personal, financial, and political forecasting. She has taught classes on the use of traditional astrology to elect favorable times, financial analysis, and dream interpretation. She has been seeing clients for the last decade, writing articles for global publications and the Gryphon Astrology Blog, and teaching. For fun, she writes novels, listens to Baroque opera, and travels the world.

Recent Media Mentions

Associated Press/Reuters covered Nina’s presidential forecast in 2012.
» Chicago Tribune’s version of the story.

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St. Expedite, the patron saint of the Internet

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